Sunday, February 28, 2016

Space Marines vs Tau (Part Deux)

After my inglorious defeat to Patrick with his Tau, I asked him for another game. He changed his list slightly to adjust for the AusComp, which hopefully would make a more balanced game. My list remained unchanged so I could continue practicing and confirm that it was either good or bad (I am leaning towards bad).

Works goes apace raising a fully painted army

Scouts spread out while the Rhino hides in terrain

Pat's opening move was very aggresive, pushing up midfield

A bold drop led to a scatter that gave Pat the opportunity to put my Marines out of the game

Lovely luck. I can't seem to save 

Promptly losing more Marines

Kept my Fire Raptor to the side to avoid Skyfire which was on his table half

Slowly but surely, I was losing the attrition game

In a desperate gamble, I moved the Fire Raptor up his half to attempt to kill off a unit of Suits
I lost...again. Hmmm, this list may require a lot more work. Assault elements maybe?

I need to continue testing it to confirm but right now I am leaning to a rewrite.

Keith then asked me for a Malifaux game. The last time I tried this I just learned it. This would be the 2nd time I play the game.

The card mechanic is really quite unique. It was a 35 Soulstone game between Misaki of the Ten Thunders vs Kirai of the Ressurectionists.

While I lost the game, it was a really fun game! 
I went back and repainted my Shang while adding more yellow to my Master and her Henchman

Love the models!~ They are actually true scale. 

You guys will be seeing more Malifaux on this blog. I am quite in love with the game. I do need more minions. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Google+ and Comments

Just a quick shoutout to the Followers who are leaving comments. I can see them coming in a notification email but your comments aren't showing up on the post hence I cannot reply to them personally.

I am looking into getting another comment system and will very likely switch to disqus which seem to be popular with our gamer blogs. Please keep those comments coming and I'll see you guys in the next post.

(Red) Space Marines vs Tau

Tourney preparations underway. I challenged good old Patrick who brought the new nasties, Tau. He interprets the Hunter Cadre as non-buff sharing but he brought 2 Stormsurges. 

Almost WYSIWYG army on the table - Sniper Scouts not available!

Pat's Tau force-Riptides are proxying for Stormsurges

Most of Pat's drones are laid out for all to see-high priority! 

I hid as much as I could from LOS

Got the spring over Patrick and dropped the Centurions way too close to his Stormsurges, forgetting that Tau have Intercept
Lesson here is that use the 24" that your Grav Cannons have!
With Hunters Eye, you can actually hide the Centurions behind the Drop Pod to earn some cover fire from the Stormsurges' Intercept

With my alpha strike blunted, I was playing on the backfoot, trying to catch up

I focussed on as many objectives as I could

A hero is born, now nicknamed Fish for his talent at taking out the fish

My only consolation was my Fire Raptor. Then again, it struggled to make an impact big enough

Linebreaker units

Some barrage sniping killed off Sicarius

Leaving me with a very sad board

With little left to do,  I went for objectives

Game ended with a small margin of points
Two Stormsurges are hard to deal with. The amount of firepower is intense! My list unfortunately doesn't do both very well, either capturing or killing. I may have to relook into it.

Someone had this in my colours! 

After the game with Patrick, I decided to finish up as many of my models as possible. Like Marshall always comments, you can never have enough Marines.

I like to paint in 3's as they give me a sense of completion 

Another 3

The two brushes that I use for all my paint jobs. 

Another 3! 
I hope I can finish my army in time for the tourney. Stay tuned! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Malifaux Madness - WIP and Batrep!

I have been smitten by the Malifaux bug recently. I have built up and painted my Misaki crew and only managed to get in two games prior. At 35 Soulstones (points in Malifaux), my Crew was quite limited. Keith and Patrick had a large pool of characters that they could choose from so I went out and got 2 very good boxes. 

Enter Hired Guns and Swords

Excellent value

I went back and immediately took them out of the boxes, prepared their bases using greenstuff and built the models. 

Greenstuff and mold press - stuff of legends

VonSchill and his crew

Victorias and their Secret
I was out to try a new technique - zenithal. I had used this technique before on my Blood Angels but it was muted. With these models and how tiny they were, I thought they would really benefit a ton from it. Black basecoat followed by a gentle spray of white. The results would be enough for you to play la noir style if you like.

La Noir Belles

La Noir Corp

Washes and a few highlights, voila! 

I am gonna weather the bases a little more. Seem like they need more work.

The very next day, I met up with Patrick for a game. We agreed to 35SS so I could try out my Von Schill Crew and he brought his Jacob Lynch. Here are some highlights

Kept my force relatively close together to benefit from Von Schill's buff

Kept at arms length out of reach of the Darkness

I couldn't save everyone with the suitcase

Also, I was not aware that he could bring the Darkness back! 
Darkness and Rising Sun upgrade does not count as being Killed! Killing the Darkness served no purpose....allowing Pat to win this game.

Darkness is nasty...
I have learnt to kill Darkness with the Librarian, her casting can take it out in one turn. Then kill Jacob!!! That's the only way you can ensure the Darkness stays gone - especially if he has the Rising Sun upgrade.

Stay tuned as we go beyond the Breach! 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

(Red) Space Marines vs Eldar + Harlequins

Learning your army is critical, be it good or bad. Jason had a list he wanted to try and asked me for a game. My list remained the same. 

For some reason we keep playing Contact Lost. Deployment

Eldar take to their bikes this time

Pods rained down

The Centurions had little to shoot to I dropped them in a corner-eventually learning that this would be a horrible spot for them

The Wraithknight deepstruck in behind my lines but I was way ahead in Maelstrom points by now

Stormraven comes in to tackle a backfield Harlequin

Two Wraithknights now! I could only throw Marines into the grinder to hold them up while I scored VP's

With only the WK left standing, it was a very one sided game

Some bad rolls from Jason left another one dead
So for some reason my Space Marines seemed capable of dealing with Eldar and Harlequins. It was the Tau that seemed like the freaking Grail Cup.

Nonetheless, I worked out another list which I could potentially use for the tourney. Here is a sneak peek.
Amendments to my list meant that I needed more models. Bought these for my list change


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