Friday, January 28, 2011

Additional Work on Terrain

Ethan came by on Monday to work on some hills. Thought I would post up a few WIP. 

As you can see magnetic movement trays (refer to my older post on how to make them) are amazing at keeping the units together 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HK Trip

Went to HK last weekend. Thought I would share some pictures of the gaming place and terrain inspiration!

Store army for demo games

Completed Abom! 

New thing! 

Jay's work! 

Look at the detail! And smart use of GW terrain into his work! 

All in the detail


Work in Progress

Look who I found! My missing Genestealer! 


All stuck together! We need more of these pieces to spruce our battlefields! 

Great use of that shitty 4th ed terrain. Or was it 3rd?

Running a campaign with full map! 

Tourney going on. Small doubles 

Justin is the guy at the back with the bandana/head band. Really amazing army and he did most of the terrain at FA! 

No clue what this is

Justin's painting. This is not his best! 

I do miss HK but we must try to up our game here in Singapore! We will continue to build terrain and when our guests arrive in May, we will greet them with open arms! 

FYI Sporecon 2011 is this May 28th and 29th! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

working with made in china Blood Angels

I've been so happy to receive my almost co. complete BA army. There has been so much to look over. For the most part, I'm very happy with the 15 pieces of armor, 2 drop pods and 3 dreadnoughts.

However, I've been going over the quality of the infantry units. For starters, seems like tactical squads were all done to a half-ass degree. Paints were caked up in the crevices, the pieces were very unclean, lots of runners and globs. I had ordered 3 tactical squads; all of which were posed exactly the same way. I decided to break off the arms to re-do them. To my surprise, my hunch was right... the models were self casted resin... paints started chipping as they didn't bother with surface priming on resin. A very big no no...

To begin with, all power fist models were posed like so with the same powerfist being used over and over again.

Once I broke off the arm, I noticed the chest piece had no mould lines. It was a single piece casted with both front and rear ends as one.

This is the reposing mock fit with pins (silver bit on armpit)

Finally, still no expert at this, but i attempted to sculpt in greenstuff on the joinage gap between plate armor.

Here's another example of trying to make the most poses out of what I got.

And another one...

Be expecting more updates on my endeavor to "correct" this army... Trust me, it gets better... this is the least of my problems. I guess nothing is ever as good as they market it as... sigh... lol

Grey Knight Stromraven sighted

Looks confirmed to me that the GK are getting a Stormraven! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

pimp my ride: blood angels

The resin primer I use "mr. resin primer" helps hold paint better on slick resin surfaces. Prior to this, the parts have been soaked in warm water+detergent for 2 nights to strip off the mold release agent. The reason why I use mr. resin primer is because the spray is actually a really fine putty. When it cures, it creates a really good canvas for paints to adhere evenly.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FInally all the new Blood Angels Pics!

It's all here. Gotta love it. Librarian Dread as well!

Pictures from GW website.

reinforced armor / shovel shield

When I work with resin parts, I try to do minimal drilling. Reason is resin is extremely toxic to the body. I try not cut or drill as much as I can from a resin part, only ever enough for the part to hold and retain structurally sound. The shovel shield is attached by tongue&groove with a paper clip. The protrusion is less than 3mm as the shovel shield is rather thin. Only sticking out enough to provide a stable hold to the shield.

So far my batch of casts have been pretty decent, minimal bending in hot water was required. Just trying to build up to the moment when my stormravens/BA dreadnoughts arrive. This will have to suffice.

Hot off the Press! Stormraven and Dreadnought Constructed!

I'm sure you guys will love this! Actual completed models!


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