Wednesday, July 15, 2015

40K Apocalypse at SOGCON (more pictures)

More pictures can be found in:

Mission: Exterminatus (Apoc book)
Imperium: 9k
Nids: 9k
Dark Eldar: 2k (disruption force)

View of the battle from the right flank

Dreadclaw dropped into Nids line

Imperial Left flank

This tank killed the Nids supreme warlord in 1 shot with its volcano cannon

Fellblade aiming its turret at the nids lurking at the ruins

Some Skitarii positioning in ruins

Angron kill the charging carnifex in 1 round of close combat

The Reaver titan arrives

Imperial left forces push forward

Angron charging the Hierodule

Killing the gargantuan monster in 1 round of CC before the beast can strike back

Titans face off

Castigator knight titan supporting the Reaver titan

Nids pods surround the objectives

A view from the reaver titan shoulder

Knight titan counter the Nids dropping into the objective zones

Fellblade scanning for other targets

Hierophant make short work of the castigator knight titan

Harridan zoom in for the kill

A Dark Eldar raiding force appear to capture slaves and bio morphs in the chaos

Knight titan charge the Mawloc

2nd knight titan charge another Mawloc

3rd knight titan charge the zoans

Surviving terminators couldn't hold the hierophant back

Harridan zoom closer to reaver titan to bypass its void shields

Knight titan couldn't pierce the zoan Psychic shield

Machine Vs Beast

Flyrants came from behind to capture the vital objective

Razorwing down the wounded Hierophant in an attack run
It was a blast, this is the first time playing an Apoc game with fully painted miniatures on the table. Hopefully there will be more Apoc games to come. 

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