Saturday, April 15, 2017

Malifaux - Outcasts vs Ten Thunders Henchman Hardcore

Managed to get a game of Henchman Hardcore with the missus today. I put two lists together (based on beating face as my priority). 

Ten Thunders: Ototto, Obsidian Oni, Lone Swordsman and High River Monk
Outcasts: Rusty Alyce, Johan, Desperate Mercenary and Strongarm Suit

TT went for a more defensive deployment with the shooting I had at my disposal.

Pushed up my Desperate Merc to draw out her Swordsman. Countered with Johan only to have the Swordsman limp on 1 wound

She brought in Ototto to beat down on Johan and I countered with the Strongarm Suit. Alyce came in to finish the Swordsman

At the end of the game, it was a 6-6 when both our Henchmen were taken out
Hilarious when both my wife and I drew Black Jokers in a simple melee duel.

She's actually making a list now based on the models I have. I wonder what she's scheming. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Malifaux Henchman Hardcore Tournament April 2017

In preparation of our local Henchman Hardcore, I got in 2 games with Patrick on one of the weeknights. Put together a list I thought would hit hard. Comprised the following:

Rusty Alyce, Johan, Bishop and the Hodgepodge Effigy.

Aonious just slowed my entire list down
Unfortunately, they did not perform particularly well and I lost both games to Patrick. I felt that Alyce just didn't cut the mustard. I did however fall into the trap of trying to kill Aonious and ignored the threat which was Bishop to my chagrin.

Going home, I then mustered a new list. One that was based around an old favourite of mine.

Hannah, Johan, Bishop and Desperate Merc.

These 4 would now form a new team for the coming tournament.

Started putting paint to the models before swapping out the Hodgepodge Effigy for the Merc

Pre-shade work really well to creat the highlight and shade

I was then teed up with our local Henchman and was prepared to give up
Until a Red Joker called his Red Joker and I managed to give Nekima Visions of the Void, forcing her to be Paralysed thus winning me the game. It was a 6-3 victory at the end of 45 mins.

Sam vs YC on the table next to mine
Today marks a great day as YC, Sam and Defeng first made their appearance! I have been cajoling them to play for the longest time and am so glad to see them make it in this 10 player event. All 3 unfortunately are not too familiar with the rules so we had to help them every couple of minutes but I didn't mind, as long as they were enjoying the game.

In my second game, I was matched up with Derek. Funnily enough it was like my list was built to counter his list. He brought Baby Kade, Candy and 2 other Minions that I can't remember.

Unfortunately for Derek I tabled him
My card draws were really in my favour and my initial hand was unbelievable, basically it was a Royal Flush - allowing me to win nearly every duel. Also, it's funny because he insists on cutting my deck every game. LOL!

Won this 6-3 as well.

I was then paired up with Eugene, a regular and adept player. He was also very familiar with my list making this a tougher game.

Eugene's list was more tanky and disruptive, forcing me off the point a couple of times but I managed to draw 3-3
My final game was with Keith, a regular player known for his good lists, good play but SLOW play. Not that he does it deliberately but he does deliberate sometimes too long.

I know now never to talk into a list like this
Toshiro and Necropunks was able to hammer the hell out of Hannah and losing her on the last turn meant the point swung to Keith. I ended losing 3-6.

With 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, I ended up finishing no. 3. I was poised to take number one too! Ahh well, Welcome to Malifaux. LOL!

Total loot for the 10 man event

My haul-I love that new certificate
I managed to pull Johanna, a model that I have been hunting for a long time now for my all female crew. I ended up being a happy camper and managed to add two more Scripts to my collection. Still waiting for Wyrd to release better models than the current collection of plastic 1st sculpts. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Short Story - For the Emperor

Zardakk Kull removed his helm, taking a breath of the corridor’s air. It smelt of blood and expended ammunition. Licking the sharpened points of his teeth, he watched as his erstwhile allies picked their way through the wreckage of the battle, silencing survivors and collecting unused ammunition. In the ruddy emergency lighting of the corridor, the metallic blue armour of his allies looked almost indigo, while his blood red armour simply appeared darker.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Bloodbowl Mania

I guess some of you out there may have bitten by the Bloodbowl bug. I have gone full tilt and bought into it. I first fell in love wi the game in 2001 at the end of 2nd Edition. Fast forward to today and an updated set of minis and beautifully produced board, I was hooked. I present to you my 1mil gold pieces team. 

Before I could finish the team, I had to play them so stuck the numbers first in a hurry.

Went on to finish up as much as I could for my game with Alan the next day

Another sample model
Just a few layers of highlights were missing and of course the grass.

I then got a beat down at the game with Alan and his Dwarves - aptly named Snow White's Gigolos.

The Black Orc stood in for my Ogre
I drew the game and levelled the Ogre up! Gave him Stand Firm and headed out for my next game with Zim. He played High Elves and man, I lost that game 2-1.

Thankfully, I won some experience points for my Linemen and No. 2 which I called Butterfingers levelled up. He now has Dodge! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that game.

Game 3 with Skaven
Managed to then tee up a game with Weijia's Skaven called Failed Experiments. Those rats run fast! Lost the game again, this time 2-1. Sigh...maybe I'm not very good at this game. Ah well, at least I am having fun.

Finally it arrived! 

Comparing it to my Troll for my Orc team - looks pretty similar in size
The team as it now stands is as follows:
2 Deaths so far. The rest will be named when they level. Highly dependant on their performance on the field too

Spread out and hit them hard!

The team ready to rock and roll
Still a few more bits to do with their faces, a stripe here and there to detail the players but they are 90% complete. I'll add detail when they level up

Some reinforcements, thanks goes out to Melvin for the models! 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Armies on Show at the 2v2 Tournament

Nothing quite replaces the spectacle of beautifully painted armies slugging it out on beautiful tables. There were some really good looking armies out there and I am sure was surprised at the quality of the work that some of these artists were churning out. I hope you will agree too! 

Benson's technique here is flawless coupled with a good color scheme, it is no wonder this army continues to attract attention

Just beautiful

Eldar of the Craftworld variety

Thrusting Wraithknight

Those are some nice Sorcerers

Death everywhere

Andrew painted! 

Mark's Spawn. That fella is creative

Someone painted this quite quickly but ended up in the hospital! 

This is an amazing shot, similar to that Dawn of War 3 video! 

This terrain was so unique and completed the table

Keith's slowpokes - he just plays really slowly....

Classic shot with IG tanks combing an imperial city

Jetbikes come hunting

Mark invested so much time into his conversions, unfortunately missing the deadline! 

Luminator in full effect as his force take on Jason and Mark
Check out Jason's previous post for more details on how this game

Gotta agree that this table just looked so ace

Demons everywhere! 

Benson's Tau just looks amazing


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