Thursday, July 16, 2015

Work on Tyranids for the Apocalypse

Thought I would share the work I put into my Tyranids prior to the Apocalypse at SOGCON. Here are some quick snippets.

WIP on the Barbed Heirodule. It has been completed with more details but I did not manage to take a picture. Check the Batrep out for some pics!

I was bringing a Tervigon hence thought it best to complete a few more Gants

9 Gants to add to the spawning pools

Completed these 3 Biovores for the Living Artillery Node

Broke open a Tyrannocyte and did all the prep work

Hit all the general areas with washes and layers

More WIP
Completed! The astute among you will notice that the Deathspitters are white instead of red! That was my mistake and I will have to change it! 
Hope you guys are putting out models too! 

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