Tuesday, January 31, 2012

High Elf Army

Just thought I would showcase my High Elf army. Always a work in progress but it's my first love. Still is but something Green has taken my time recently. Hope you like the pics!

Took the time to give the recently constructed models a prime of black in preparation for painting. I usually prime them black as it helps to create shading first. However, now that the GW Washes are so useful, this will change my painting method. Badab and Devlan - AWESOME PAINTS. The most important is the highhlight after.

Monday, January 30, 2012

WIP: Black Orcs

Just got back into Singapore yesterday and painted like a whirlwind. Sure missed putting paint to minis!

Kept to the following formula:
Chainmail, Badab Black and Devlan Mud for all armour. Highlights in Mithril after I complete the 2500 points in preparation for the campaign in March 2012.

Used red as my accent colour. Started with Scab Red and then Badab Black. Seeking inspiration for the banner now

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paint pots rack DIY.

This post is about my frustration with storing paints and space constraints. For so long I've placed my paints in all sorts of boxes, tool boxes, shoe boxes etc. And each time I want to sit down and enjoy my painting session, I have to go through all the various boxes looking for paints that I need. And more often than not, halfway through painting we find ourselves stumbling for an extra color and this would mean going through that entire process of fumbling through the paint box.

For a long time I've been envious of hobbyists who have nice and expensive paint racks, or those with nicely customed painting areas to keep all their hobby needs within reach. So I went online to search and see what other hobbyists did to improve their painting experience with all sorts of DIY paint storage methods.

Some notable methods include magnetic strips attached to walls with washers glued onto the back of paint pots, acrylic racks customizations and of course the one I improvised upon. Most of these included a significant cost, especially acrylic customs. Therefore I made a trip down to the local hardware store to see what I could use that was easy to get hold of, simple to work with, and most importantly cheap.

This is my painting space, with my paints all stored in an Ikea box. Like I mentioned each time I wanted to look for a paint I had to drag the box out, and rummage through them. On the left of my Ikea Expedit Shelf was an empty "wall space" that I wanted to fully utilize. Therefore I set that space to store my paints.
What materials was I going to use then? I settled upon PVC wire guide casings about 4cm wide, and to adhere these were industrial strength double sided tape. I paid $2.50 Singapore dollars for 10ft of tape. And $3 Singapore dollars for each 3ft PVC casings. That bring me to a grand total of $8.50 SGD. That's cheap if you ask me!

And I only needed the thicker half of the casing. This leaves me with 6ft of thin halves that I stored away to use in other terrain projects such as roads or whatever else I can think of later.
I then measured the length needed and clipped them with the trusty plastic clippers. And the next step is to measure accurately and mark out the positions on the "wall space" you want to adhere it to. Make sure the surfaces are cleaned and dust free. Also when marking out the space remember to do so at both ends to ensure the racks are as perfectly horizontal as possible. You don't want a slanted rack with paints sliding off!

After a repeated process of cutting and sticking. This is the final result. All in all took me less than half an hour to complete!

Here's a shot of the new paint rack complete with my paints for easy view and access!
Say bye bye to messy paint storage.
Hello space saving beautiful paint rack!

Hope this will help any one contemplating to enhance your painting experience. Go on, you know you have $8.50 SGD and half an hour. Right?

Monday, January 23, 2012

FoW Soviet Tankovy all painted up!

In Singapore it's the Chinese New Year Festive period. That means a very long weekend of holidays and I sure ain't gonna let those precious free time go to waste! I set the deadline and kept to it. Now I have a fully painted Flames of War Soviet Tank Company to play with!

This army consist of 20 x T-34's, with the Plastic Soldier Company miniatures I am able to have the option of both 76 & 85mm turrets. Which is great. This should be a nice 1500pts army to mess around with. (*included in the pics are 2 x KV-1 tanks which were my test models)

One of the strangest (not sure if the term here is appropriate) but I have not yet played a single game of Flames of War yet. And here I stand with a fully painted army all ready to start. It is a great feeling I must say. Normally it's the other way around!

Well enough of my rambling please enjoy the pics of my tanks and hope you will appreciate the fruits of my labor!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP: Black Orcs

Worked on these bad boys over the weekend. Still experimental and have gone away from the GW style of using streaks on Black Armour. Using Silvers instead to represent metal on them throwing in washes to create shade and rust. 

6 or 7 wide is a possible format for these guys. I just love the models but I do have problem of ranking them up side by side as they spill over the bases

This BO was basecoated with Mithril Silver followed by 2 coats of Badab Black and 1 coat of Devlan Mud. First model off the painting line. His brother in arms at the back will be the next but has been painted differently

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PSC 15mm Soviet T-34 tank build up and review

Well the is the first proper post on our blog in regards to FoW. And I'm excited at the prospect of jumping into this great game!

Many of you into FoW would have head of the Plastic Soldier Company. This is a relatively new historical miniature company producing many great miniatures not only for 15mm but for 20mm and 28mm WW2 stuff as well.

Here I embark on the ambitious task of building the core of my Soviet Tank Company. 20 of the famous T-34 tanks. One of the main reasons why this company is so revered by the FoW community is mainly because of the fact that the are plastic (who doesn't love their plastic crack?). Are half the price compared to Battlefront miniatures. And sporting much sharper details and crisper sculpts.

