Thursday, July 23, 2015

Slowburn: Blood Angels vs Adeptus Mechanicus

Got Pat into the store and we put our 750 point armies on the table. Pat was looking to try the Admech and I had my Slowburn army with me. I played the very same Take All Comers List while Pat brought a simple Admech list. All models are WYSIWYG. 

Mission: Spoils of War

Pat got the First Turn and took it. I failed to Seize. Night Fighting was in play.

Kept everything out of Line of Sight

Those Kataphron have a punishing amount of firepower and they are all Grav Weapons too! 
His first turn of shooting failed to do much as the Admech could only see the Scouts on the Bastion.

I moved the Death Company up again, hiding as much as I can

Scored 2 VPs

Gorro's Squad went to work but only managed to remove 2 HP from the Onager Dunecrawler
Gorro and squad failed and paid the price. The Admech turned their attention to the squad and kill them all giving First Blood to Pat.

Pivotal charge
I jump packed up within an inch from the Kataphron. Rolled 2D6 to charge needing a 6 to complete the charge. I rolled a 5. And now the Death Company is staring down the entire Admech army.

I managed to score another VP
In Pat's Turn 3 he managed to ping off 2 HP from my Sicaran the Blood of the Fallen. Other than that he moved some of his units forward to take out my Death Company and earned him Slay the Warlord.

And another 2 more in my Turn 3

Turn 4 saw the Admech popping off the Rhino

Keeping focussed on the objectives, I ran the Squad Rayzor to cap Objective 3 for another KP

Pat scored 2 VPs
In Turn 5 and 6, I took a massive beating. The Kataphron took off the remaining HP from the Sicaran and removed the unit of Tactical Marines. In the last turn, Pat managed to also kill off the Drop Pod who would have scored Line Breaker.

3 Scouts remaining

Pat scored this at the end
Final score including bonuses:
Admech: 9
Blood Angels: 6

Victory to the Admech!

First game against the Admech and man, they have a ton of shooting attacks. There was little you could really do to mitigate the shooting except to hide and stay out of Line of Sight. 30" from those Kataphrons make it hard to hide though and they each come with 2 wounds. They can dish out 15 shots per model, Grav. Hot sauce!

Looking forward to the next game.

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