Monday, October 15, 2018

Gamestart: A Time of Legends Game 3

Scenario 3: Nexus Control
After the pairings were announced (on the app so no more screaming), I was pleasantly suprised that I would play with Lum. 

Lum chose the following secondary missions
Mark for Death
Ground Control

I chose the following
Kingslayer: Castellan
Titan Slayers
Ground Control

His army was a simple and direct one, 2 Imperial Knights supported by one Castellan (with a Company Commander and 2 Psykers. It's the type of list my list was created to counter. 

As deployment was narrow, I chose to deploy the Scouts hidden where possible while stacking one flank heavily. I knew I would struggle taking the Knights down so I needed to concentrate. 

Mounted the DC in the SR prior to deployemtn
LOS blocking is critical as it allowed my smaller infantry models to move up rather untouched.

While Lum managed to win the roll off for Turn 1, I seized and took it. Slamguinus and Lemartes was in Deepstrike Reserves

Those Scouts in the ruins stood little chance

Destroyed the first Imperial Knight before moving on to take out the Castellan
I also managed to take out the Psyker

As the Castellan went down, the heroes all lined up to take down the last Knight

Unfortunately for Lum, this was a massacre. By this point he called the game as he would be tabled by the next turn. This game me a 30 point win. 

Scores just for reference: 
Primary: 20 Ray, 5 Lum
Secondary: 12 Ray, 5 Lum
Total: 32 Ray, 10 Lum

Again another fun game as Lum was quite relaxed. We both had small armies so the game went on really quickly. 

At this point, the organizers tallied the scores and unfortunately I did not qualify. No surprises there to be fair as I needed more practice for sure. I finished 14 out of 28 players on Day 1 which is likely to the the placing by the end of the tournament. 

Day 2 players are in the photo below and I wish them all the best! 
Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing
Zim qualified and is the stick man! 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gamestart - A Time of Legends Game 2

Scenario 2: Cut to the Heart
The second match was called and I was paired up with Mark. He played Chaos and had an Imperial Knight with a ton of infantry to support. 

I went for something a bit different this time, mounting all my Slamcaptains into the Stormraven. Unfortunately, I have obviously not used the SR enough because when Mark downed my flyer, each 1 would mean the character dies. Thankfully, I managed to pass those tests.

Secondary objectives for Ray
Mark for Death: Berserkers,  Obliterators, Noise Marines (he only had 4 units above 7 PL)
Titan Slayers
Kingslayer: Demon Prince

Mark chose
Butchers' Bill
Mark for Death: Death Company, Mephiston, Shield Captain, Storm Raven

I shot the SR deep into his lines
Did this mainly to put pressure on his firebase and also to threaten his objectives since he currently had 2 out of 3, helping him pull in front in the Primaries.

I took first turn and Forlorn Hope my DC into charge range of his Nurglings

Meanwhile the Shield Captains went down the other flank 

Mark surrounded his IK with cultists

Advancing up the centre of table, the IK took position to down Lemartes and the DC

Even the Demon Prince came in with the help of the Chaos Lord to take my DC out

Counter charged by a Stooping Dive
Glad I managed to squeeze in a game with Andrew last week prior to the tourney. He highlighted that I should consider 2 Strategems, one of which would allow me to make a charge at the cost of 3 CP's. This charge proved to be critical as I sent my Shield Captain in to remove 4 of his Berserkers prior to them striking me. This blunt his attack

By the time they were free to support the middle, we ran out of time.
Mark and I managed to only get to Turn 2.

Primary: 4 Ray, 9 Mark
Secondary: 6 Ray, 8 Mark
Total: 10 Ray, 17 Mark

Mark took this game and again, it was a very good game simply because we were very relaxed while we played.

Gamestart - Armies on Show

With game 1 done, everyone brought out and displayed their armies for all to see. The best part about this event was that we had the public walking through the show so this allowed us to "sell" the game too and hopefully grow the following.

Sidenote: I usually target for Best Painted where possible so the weeks leading up to the competition, I would usually add soft touches to my army, adding a highlight here and there, adding additional details to particular characters, details to the face and other stuff. Hopefully it pays off.

My full army

Death Company with Lemartes

Slamguinus with some Scouts

Shield Captains - I spent a ton of time with these fellas! Love the chunky models. 

Mephiston the Lord of Death



Astra Militarum with a ton of armor - damn iPhone focused on the back instead

A blend of cold and hot colours. 

