Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Forgotten Hive Fleet

Hive Fleet Mandasar

I met up with enrgie yesterday and we bought some really nice Mycetic Spore proxies (there are no official models for them spores yet ;) He suggested i put up my old Hive Fleet on the blog. I do indeed recall some fond memories of my old Tyranid army, and successfully located them in storage. I couldn't find some of my other 'Nid minis, they may have scuttled off on board a passing Space Hulk.

These were painted in 2002 (i think). There was this guy at Soulcraft at Paya Lebar MRT who taught/gave me painting tips on highlighting and using washes. The Tyranids here are my first attempts at putting that advice to the brush :)

The Hive Tyrant, The Terror of Hive Fleet Mandasar

Front view. His age shows i thinks...

Side view. Here he is hobbling to the front lines, hungry for a biostuff snack.

Dental shot of his deadly gums.

Tyrant Guard

Great buddies these two. Always accompanies the Hive Tyrant. Shields sometimes used as makeshift fans for the Tyrant if weather is too hot.

The Warriors

The Tyranid Warriors, aka the Synapse Brothas. I couldn't find the other six. They must have gone on their musical tour. Two are armed with Venom Cannons and the rest i think have Deathspitters.

The Gribblies

The 'Gants

The 'Gaunts

When not being trampled underfoot by their bigger cousins, they fulfill their role in swarming over the enemy, or distracting their fire...

The Assassin

The Lictor aka Lord of Surprise. Also another surprising thang is that the flesh hooks are still attached. I remember how flimsy those metal chest arrows can be.


The Carnifex, the most feared tank bustin' bone cruchin' critter of the Hive. I always loved the Screamer model of olde.

The 'Fexes sharin' a private joke. The one of the left is armed with 2 sets of scything talons, but suffers from rubber claw syndrome(RCS). He always fluffs the penetrating result roll. The one of the right is armed with a barbed strangler and talons.


Love at first psych! I think these models stand the test of time. Still awesome sculpts today.


The unearthly combination of Tyranid and Ork genes. They do look 'orkish' in the big or rather slack-jawed kinda way.

Not sure if i want to repaint them, probably not haha! It was however a pleasant trip down memory lane for me, hope you enjoyed the pics too.

With the purchase of the Mycetic Spore proxies, there is some motivation to reorganize my Hive Fleet again...Time will tell ;)


  1. Interesting, lots of metal there. The hook claw carnifex LOL! old school.

  2. Yar manz, it was pretty heavy to lug them about.

    Plus it was in the big transport bag, you know, the one that 'whack' everyone each time you make a turn heheheh!

  3. The hive awakens. Both our swarms will consume!! CONSUME!

    When are you coming back Sam? We need to do a mega battle to consume!!

  4. I hope to be back in mid-Nov or early December :) I'll dig out the lost fleet and we can go for a buffet together muahahaha!



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