Monday, September 17, 2018

Road to STGCC - Army Prep

One of the best parts when getting ready for a tournament is the prep up to it. I enjoy it mainly because a dateline usually forces me to complete parts of my army that I have been putting away for months, sometimes years. Having played a few games now, I was prepared to commit to the painting table. 

Sanguinary Guard all primed and magnetized. In the back you can spy the 2 Thunderhammer Death Company Marines too

Using Astorath's wings I cobbled together my own Slamguinus from parts I had in my bits box.
I wanted the actual Smash Captain to use a cooler set of wings because he was after all using Angel's Wings, the Chapter Relic. Scouting around for a nice set, I found Astorath lying at the bottom of my box of semi painted models. Like a strange sign, when I picked Astorath up, the backpack slid off!

Based, and primed, here are the Golds that I used to paint the Sanguinary Guard
I use the Vallejo Model Air range because shooting metallic golds through an airbrush meant amazingly smooth colors.

Starting with Gold, Bright Brass and then a final highlight of Polished Gold

I had a few Primaris Marines lying around and some extra white, so I zenithal highlight these models too

Now to let the models dry

Detailing! Some hate it but I love it the most. Brings such a strong pop to the models and them alive.

The wings took me a lot of time to get proper.

Some additional Scouts to help put more of my stuff in Reserves

We are slowly getting there

Based and ready to rock and roll! 
I did not add too much to my existing army but these were a blast to paint. I forgot how much I do love painting. I do have to find a better way to base these fellas. Regan was kind enough to pass me a few metal shells but I did not have enough time to add them. Maybe the next time I polish the models up I will attach them to the bases. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Road to STGCC - Actual 2v2 Practice

Managed to get organize a game with Wai Liong who runs Here Be Geeks. We originally planned to do a fully painted batrep but because I need some practice for the upcoming tournament, I asked if he was open to teaming up with me to play against Patrick and Keith. Unfortunately since most of us were still firming up our lists majority of our armies were not fully painted up. 

Almost firmed up list
1000 points of Blood Angels in a Battalion.
Slamguinus with Angel's Wing, Thunderhammer, StormShield
Smash Captain with THSS
Death Company x 10 with Thunderhammer and Power Fist
Sanguinary Guard x 5 all with Power Fists
Scouts with Shotguns x 5
Scouts with Shotguns x 5
Scouts with Sniper Rifles x 5
Sicaran Tank with Autocannons and Heavy Bolters

This was basically the list I intended to bring to STGCC with maybe slight modification. The plan again was to send Slamguinus against the biggest threat and take it down.

In this game I was playing to get myself acquainted with my list.

Deployment - it's amazing when all the minis are painted to such high quality
I have to point out that Wai Liong is not only an amazing painter but also great at converting. His favourite seem to be mecha or large robots.

Dark Mechanicus - most of his models are lovingly crafted, some merging parts from Forgeworld making the model expensive!

Keith and Pat brought Chaos with Nids. Pat brought the same list he played against me previously so I prewarned Wai Liong of the speed of Pat's Nids. Unfortunately some miscalculation later, Pat's Genestealer made it into combat.

These are some amazing models! Those Genestealer look angry! 

Chaos and Nids sure seem to move very quickly! 

Turn 1
I had little choice but to send in my Death Company to attempt to remove that pesky Dreadclaw only to have it limp away on one wound. On the flip side, I somehow managed to save an ungodly number of 6+ FNP on the Death Company due to some mortal wounds coming my way.

Our gun line was totally overwhelmed

In a bid to protect Keith's Daemon Prince, Pat wrapped his Gants around it

Though I still did manage to charge Slamguinus in
We were almost tabled at this stage so Wail Liong and I both called the game. It was amazing to see the painted armies though! Wai Liong and I will be doing a Blog Challenge after Orktober so stay tuned!

Unfortunately I didn't really learn too much about my army in this game. It was way too skewed but still it was important for me to get used to deep strike timings, model placement, strategems and army wide rules. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Road to STGCC - Game 2: Team Practice

Jason and I clearly needed some practice so we found some time after discussing how our two armies should work in tandem with each other. The STGCC tournament was 2 players fighting 2 players, basically meaning that our armies had to work as 1.

Discussing this with Jason, my team mate, we were both quite certain that there will be a shift in the meta as more people bring out Imperial Knights, Castellan Knights etc. My Slamguinus was very suitable to take it down. This is how you can create the guy. 

Image may contain: 1 person

Jason is then responsible for clearing chaff and bringing the Objective Holders. So we broke out our armies and headed out to GREX Queensway for our Team Practice. We played the ITC rulepack. 

Deployment and Turn 1 
I managed to get turn 1 so advanced the Death Company up to attempt the charge but failed!
A very short lived game with me quickly losing to Jason. While we did not manage to actually test our lists, our plan was to get accustomed to our armies. The key take away from this game was that my role in our team was to go for the big heavy hitters such as Imperial Knights and Characters.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Road to STGCC - Game 1 vs Patrick

So Jason and I decided to team up for the Singapore Comic Convention which took place this September at Marina Bay Sands.

Patrick agreed to get me back into the game so I broke out my old army to try it against him. If you guys still remember, this was what it looked like from the last 3v3 that Zim, Mark and I went to.

The army that helped our team clinch Runner Up in the last 3v3

At this point, I was super rusty with rules and 40k in general. This would be a battle to wake me up. Our game was hosted at Battle Quarters.

Our host decided to decorate the table FULL OF TERRAIN! I had a great laugh mainly because it favoured a close combat army. Guess what Pat brought to the table that day? An army full of Genestealers.

Like a Son of Sanguinus, I soldiered on.
 I chose to deploy the Death Company up front, hoping to take Turn 1 and charge him using Forlorn Fury the strategem. Unfortunately I didn't manage to secure the first turn, allowing Pat to move up his Genestealers enmasse.
Hormagaunts as meat shields

Bottom of Turn 2
By the bottom of Turn 2, I had little left. Pat destroyed the Death Co, killing off most of my hard hitters and forced the bulk of my tanks into a corner. We called it at Turn 3 I think.

The list needed work so I went back to tune it.

I really liked Slamguinus, the Smash Captain so I added another into my list. I dropped my Razorbacks in favor of Sanguinary Guard. I also dropped Lemartes to allow me to bring in the SG.

Stay tuned as I bring more bite sized posts for the STGCC journey that Jason and I went through. 


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