Flyers seem to be quite the rave

Tau fish

Looks like Melvin's. 

Lum sure went for an intense list. 

Go sistas!

Mark was still in a game and couldn't display his army so I just took one while it was going on

Interesting color scheme. Hello Kitty sure attracted a lot of attention to the table. 

One of the contenders for Best Painted! This is Nico's army

You can see the work he's done

Great use of the OSL on his minis

More OSL. Sidenote: damn these Destroyers! 

Interesting use of preshade to create a rusted look

OSL and preshade really helped make this army pop

The Guard were out enmasse!

Keith managed to finish his army in time

Another Lord of Death, a chaotic one


Ben's Aeldari. Love the work he put into them. Another contender

Love those greens

Wai Liong came by and mentioned that he was participating in the Armies on Parade competition. I went over and snapped a few pics.

A ton of converted models here! 

Iron Giant!

This monster is amazing! 

Smaller things! 

Hope you enjoyed that showcase! 

Gamestart - A Time of Legends

Schedule for the day
The guys and me decided to get out and attempt another tournament, this time a 1750 event using ITC Champions ruleset. Zach and the GREX team did a great job of putting us in an awesome location - Suntec City Convention Centre. This was held in conjunction with Gamestart Asia. I love the fact that the ceiling was high, allowing noise to dissipate and made it very easy to communicate with your partner. 

I managed to complete my 1750 list and it looked like this:
Battalion (Blood Angels)
Scouts with shotguns and bolt pistols x4, Sergeant with chainsword
Scouts with shotguns and bolt pistols x4, Sergeant with chainsword
Scouts with shotguns and bolt pistols x4, Sergeant with chainsword
Death Company with boltgun and chainsword x4, with boltgun and power sword, with boltgun and power axe
Stormraven with hurricane bolters
Supreme Command (Adeptus Custodes)
+open the vaults (-1CP)
Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike with Auric Aquilis and Radiant Mantle
Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike with Eagle's Eye
Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike
Supreme Command (Blood Angels)
+Armoury of Baal (-1CP)
Slamguinus: Captain with Death Visions of Sanguinus, jump pack, storm shield, Angel's Wing, thunder hammer
Slamcaptain: Captain with jump pack, storm shield, thunder hammer
Slamcaptain: Captain with jump pack, storm shield, thunder hammer

I may work on another post going through the road to Gamestart. 

Scenario 1: Crucible of Champions
Using the BCP App, my first draw was Nico! He is one of the few people that has always shared similar painting values and we were also keen to do an airbrush session for the guys at T&D before he moved back to France. We both laughed when we were paired up as I have always wanted to play with him. Nico has a really nicely painted army. I think we both laughed when we managed to play to pair up for the first time. 

Side note, I love the BCP app, updating on the fly and real time.It minimizes errors too so please use this app if you're an organizer! 

I chose the following Secondaries:
Mark for Death - Destroyers x2, Immortals, Warriors
Kingslayer - one of his characters
Ground Control 

He chose:
Mark for Death - Death Company, Warlord Shield Captain, Slamguinus, Mephiston
Kingslayer - Lemartes

Both of us laying out our beautifully painted armies!
I loaded the Stormraven with my 6 DC while Slamguinus and Lemartes went into DeepStrike. 
And rammed it straight done the main lines

I sent the Shieldcaptains to the right hoping to wipe out the Necron Warrior unit
Unfortunately I forgot how hard Necrons were to kill.

Under the cover of my Scouts, the SlamCaptains advanced

Necron shooting was nasty, disabling my Stormraven, unleashing the DC into his lines. 
Hugging the terrain piece, I was able to hide them from the bulk of his army. The DC survived and the Slamcaptain managed to destroy a unit of Destroyers (badhumchi).

Turn 3 
By turn 3, I was able to collapse the right flank, folding into his character. Unfortunately for me, he managed to scurry away on 1 wound!

The Shield Captains kept rolling up the right flank
The amazing thing about my list was that it had few models, allowing me to move through each turn very quickly. We managed to get to Turn 5.

Tallying the scores we both managed to tie each other!
Primary: 14 Ray, 11 Nico
Secondary: 6 Ray, 9 Nico
Total: 20-20

Best part of this game was that we both had really nicely painted armies and man, that made such an awesome game. Also, Nico is an amazing and generous player, often helping me when I made mistakes. I hope Nico comes back to Singapore for work!

More to come as I split the day into a few other posts. Stay tuned!


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