Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Secret Batrep: 1850 Tyranids vs Necrons - Tournament Prep

Patrick was preparing for the Annual GREX 3v3 Tournament last weekend and asked me for a game in preparation for the event. Unfortunately I could not put the Batrep up prior to the event to protect Pat's list from the participants. 

I prepared my best list I was familiar with to bring battle to the previous Champion. Here is my list:

3 Flyrants
2 Fexi in Tyrannoctyes
2 3xRippers
15 Termagants
20 Termagants
2 Venomthropes
Living Artillery Node with 3x Biovores, 1 Exocrine and 3x Tyranid Warriors

Pat brought Daemons allied with Necrons. 

Pat Deployed first and put his fast moving Hounds on my right flank. He also put the Wraiths up front

Using my Living Arti Node, I then deployed my army around it
It is worth noting a few things about Pat's list. The Hounds have 2 wounds each. They can also Scout in the first Turn allowing them to charge you in Turn 2. Very lethal. The Wraiths are supported closely by the Tomb Spyders which grant them a Reanimation of 4+ making them really hard to kill.

We rolled for the mission and got Cloak and Dagger. I did not Attempt to Seize the Initiative.

Pat scored these two early on

I was surrounded fast and thought it best to take out the Spyders first

And by removing those Spyders then give my army a fighting chance to kill those Wraiths. Wrong move
Wrong move because the Spyders have already done their job. Going after the Wraiths was wrong. I should have accepted that my LAN was dead and just gone for his Hounds instead. The other alternative according to Pat during post game was to Glide them instead and charge in Turn 2.

As I play the Tyranids, I realise that I fall into this fixed method of playing. I keep to tried and true tactics but this one comment Pat made really opened my mind. Why not Glide!

Moved up left flank and went after the Spyders

But in Turn 2, Pat's Wraiths were in my face. 

And proceeded to butcher the units

Netting himself another 2 objectives

My unit of 15 Gants came in and I elected to go behind the Hounds. RTKO out of NOWHERE!
In hindsight, keeping my Gants off table was silly. I should have put them on the table to provide my LAN a screen and delay those Hounds and Wraiths.

Unfortunately, I had to go off at the start of Turn 4. And to be frank, the game was a forgone conclusion at this point. I had not manage to score any objectives and half my army was gone. Pat was ignoring my Flyrants and just went after the units capable to scoring points. Touche!

I will be booking in more time with Pat to help hone my Tyranids. 

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