Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1750 Tyranids vs Blood Angels

We had a long weekend over in Singapore with Hari Raya Haji so the boys and myself sorted out some time for a bit of 40K action. You Cai was back in town from his China stint so it was perfect timing really. Rocking up to ABO Cave at Melvin's place, we broke out the terrain and I was selected to play with Sam, an awesome painter and really nice guy! 

1750 each side, we rolled on the Warlord Traits. I picked the one that allowed my Warlord and his unit to come in Reserves. I will let the photos do most of the talking but will include some comments where appropriate! Enjoy! 

Mission was to capture 3 Objectives on the board. The above was my Deployment before I rolled on the Warlord Traits. To be honest, I should have not rolled on that table. You'll see why later. 

Sam put most of his units in Reserves and left his Heavy Squads in this firebase. 

I modified my deployment after realizing that the Warlord Trait allowed my Tyrant and gang to move into Reserves. Wow what a mistake! 

Deployment from my table edge. You can spot the silhouettes of  his Heavy Squads in the building at the end.

I chose to put one of my Genestealer broods on the table while the other goes into Reserves

That's not a real Carnifex, it's a Tervigon. I am still building mine. First turn spewed 14 Gants but then it jammed.

While the other Tervigon spewed out 10 and jammed. What a great start.

First turns for the armies facing Nids are usually scary.

I advance my units quickly. We are plying the base of the building to be rubble (impossible to move models so as a group we decided to keep it off the base of the building, more practical) so confers a 4+ cover save. Just imagine there are tons of crates, boxes, drums etc

The view from Sam's quarter

Full breakout at the end of my first turn

Forgetting totally about his Stormraven, they appear and drop his Sanguinary Guard. Woopie! 

And with a loud WHUP WHUP WHUP, more of his Sanguinary Guard appear. Nipple squads to the fore!!!

This is going to get hairy

More hairiness

First combat of the game. Guess who died?

20 points to Nipple Squad! 

So I had to channel my resources to deal with this new threat. With Gants. Genius

I was actually going in to buy time for my Genestealers and hopefully for my Tyrant. 

After mopping up the Tervigon, the rest of the squad takes a rest and sips some tea
So I channel more Gants into his HQ to hold them off while my Genestealer scurry back

1st Gant squad gone. Uh-oh that didn't last long

So the Genestealers make their long trek back. Note to self, when playing against Reserved Armies do not hold your Tyrant or melee in Reserve. You need them in your lines! HIs Nipple Squad had managed to kill off the Gants and were moving up to engage my Tervigon. 

Tervigon BEGON! 

Red Bull gives you wings and man they hit hard! Led by Mephiston too! Broodlord going "HUG MEEEEEE'

Finally my other squad arrives in Turn 4. Turn 4....

While the Tyrants waltzes in

Engaging his squad

Wipe them up and then consolidated towards Mephiston.

But Mephiston proved too heroic. Wiped my Genestealers out and consolidated into the objective. 

Towards the end my Tyrant was still out of combat. Coming in on Turn 4...
A few lessons learnt. Never ever put your Tyrant in Reserve especially if your enemy have so few guns. The Devastator squad at the back was really meant to keep my heavies in check. Leaving a full 1/4 of my points off the table was silly so I really deserve the thumping I got here. Well, first 6th ed game under my belt so now I have no excuses for the next game!

That aside, I still had a great time. Sam is a gracious opponent and  never once raised any arguments. He always played in the spirit of the game which is to have fun and to evoke a sense of cinema.


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