Monday, July 14, 2014

Improving the Gameplay X-perience for X-Wing

Like many of you who dived nose deep into X-Wing have come to realise, you'll find that our ships slide about on the gaming mat quite easily. This makes for a disruptive game as the game is meant to be quite precise. 

My friend Roy found a simple solution. 3M Bumpon stickers. Once stuck under the base of the ships, they provide a solid grip. You can now push your template against the base and the base still would remain locked to the spot. Here's one example

4 to a base. This ship now grips really hard on the mat. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Batrep: Ghazghkull Orks vs Altansar Eldar

Youcai and myself played a 1850 game earlier and this is the batrep. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, do drop us a comment. Also remember to "Follow" to get consistent updates! 

YC brought Ghazzkul and gang. His list had 3 Battlewagons (G was riding the golden one) while the other 2 had Orks armed with various choppa etc. Close combatants, 20 each. He brought a large unit of Shootas (30) and another large mob of 15 Lootas with Mekanik. There is a unit of 3 Heavy Nobs with a Painboy. 2 Kans and a Dakka jet. 

I brought the same list I have been playing. Boring I know but I do like the ability of this list to take all comers in 7th Ed. The fluid nature of the Tactical Objectives also forces me to be mobile. MSU's also take a strong presence in 7th ed armies now. 

YC built his army just the night before for our game-subtle shades of grey.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Batrep: Altansar vs World Eaters - The Curtain Draws Open

You Cai and I finally got to play our game. 1850 a side, YC would be bringing a 30k army using the Forgeworld ruleset. I crafted a short narrative capturing the dark work that the Eldar do in the background. The stage was set, let the battle begin! 

The Curtain Draws Open
Farseer Turendas felt rather than see the the approach of the cloaked figure. 

"It is time" said the shimmering figure. 

"This is no mere mortal you tasked us to assassinate. He is a beast among their kind", replied Turendas. He had his suspicion that no matter his query, it would not change the outcome.

"You serve as others have before you. Morag-Heg has Her purpose", replied the fluid image. 

"Then it is done" acknowledged Turendas. 

He knew that the Harlequins broke no discussion when the decision has been made. Farseer gathered his Runes and Ghost Helm and sent out the message to gather the warhost. Altansar goes to war. 

YC recently completed his Angron model and we were gearing up for our ABOcalypse in about 1 month. I set the narrative up as a battle that took place way before Angron was caught in the Heresy, back in 30k. This was after the Eldar failed to assassinate him when he was a child.

What is known is that Angron was discovered by a slaver who chanced upon the battered and bleeding figure of the young Primarch surrounded by scores of alien corpses, high in the northern Desh'elika Mountains. History does not record what species these aliens belonged to, but many Imperial scholars believe them to have been Eldar who attempted to kill the Primarch, due to some psychic foreknowledge of the plague upon the galaxy he would one day become. Angron had been badly wounded in the combat, but remained alive.

-- taken from Warhammer40k Wiki

Now that the Primarach has reestablished contact with his Chapter, Angron was tasked by the Warmaster Horus to bring an outer-rim world to compliance. Upon completing this task and prior to departing to another system, the Eldar set a trap to isolate him from his main force and bring him to the ruined city of Brakenn V as the spearhead. 

Primarch Angron painted by YC

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Batrep: Altansar Eldar takes on Hivefleet Behemoth at Titan Games

Finally had the opportunity to play a 40k game with Marshall. We tried about 4 weeks back but failed due to time constraints. Today, we had the time to sort out a game without having to rush through it. 1850 each, off we go. 

My list was pretty much unchanged since the 6th Edition. I wanted to see if my balanced force would be able to deal with the multiple and constantly changing Maelstrom Tactical Objectives which I believe will make the game more random but also forces the players to bring balanced forces. 

Farseer: Jetbike, Witchblade, Runes of Witnessing
Farseer: Jetbike, Witchblade, Runes of Witnessing

Dire Avengers x5: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Jetbikers x3
Jetbikers x3
Jetbikers x3

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders x8
Warp Spiders x8

War Walkers x3: Each armed with Bright Lances x2
Wraithknight: Heavy Wraithcannons x2

Altansar Eldar gathers for battle


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