Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Slowburn: Blood Angels vs Dark Angels

The skies rip open as the Angels of Death clash. Davin just returned from the States and brought with him his Dark Angels. With the Slowburn League in full swing, we brought our painted armies to play. 

Sicaran, Drop Pod Assault Squad, Sniper Scouts, Tactical Rhino, Death Co and Chaplain as Warlord

Death Wing with Raven Wing
 Game 1
Ballsy move by Davin

Too ballsy
Game 1 was over in 1 turn. Davin made a big gamble and one that did not favour him. I wiped the bikes out and it was game over.

We set up for Game 2 and I suggested he changed his deployment up a little.

Game 2

We rolled on mission again and played the Spoils of War. Granted this is Davin's 2nd 7th Ed game so we really took the gentle route here.
Death Co standing in the open daring Davin to come challenge them! 
I had the nimble part of my force in the open ready to grab objectives as this was a race game. Also, I would be able to react to anything Davin threw at me.

Pod dropping in capture point 6 and threaten Davin's bike squad

Deathwing drops in behind the ruins to attempt to capture objective 3 while putting some hurt on the Sicaran

Another hero emerges! He took out the Bikes and proceeded to charge the Land Speeder but failed! 

I pulled my Death Co back to handle the Deathwing. Terminators are hard to deal with at 750 points

I tried to charge but failed the 12" charge. Davin then returns the favour

And swarms the Death Company

Towards the end of the game, I pulled my vehicles away to capture the objectives. Davin lacked the mobility and loss 

I basically played to the mission and secured 11 cards. Davin only scored 8 I think
With bonuses, I pulled a small margin of victory. Considering again that this is Davin's second 7th Ed game, I really shouldn't be proud with my success. There was nothing I could do to take the Terminators out as they were just godlike in their 2+ armour saves.

Looks like my list may need some tweaking. That unit of Tactical Marines aren't really doing that much every game, just cruising around in their Rhino. I may Drop Pod them in at 1000 points. Hmmmm

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