Saturday, October 30, 2010

Campaign game

The campaign game has reached it apex! We are having a massive battle today at fusionpolis in 2hrs.

Before I go there, let me share two photos of a battle before.

What you see is an overwhelming force of Tyranids against a small Imperium force.

The outcome is ugly with the Tyranids almost suffering zero loses and wipe the Imperial Guards off the table.

I hope we can repeat this feat again today! The combined Space Malinz will know fear today (even Dawn of War 2 game chars knows to fear Tyranids).

Let's have a good feast that is being brought before us!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

death company theme

I've been ushered lately to pick out a theme for my blood angels. I foremost pick my armies based on the color I like. Even though there are a lot more die-hard warhammer fans out there, the look of the army is very important as above most possessions, if there was a fire in my house, I'd grab my army first. these models are THAT important to me. on a side note, I tried to get my piano and my warhammer models insured. buuuuuut the piano was validified, the response on my architectural, gundam & warhammer models combined didn't value enough in the insurer's concern to be insured... hahahaha funny right?

anyhow, not to get carried off... i love black, I like the distinct red angry-ness of the blood angels. I figured I'd go that direction with my list. Check this out and please tell me who your hero of choice would be to lead this army. *no apothecaries, i want this to be a "i'll kill you faster than you can kill me" army think themed......

x10 death company with flying pack (black color)

all with power sword

x2 infernus pistol

x8 bolt pistol

x10 assault squad

x2 melta guns

x8 chain sword

x8 bolt pistol

x20 tactical squad (red color)

x2 missile launcher

x2 melta gun

sergeant A: power sword & plasma pistol

sergeant B: power fist & bolt pistol

x10 death company

x2 power fist

x2 hand flamer

x8 bolt gun

x5 sanguinary guard

x5 no helmet!!!
X1 Banner (flag)
X5 glaive encarmine

x3 razorbacks

x2 baal predator

x1 landraider redeemer

flame cannon

gunner with multi-melta on top

Death Company Rhino

New november white dwarf is here!

Sure feels good to open up your letterbox to find the latest issue!

This issue as expected is jam packed with lovely dark elder pictures. Lots of nice miniatures in the line.

And a battle report between the dark elder and imperial guard.

Also a nice article for fantasy featuring the two new terrain pieces. The dreadstone and tower of sorcery. It looks damn good and boy is it huge!

Leftover painting.

Let me talk about an aspect of our painting hobby that has been a habit of mine for awhile now.

As always I tend to take a wee bit too much paint than what I have to paint. Most of the time we would leave the unused paint alone. And it gets wasted as we carry on what we were intended to paint in the first place.

However I found that such practice was extremely wasteful. So I thought why not use the paint on another mini? Sure we would be detracted from our intended paintjob. However we would also not waste paint. And it's always a good change from the monotony of painting the same figure all over again. And trust me when you suddenly have an extra miniature painted up.

This is where I call it the leftover miniature. Simply because it is painted up using leftover paints intended from others! I'm sure that as we paint our armies there are alot of similar colors that can be used on other minis in the army. So don't let that paint go to waste!!!

Here you can see me painting up a test model for my empire greatswords. And the "leftover" handgunners!

Go in give it a try and reap the rewards of saving paint and "bonus-ly" painted miniatures!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting back into warhammer

wow its been a while since this blog. New job has been utmost demanding, havn't been playing the game but definitely have not been collecting, building and painting as much as i'd like. so i've been collecting a blood angels army on the down-low by purchasing painted troops online and ONLY doing the dreadnoughts & stormravens as those units are what inspires me to own a BA army. i figured at worst, it can be a diorama with a BA theme if they don't come to use. but before i settle on that thought;

can someone please leave some input on how my collection could work in game? very much appreciated... here goes nothing;

1. x10 death company with flying pack
2. x10 assault squad
3. x20 tactical squad (red color) (both squads with multi-melta & melta gun)
4. x10 death company
5. x5 sanguinary priest
6. x3 razorbacks
7. x2 baal predator
8. x1 landraider redeemer with melta gun

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP outriders & cannon part 2

A little update on my fantasy tale progress.

Painted up the cannon and one crew. Painting a monotone object sure speeds up the process. And I think it looks visually stunning too! The other 2 crew members are still lacking cloth highlights.

