Monday, June 30, 2014

Singapore X-Wing Regionals 2014

So what have I been up the past few weeks? Besides work and real life, it was practicing for the Regionals. Held at Gamersaurus Rex, we had a small contingent of Malaysian players who turned up as well. 

Unfortunately I could not take many photos as the games were really tight. We had 35 people sign up and 6 qualifier games to play. I brought the following list:

"Echo" — TIE Phantom30
Veteran Instincts1
Recon Specialist3
Advanced Cloaking Device4
Bounty Hunter — Firespray-3133
Seismic Charges2
Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle21

The following pictures are caught before I kicked off each round. Swiss rounds.

First game against Elliot fielding a Jonus + Bombers x3. He is an old gaming buddy of mine so we had a blast. I did lose this game though.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

5k DE vs WE/Dwarfs

So we gathered for another round of Fantasy lately. As Sam could not make it, I took 5k of Dark Elves while crazy_rat and the beardy_one took 2.5k each.

As I had 5k to play with, I decided to bring a contingent of each unit so that we can see what each of them can do. Sadly that is the wrong way to approach army lists but it was fun nonetheless.

I brought 30 Dark Spears, 30 Dark Shards, 10 Dark Riders, 24 WitchElves, 24 Corsairs, 21 Black Guards, 14 Executioners, 10 Cold One Knights, 1 Hydra, 1 Kharbidyss, 3 RBTs, 1 Medusa, 10 Warlocks, 10 Sisters of Slaughter, 1 lvl 4 Supreme Sorc, 1 lvl 2, 1 Flying Pegasus Dreadlord (General) and 1 Death Hag BSB on Cauldron of Blood. Crazy_rat combined the Eternal Guards into one big unit of 63. Daniel brought 2 Gyrobombers (le horror!!) along with his contingents of dwarven warriors.

The terrain was set up with a tower in the middle and this proved quite crucial later on.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Painting the Eldar Revenant Titan: Preshade, Prime and Basecoat

Papa Nurgle paid me a visit last Friday and decided he would stay the weekend thus robbing me of the ability to take part in the ABOcalypse June 2014. I actually worked quite hard to get this fella ready for the event, even expediting the shipment of my base. Alas, the Emperor does not protect the Children of the Asuryan.

The last time you saw this model it was constructed and ready for paint. The only thing that was missing was a suitable base. I spent countless hours looking at local art stores for something that would fit into my KR Multicase and still have enough heft to prevent this behemoth from toppling over. I had to work within strict dimensions owing to the case I had pre-purchased for my Titan which was 114mm x 165mm. These dimensions closely resembled the Knight Titan base that GW recently launched.

In come Dragonforge. They have quite a large selection of resin bases from their largest which is 200mm to their smallest 25mm bases. I have gone for the Urban Rubble Series simply because it fit best with my own basing technique.

The actual product looks exactly the same

Monday, June 9, 2014

Golden Kris 2014

Following my success from last year, I figured I would go and try again in this year's Golden Kris painting competition.

This year proved a harder competition; with more entries and an overall higher standard than last year. As it should be - these things should keep getting better!
I entered three models this year:  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

ABOcalypse June 2014

And so we gathered for a ABO Apocalypse game at Titan Games recently. It was great fun gathering with friends to play a 40k Apocalypse game although some of us could not make it due to the Plaguefather. Nevertheless, we had great fun!

We were playing 6.5k a side with IG and Marines on all sides. Several Super Heavies made the field too. I had wanted to play with 4 Imperial Knight Paladins marching forward together alongside fellow IG beef_nuggets but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to play against him and so I had 1 Imperial Knight Paladin against his 3.

So it was the crazyrat and me (Chaos) against Skanwy and beef_nuggets (Imperium). Death to the False Emperor! It's me and crazyrat together again and our epic fellowship will continue with more fluffs.

We were playing with 4 objectives, 1 in each deployment zone and 2 in no man's land.

                                                                Setting up the units.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

ABO First 7th Edtion Apocalypse game

Had our first Apocalypse game. Got the chance to organize the game with ABO gaming buddies. 

Using 7th edition 40K rules. The game was planned to be played at around 10k points per side with 6 players. Due to Nurgle striking 2 players, we had to play the game with 6.5k points per side with 4 players. Got to thank Titan Games LGS for hosting the game.

IG - 4k
Flesh tearers (BA) - 2.5k

IG - 4k
Alpha Legion (30k) - 2.5k

The game was a blast. Never had such crazy fun in 40k for awhile, with super heavies failing spectacularly, daemons summoning left and right, rampaging knight titans, mass air battles between the IG. The action never stop.. well before turn 4. I will let Jaeroler post the more detail post on the game. Here are some pictures..

Alpha Legion Terminators strike at the heart of the Imperium lines


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