They also come with 2 turrets for the tank. Essentially doubling the number of tanks for gameplay. I now have 40 options to play with.

I do not have a Battlefront mini to compare with but I have seen many in the flesh and I can say that the PSC offerings are definitely much more sharp in details.

Although I must add that building them up is an extremely tedious process due to the many many parts required to built each tank.

Factory production line.

All in all as many have said I would highly recommend this to anyone starting their Soviet tank force. You just can't go wrong with this.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beginnings of my Flames of War Soviet Tankovy

As according to hobby plans for 2012, I am starting the construction of my tankovy.

That's 32 vehicles to fix up! Here we go!!

Blood in the Badlands

Got the above stuff for our upcoming campaign! Mighty Empires to track our army movements on the map. Each player will have to bring 3 tokens to represent their armies which will deploy and move during the Campaign Turn. Love the system GW came up with so I will be playing it with the Anything But Ones guys.

Got a Reaper Goblin Hoard too to represent objectives and treasure! Should be fun! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beef's Hobby Resolution for 2012

Looking back at 2011 I am quite happy at the amount I have achieved. However this was all fairly random and I think would have been better if I actually listed out what I want to achieve rather than leave it to fate (in most cases it's really just a thing called "time" sadly).

2011 although a turning tide of events for my life saw alot of things getting done. I got married. I moved into my new home (with my own hobby space yay!) And of course the highlight has to be the coming of my first baby. Not to forget the standard thing called work. However I managed to start on my Nuln Empire Army (which I shall complete as part of this years resolution). Started a Grey Knights army (who didn't anyway hah!). Started a massive Dark Eldar Army (once again irresistible models). Almost finish my Mechanized Imperial Guard. And finally taking the plunge into Flames of War. I must add that all the above mentioned armies that I have started are all fully assembled and at least 50% worked on. So no "theory" armies there. Everything is in the flesh.

Enough about the past. Let's see what I shall try to promise myself for hobby year 2012.

1. Paint up my Flames of War army and play some games.
2. Finish up my Nuln Empire Army. ( 40% left unpainted)
3. Finish up the very little 20% of Mechanized Imperial Guard Models. (Damn bulk of guardsmen!)
4. Finish up my Grey Knights Army. (60% left unpainted)
5. Paint up as much Dark Eldar as possible. (This is gonna be hard as I bought every model in the range with many multiples for gaming purposes as well gulp!)
6. Start work on an Ultramarines army.
7. Join at least one painting competition.
8. Greatly limit Hobby spending. I really have more than enough (really haha?) models to paint till I'm 65yrs old. But I should try to limit the amount I'm about to spend (with the baby it's gonna make it more necessary!) and concentrate on what I already have in hand rather than trying to make my hobby room look like a premium Games-Workshop Stockist.

Playing more games has always been a problem for me. Firstly I am not much of a gamer to begin with, and commitments to life always get in the way. With a baby on my hands its gonna only make things even harder. But I'll try to dedicate more time to gaming.

Here's to me achieving my targets for 2012! And hopefully all of you out there will have a fruitful hobby year as well! Back to the brushes!!

P.S would be nice to hear the hobby resolutions from the rest of you guys as well!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Road to Badlands - Rock Lobba

Completed my Rock Lobba yesterday after spending quite a lot of time working on the wood grains and skin for the crew. I have to say, this is probably my favourite completed model at the moment. The amount of detail and realism injected into it through the painting. LOVE IT!

 Old One Eye and her crew of gnarly Goblins. 

Old One Eye and her Taskmaster, the REAL Ol' One Eye.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Stuff: Vampire Counts

Was at the store yesterday to pick up my White Dwarf and then I stumble on the new shiny stuff! I love GW products. Just wish it was cheaper. I had always toyed with the idea of a VC army but time and money kept me at bay. Sick miniatures! 

Hot flying bats!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Completed Balthasar Gelt

Well I'm determined to paint as much miniatures as I can this year and rolling off the painting table is my first completed miniature for 2012. Mr Balthasar Gelt himself.

He will be commanding my Nuln army in our groups upcoming campaign and he can't wait to cast nasty tricks into all those metal and lead weapons!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WIP: Mangler Squigs

Just finished construction of a very precarious model. It's my first Finecast model and I was pleasantly surprised at it's quality. There were some mould lines but I can see thought went into making sure those lines were pointing away from the top or visible areas.

This model is large and quite tall. As you can see above, the models towers over the Night Goblin on the base and paints in the background. Finecast allows this model to stay on top of each other without falling over so thumbs up GW. Only wish it was cheaper though. Almost 1 GBP per point. Yikes!

Other than that, this model is awesome. Lots of details and if you look carefully, each of the Night Goblin were actually glued in place. So were the chains. I am worried about transporting this miniature.

However, it is one really dynamic piece and I do love the model. Looking forward to painting it soon! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2500pts Empire Gunline all ready for painting.

Here's my Gunline for our groups upcoming fantasy campaign starting in March 2012. Watch this space as I finish painting the remaining before march!!!

Models left to paint. 30 handgunners. 2 mortars. 1 cannon. 1 Helstrom battery. 1 helblaster. 1 steam tank. 2 engineers. And Balthasar gelt.


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