And also the painstakingly slow outrider riders themselves.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Stuff - Island of Blood and High Elves

This is an awesome month for me!

First my Orc Warlord comes in. Since it's a Direct only item, I got my friend from the UK to send it to me!

Then today I got my mail and WOOOHOOO! Look at my goodies! These were pics taken just 2 minutes ago. You will notice it's actually at my work desk! LOL!

All the stuff I ordered came in. I basically ordered the IOB which I am sharing with CrazyRat. Since he will be getting another box, I will trade him the rats for my Elves.

Ordered these two to pad my reading habit in the toilet. Unseen Lerker looks great. It's what White Dwarf really should be.
And of course since the Blisters were hard to see in the big picture, I included a zoomed in one for you guys! With the Shadow King - the book, it made sense for me to get Alith Anar - the miniature! Also, since I got 3 boxes of Phoenix Guard (1 more coming in the mail with Malekith the book and HE Archers), I got Caradryn to complement my collection.

This is going to be one hectic year for me! And considering the amount of Orcs I still have to finish!

Painting Challenge: Spear Elves

Finally settled into my new place and have set up my painting desk. Now in full production mode.

Primed my models yesterday in black. Spent some time actually posing them into what I call a spear wall.

Spear Wall FTW! The only problem I foresee is ranking them up against the opponent as the spears will jab into their ranks. 

A close up of the guys in white. I have begun the blocking in the shade colours. Each of these guys have to be ranked exactly in the picture though as the spear heights will affect their ranking! Aiii...
I have painted the rear rank - mainly to get me back into the painting groove and waken my painting motor skills!

Hope you guys are doing well in your painting too! Post and share with us your work!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP outriders part 1

Managed to finish one outrider and got the rest of the horses done too. Gonna take a break next couple of days and try to paint them up over the weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GW New Terrain Pieces

Just got this from another blog. Looks like GW is cranking out those terrain pieces for Fantasy. I hope they will make each terrain piece in the BRB.

Let's get one for the club! That was we can build all the terrain in the book! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Batrep: Campaign Turn 2

Another weekend and another game. This time the Nids took on 2 locations - a Mine and Manufactorum.

Head on over to to see how we fared!

Friday, October 8, 2010

WIP outriders.

The models are cheap. Only GBP$12. Does that mean inferior quality plastic molding? Because there's shitloads of flash lines to clean up! Grrrr!!!

Anyways. Here they are assembled!

Outrider regiment to paint!

Super busy this month. Therefore I can only paint up 5 models! However if time permits I shall bump this unit up to 10!

Painting Challenge - Fantasy

Alright you ladies!

It's time for a painting challenge!

Since we have such a strong Fantasy push at the moment (Flava of the month!), I suggest doing a regiment challenge!

Your mission:
To complete a regiment by the end of the month (i.e. 31st Oct 2010).

You can pledge whatever unit you really want to paint at the moment. The painting quality is also up to you.

I am pledging a unit of 20 High Elf Spearmen!

Now get to it ladies!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Batrep: 1750 Tyranids vs Blood Angels

A little delayed but this is the most recent battle I played. I actually went down to PI last weekend to play a campaign game but Zach cannot play as he was working.

Anyway, I had a slow afternoon playing with Abdullah. He is an old friend of mine stretching back to the year 2000 when I was still playing my Eldar. Abdullah is a great chap and an all rounded gentleman when it came to playing. Also, he had fully painted his army (a big plus in my books!) so there was no confusion over units.

Head on over to to check out the battle report. Comments are welcomed! 

Friday, October 1, 2010


Here at Maelstrom Games ( we're already gearing up for a mad Christmas and we thought we'd better get a voucher run going early to ensure those of you that live outside the sunny shores of the United Kingdom can save some money when buying your Christmas presents and still get them on time! To that end we're giving you 15% off the UK recommended retail price from today for ten days!
Your 15% off UK RRP discount voucher ends on Monday the 11th of October 2010, at midnight (GMT) - so you've ten days to grab yourself a bargain!
Your voucher code is: EARLY-CHRISTMAS

You can never have enough miniatures and buy more than you can ever paint in your life time.


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