Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dust Warfare 400AP 3-Way Battle

Went down to Battle Bunker at Funan today to meet with Drayson who was teaching Daniel the game. Fauzi came after that. Since there were 3 of us, we decided to do a 3-way battle. The scenario is called Breaking Point from Operation Zverogard. 

400AP aside, we had 5 turns to get into each other deployment zones. 

Fauzi was the opportunist. His objective was to get into either of Drayson or my deployment zone. Each unit in our deployment zones were worth 1 point. Fauzi gets continuous reinforcements and can enter the table from any point beyond 12" of enemy units. 

Drayson and myself were defender and attacker. We both needed to get into each others' deployment zone. Each unit in the other persons deployment zone is worth 2 points. 

I brought the standard 400AP list that I have been dying to practice with. So far I have only managed to get 1 game in with Abby

My corner 2 feet x 18". Fauzi deployed wide and Drayson went into his corner. You can see his Mao Zedong's in the corner of the picture

Deployment from high top

Mao Zedong's in the first Command Phase opens up on Fauzi's Rocketmen

I advance my Fledermaus in the 1st Turn into Fauzi's Medium Walker. The rest of my army opens up on his Rocketmen

I sent my apes into the building to my right early game

Very brave drop troops deploy in the open right against the Mao Zedongs

Swivel guns, aim, FIRE!

Fauzi was trying to sandwhich Drayson in, keeping his tanks in the corner

Fauzi advances his Rocketpunch guys into the building with Yakof. When Yakof opens up, Fauzi reacts by FLEEING!

Drayson's Assault Squad of the SSU disembark from the tanks and opens on Fauzi's Phaser men, putting more suppression

Meanwhile the rear of Drayson's army go to work on Fauzi's other unit

Fled voluntarily from combat. 

Exchanging fire, each side took quite a toll.

Fauzi managed to remove 2 of my men on the left while I kept jamming more suppression tokens on his men. His Medium 4 shoots at my Fledermaus but does no damage. I then reacted and open up on his Medium 4 taking it out. Fauzi drops in his Deathreapers and shoots at the Fledermaus destroying it. 

The Konighsluter opens up on the Blackhawk and it was DOWN. The rest of my army goes to work on his Deathreapers leaving only the hero

In my turn 2 I advanced all units as much as possible into cover. And I needed to be in Drayson's deployment zone to win hence the assault component of my army was moving up enmasse

Yakoff was waiting

Drayson managed to remove one of Fauzi's unit in the open and put a crapload of suppression on the other. 

Hero moves in to try to flame by men and in return cops it when the unit of 3 Recon Grenadiers at the front took his last wound out! 

Action Jackson and gang keep exchanging fire with Drayson's SSU at the back

Kill that hero NOW!

Blitzkrieg my Konigsluther for 6" move and used the snipers to take out a few of his men

Snap snap

While this two open up on Fauzi's unit at this table edge, leaving 1 guy so that they can't respawn

Look out for the dice o DOOM!

Drayson reacts to the Apes going into the building taking one of them down

Fauzi moves up the Rocketmen to kill off my Spotter

Battle Grenadiers and stat card in action. Super handy in games

Fauzi ditches Drayson and chooses to chew on my Sturmpionere squad instead. 

While we were unable to conclude the game to Turn 5, this was the last shot at start of Turn 4. The shop was closing and it was 10PM. We all had to go home too. The only downside to 3 player games is that it takes a very long time as 3 players make their decisions. It is however nice because it's a lot of fun with a load of backstabbing going on. I do however need more practice with his list. Next week, I will play 1v1 at 400AP.

Follow us to get regular updates! 

WIP: Gabriel, Master of the Deathwing

Sam's Corner

I had this metal Deathwing Captain for a while. In fact he's always my Master of the Deathwing when I play my Dark Angels Deathwing army. To me the Master of the Deathwing has always been Gabriel aka Broken Knife. Although he always had a tendency to be greviously wounded in the Turn 2 of most games, he is still a mini that brings back fond memories.

I decided to repaint the whole mini again. Its been challenging as he was also caked with paint and a bad conversion job on the top of his armor. I sculpted in a skeleton on the back to cover up the badly mauled banner section ;)

There are still a bit of highlights I have to do with the sword, robe and armor. But he's mostly done.

I do like the new Storm Bolter rules for the current MoD Belial as he can precision shot on a roll of 5 or 6.

The adding of Fleshbane rule to the Sword of Silence also improved its ability to damage high toughness creatures.

This is the back of the mini. I sculpted on the body and arms of the skeleton resting atop Gabriel's Terminator Armor. This is also to contrast the symbol of the sun or bright halo he has in front. So kinda like a Day and Night representation of his relentless pursuit of the Fallen Angels.

Patlabor Tau Project
I haven't got the Riptides yet. Still awaiting their grand arrival lol!

But I have some minis already in assembly for the moment.

Above are the excellent soldier minis from em4 Miniatures. They will be painted as the Patlabor police personnel in orange, blue and some white. Eldar Guardian there for scale.

And the pic above are the heads from the Gundam range that I will be using for the Riptide conversion ;)

I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. I've been slowly getting back into painting. And it does feel good :)

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dust Warfare Stat Cards

So if you are like me and got into Dust recently but would like those really nice cards that come with Dust Tactics, you must be asking yourself, "I wish I had those". I spent some time looking around for alternatives but finally came across one which was just pure brilliance. 

