Thursday, August 26, 2010

Army Profile: Necrons- Skanwy

Added Necron Lord on foot- 6th October 2010.


I bought my first Necron battleforce in Hong Kong at a shop called Fun Atelier. That was in December 2007. They've been sitting in the 'tomb' aka my shelf since then. I decided to paint them up and get them on the gaming board end of 2009.

The Necron race have always been a point of intrigue for me. I always wondered what happened to all the personalities, emotions and capabilities of independent thought the race possessed before they were turn into machines. And now that they are machines/ robots, do they still feel on the inside?

And have they come to regret the price of their immortality? (Seeing that their vengeance on the Old Ones have long since come to pass and grown cold) And do they have free choice in any way? And to also quote the title of a novel by the renowned author Philip K. Dick: "Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?" :)


Mephet'ran (The Deceiver)

The being that made it all possible for the Necrontyr. This dude has alot of names. I do like his fluff. I have been using him in all my games thus far. He is a beast in close combat, and his ability to Deceive and Misdirect are as invaluable as they are entertaining in effect.

Destroyer Lord

Basically a Necron Lord mounted on a Destroyer platform. This allows him to zip around the battlefield like a jetbike. I have not used him in battle before. I would still arm him with the Warscythe and probably a Phase Shifter for an invulnerable save. I'm still tempted to give him a unique name haha!

Necron Lord (Lady)

I finished painting up the Tomb Queen today (6th October 2010). A joy to paint as its such a beautiful model. She will be my Necron Lord on foot. She was a favored general of Mephet'ran the Deceiver in millenia past. Hailing from the Har'akir System of the desert world of Aegyptos, Tomb Queen Tahira awakens to bring the Young Races to heel.


Necron Warriors

The ONLY Troops choice in the Necron Codex. These were once citizens and soldiers of the Necrontyr, now just Arnie lookalikes. They are still great troops with good toughness and a decent armor save. I mostly use them to hold objectives. Pictured above are my 3 Troop choices, 30 Warriors in total.

Fast Attack


The Destroyer cadre. I find them very effective in laying down a torrent of high strength suppressive fire at the enemy. I also find myself using them primarily to stun, shake or if lucky, immobilise vehicles. Pictured here are 10 Destroyers.


My Scarabs, all 12 bases of them. I find them really cute in a way. Uses are mainly to tie up the enemy in combat or speed bump. I have not tried hunting vehicles with the little beetles yet. They have good cover saves and number of attacks though.

Heavy Support

Have not had an opportunity to use them as yet. I would want to include 1 or 2 in games above 1000 points. I speculate they would be useful for making We'll Be Back rolls and add a bit of punch to help out my Warriors if they do get charged. Plus they can also give birth to Scarabs :)

Thats my Necron army for now. I'm still considering getting a Monolith, if anything just for the model, which looks spectacular. I have no Elites choices at the moment. The Necron elite minis are all metal and appear to have wallet denting potential, so I'll keep a raincheck for those too haha!

Cheers and...

Let the Red Harvest begin!


  1. That was super duper FAST!! How many points are they at?

    I would suggest maybe getting a unit of Elites - choose one and go for it.

    I do know that the toughest Necron armies I have heard of are full of Warriors.

  2. Hi enrgie :) They are at 1730 points without any upgrades, besides the Destroyer Lord. I reckon i can make it to 1750 just by giving Disruption Field upgrades to the Scarabs.

    I'll probably try out the Flayed Ones or maybe even Immortals via conversion. I still have leftover of 19 Necron Warriors for conversion purposes ;)

  3. I have seen some people use the Warriors as a basis for converting Flayed Ones. I will struggle to hit 1750 of painted Nids but do bring them back for a game!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions too. I'll search the web for some conversion inspirations :)

    Will do man! Can't wait to have do battle with you and the guys once more. I'll probably not be looking' to play games higher than 1500pt cap at this point, as they do take a bit of time to finish up lol!

  5. I love the Necron Lord man. I think the WM and GW minis combined make the miniature very baroque!

    You planning to base the Tomb Spiders?

    1500 sounds good. Btw, the terrain pieces are in.

    Do you have any terrain ideas? If you have pictures, we can compile a terrain inspiration page.

  6. Thanks bro :) Yeah, i've been meaning to base all my minis. But i did not bring the stuff and i don't have much experience in basing. Hope to learn the ropes of basing from you and the guys when i get back.

    Hey cool! Great to hear the terrain is in da house. I think themed terrain sets would be a good strategy. Its for 40K and Fantasy right?

  7. I tried to convert Flayed Ones from Warriors - unsuccessful. Their hands hard to do and since they're skeletal, harder still. Forget Flayed Ones. And forget using them as they are just Marines without power weapon. No bite.

    Best Elites are Immortals. Can convert quite easily from Warriors. Won't look as good as the real ones but one look, people can tell its Immortals.

    Good luck in your Necrons force.

  8. Hi grimcron,

    Thanks for the advice man :) I'll be doing the Immortals conversion then.

    Maybe we can meet up for a game when i get back to S'pore in Nov ;)


  9. FAST!!! actually monolit can scratch build, but get 1 anyway so can play 1750 hahahah

  10. Do not build!!! The actual model is so nice!!!

  11. Haha! I could use a giant rice dumpling to proxy it. Cos afterward can also 'makan' the dumpling lol!

    It is a great model though, i mean the actual Monolith. I am resisting its summons for now. Will probably succumb towards end of the year haha!

  12. I just have to say, hat your Deceiver is the best painted one I have seen so far.



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