Friday, March 30, 2012

Dark Angels - age of the emperor: Storm Hawk wip 2

Been a really hectic week at work so my updates have been falling behind. While painting this model, the more I held it and studied the shapes, the more I was not pleased with the turret shape/positioning.

I went back to the AOTE PDF and reread the wargear with a cold glass of sake (japanese rice wine) and eureka!!! I got hit with another idea to revamp this. Funny how alcohol brings out the creative side of me...

I've decided to swap out the entire storm raven turret mount. It looks to bulbous and does not mesh well with the overall design of the storm hawk. My idea is that the storm hawk should fill in the evolutionary gap between thunderhawks and storm ravens. I wanted the turret to be sleeker similar to the turbo laser found on top of thunderhawks.

Below are some pics to show some comparisons with the redesigned turret.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP: Fantasy Map Tiles

Hi guys!

I have finally started on the map tiles. I've been mucho distracted by buying and assembling other miniatures of late. Only got them undercoated last night. I ran out of white undercoat so settled for black instead.

The flipside is still unpainted though. The major colors are done. Still got some highlighting to do and then its onto the little details like bridges, farms and marshes. The borders will hopefully be Dheneb Stone (like the bottom right tile).

Above pic of the map is without camera flash.

Oh, i did not downsize the pics of the map tiles as it would lose the details. Apologies if clicking on the pics takes a long time to load ;)

Let me know if there's anything else i should add. Also what colors do ya'll like the flags to be?

Freebies from long ago...

Above are the castle tokens from the White Dwarf. I can't remember which issue. Its a Tower, a Keep and something that looks like a small mountain with an Orc face on it lol!

Any and all suggestions welcome :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 4

I've tried really hard to finish these but I came down with a really nasty flu which has left me in bed with a fever for most of the weekend.

I'd say I'm at around 95% complete, whats still left is some small details and battle damage along with paint chips and dings. I plan on giving these tanks the dusty weathering chalk treatments as well. This took a total of 8 days inclusive of being sick lol... pretty fast if you ask me.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 3

Greens - added final coat of goblin green highlights to further bring out the matte green undertone

Beige - washed with devlan mud

Tracks - matte black basecoat, boltgun metal, badab black wash

For my dark angels vehicles, I've used extensively airbrushed and relied on washes and drybrush highlights to save time as I'm working on 4 vehicles simultaneously.

In order to bring a balance of rich tones to each main color, 3 coats of tone building colors were used. I honestly hate painting as I have no patience... Looks like I'm on schedule to finish these vehicles within 7 days! Throw your hands in the air and say hurray for the bad guy...

without goblin green highlights

with final coat of goblin green highlights

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dark Angels - age of the emperor: Storm Hawk wip 1

Storm Hawk conversion

-airbrush tamiya xf-9 hull red
-airbrush tamiya xf-57 buff
-devlan mud coat x2

"The Storm Hawk is a smaller, more agile transport from the same design lineage as the Storm Bird. Used extensively for small operations, as the Heresy progressed much of the STC data to build the Storm Hawk was lost although the Mechanicum have kept copies so that if it were to fall completely out of service a variant could be reintroduced at a later date."

Unit Type: Vehicle ( Fast Skimmer)
• Cerberus Launcher
• Turret mounted Twin-Linked Autocannon
• Hull mounted Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
• Four Hawktalon Missiles
(each a separate weapon)
Transport Capacity
20 Models (it has no firepoints
and may not carry walkers but
may carry Jump Infantry who
count as two models)
Special Rules
• Ceramite Shielding
• Power of the Machine Spirit
• Deep Strike
• Assault Vehicle

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 2

badab black wash x2 coats
dark angels green dry brush x1 coat
snot green drybrush highlights x1 coat

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 1

- Airbrushed a 50/50 mix of the tamiya paints; I find tamiya paints are more matte finished, more suitable for tanks/vehicles.

- Preheresy style front section and side/top hatches.

Lets see if I can finish these 3 Rhinos by the end of the week! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

urban camouflage warhound titan FINISHED!!!

Tyrannofex - Size Comparison

I have to say I love this model. Put it together recently and man, it's HUGE!

I was supposed to do him up only when I finish my Orcs but I kept looking at the kit and started on it over the weekend. It's such an amazing kit. Few parts but so much details on the components. Just wish it was cheaper but I have put in an order for 2 more which will be constructed into Tervigons. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sam's Titan

This project has been sitting around for a while. Restarted it cuz I feel bad for making Sam wait so long even though this was entirely done without charge.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tyrannofex/Tervigon and Savage Orcs WIP

After 2 years of waiting and looking at various conversion pictures of Tervigons and Tyrannofex (I even considered getting the Forgeworld Barbed Heirodule to proxy for the Tyrannofex), the model is finally out. So I went straight down to my LGS and picked up a model. Opened it when I got home and took a look at the sprues. Nicely shrink wrapped. 

You can spy from the sprues that the sacs at the tummy is actually put on at the end.

Instructions further reinforce this. I will build two as Tervigons and another as my Tryannofex. Now waiting for the models to come in through a cheaper source.

All the while, I have been working on my Savage Orcs for my Orc and Goblin army. This is still Level 1 (i.e. tabletop standard). While they lack the secondary and tertiary highlights, it is good enough for our campaign.

I am really enjoying painting these guys. Easy too with my technique of washes and Foundation paints.

And if you look at the back of this unit, you will a sneak peak at other units I am currently working on.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Completed Terrain: Rural village table

I've never really put my heart into making so much terrain throughout my hobby life, but since my foray into Flames of War this year I guess my perspective has changed a lot towards realistic and great looking terrain. Somehow making futuristic "gothic buildings" and "magical structures" adorned with a million skulls never gripped me as much as "real" scenics.

Being in 15mm scaled also meant that majority of terrain where reduced by half in size to my usual 28-32mm Games Workshop exploits. This meant that the same 6' x 4' table would have to be properly (and densely!) filled to look good.

I have had much experience making terrain but like I mentioned never really putting in enough commitment to produce anything substantial (usually just the odd building or hill). But this time around I managed to channel all my energy into creating a full on Flames of War table to play my games at home (maybe also due to the fact I am finally living in my own house now).

I won't go into detail of how I made all the terrain. Maybe I'll post them up into simple tutorials when I get the chance (I already took pictures of most steps so that will come in handy). Everything on the table is DIY made by me expect for the buildings which are from I still had to spend hours cutting and putting them together though.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.


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