Over on FFG Dust Warfare forums, 536RodneySmith has been putting together awesome stat cards for our beloved game. It captures all the stats and special rules, putting them in one easy to find place. Since I have been asked a number of times where I got them and how I did mine, it inspired me to create a tutorial to make nice cards. 

First go download the cards you are seeking at FFG Forums where you will find the link for a Dropbox album. This has all the units from the Dust Warfare Main Rulebook.

Once at Dropbox, I just downloaded each stat card that I needed. Here are some samples of the cards:

With the newer units from Zverograd, you will find the stat cards which Dakkon and KevinBakon put together in here. Awesome work from everyone involved.

Really handy when these units are so new. A page entry showing where  you can find it's original rules
I then pop them all open in Picasa 3 (which is awesome to manage all your photos BTW) and print them out. I used a set of 4 in 9cm by 13cm.

9cm x 13cm Crop to Fit, a set of 4
Once this is printed, all you have to do is go out and buy some card protectors. I got myself these from a local stationery store for S$1.50 each. They are hard so they do not bend and have a heft to it which I like. I got 15 pieces of them and slipped each of the stat cards into them.

Japanese brand called Card Case size B7

Unit represented! 

Now when I play, I have easy access to them without having to flip my rulebook and expansion books. Yay!

Just yesterday I was using them for a 3-way game! Batrep this way

Friday, April 26, 2013

Batrep: Dust Warfare 400AP Axis vs Allies

Abby offered to help me with my Fledermaus and painted it up for me. So I had to collect it back so what better excuse to play! 400AP, we both get to test out our lists. 

Mission: Key Positions
Deployment: Force Collision
Conditions: None

My new 400AP list had the following:

Dust Warfare - Force Builder Faction: Axis ( 400 / 400 ) 
 --- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (229) 
Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25) 
1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) 
2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) 
3rd Section: Recon Grenadiers (17) 
4th Section: Recon Grenadiers (17) 
Support: HPW VI-A "K√∂nigsluther" (95) 
Support: LPW I-A "Heinrich" (20) 
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) 

 --- Blutkreuz Platoon (171) 
Upgrade: Improved Command (5) 
Command Section: Sturmpioniere (25) 
1st Section: Axis Zombies (19) 
2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) 
3rd Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 
4th Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 
Support: Horten HO-347.III "Fledermaus III" (45) 
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12)

Trying out this list which I felt had a balance of melee, shooting, air control and ground control. Let's see how it goes. 

This building is my objective so I surrounded it with many bodies. Apes ready to pounce ahead

While Platoon 1 hid in the other objective

Sniper 1 taking high ground

Sniper 2 taking 2nd storey

Allies secures building 1 and 2 both of which are his objectives

I break cover and run Fast towards the barricades while the Heinrich follows closely behind

Fledermaus breaks cover and makes a dash for Abby's light walker hiding behind the building

Platoon 1 advances out 

Abby calls in the Long Tom and in the opening salvo took out both my Snipers. Youch! 

This back and forth between the two Heavy Walkers was going to set the pace for the rest of the army

Platoon 1 breaks cover to close in on Abby's jump pack troops who is just behind the crashed Aquila and destroyed Rhino in the forest. I wanted my units to be able to React when he moves out

I took up firing positions where possible, creating an onion layer

Taken 1 point of damage from Abby's first turn, I did 2 points in my first turn

Pushed forward in Turn 2 Command phase. 

Left these two behind to secure my lines and to try to trick Abby into thinking that this was my objective. 

Reshuffled my men around the building

I took 1 damage from the walker's guns and manage to do none in return. 

Blast blast blast-Abby chose to neglect my Heavy and go for this light walker with his Punisher (the Tick)

Long Tom again does it's magic and wipes out the unit of Recon Grenadiers, leaving only the Sergeant behind the barricade

Rhino and team moves up to threaten my Heavy. Abby's mobility was really hampering me, forcing me to react to his game. I could not keep up with his mobile force. 

I split my force, one to take his objective and the other to hold. In theory that should have worked but I think I need to focus on keeping them closer to each other

Fledermaus takes more damage and the Apes take one to the face


Zombies finally go to town

A brave attempt by my Fledermaus. Limping forward on 1 HP, it tries to take down the Walker 4 but failed. 

I moved my Sturmpionere squad up to shoot the Rocket Inf3 but they reacted by flying away. COWARDS!

ROCKET PUNCH! Boom, I lost the tank!

Thus opening them up to Platoon 1

A few shots later they were still in the game. Sob...

Final gambit - I was pretty sure this was one of the objectives by now. I just had to hold with either of these 2 units.

Last turn, Abby moves up his team of 4 guessing that this was my objective. He also moves out of range from most of my guns. 

Through combining a high number of shots into my Apes and Sturmpionere units, this wiped them out thus leaving Abby full control of the buildings in his table quarter. 
Abby captures 3 objectives and I captured 2. Abby wins!

Abby played well forcing me to react to most of his moves. I was unable to control the game and was really trying to plug the gaps every time Abby moved. His flying units was well played, often skirting my guns and going for priority targets. Only way I can think to mitigate this is to cluster my army closer to each other, forcing him to engage a large number of them through reactions. Even then, I can't react to his jump moves so it will have to be by shooting him in return or moving out of range.

The Punisher is a very strong tank. Arm7 with extra shield is powerful. One option is to move my Konigsluther up to 24" and let Penetrator come into play.
Within 24" half their Armour roll forcing the Punisher to roll only 4 dice.
I will have to support this walker with some infantry which can be my Inf3 units. Hmm, looks like some tweaking is in order. 


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