Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up hobby

As the age old story goes, we all don't have enough time for our hobby. And the typical excuse would be life itself.

For me it has been one mad hectic year. Settled my wedding, moved into my own home, pursued my history honors and most recently came to terms with reality of being a father with the birth of my son a week ago.

Well with the school holidays finally upon me. And all the hustle and bustle of life generally settling down nicely. I took this free period to catch up with my life long passion.

Out came the airbrush from storage. And I blasted away at 3 armies that are WIP at the moment for me (ain't everything WIP honestly, heh).

I must compliment the Vallejo air paint series. The ease of simply squeezing paint directly from the bottle into the airbrush feed is godsend. No more tedious mixing of colors with thinner. No more inconsistency and time wasting. Gonna stock up on more colors very soon.

Now let's see how much dark Eldar I can paint before Xmas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

WIP: Mantic Orcs - Bases

Have just completed basing my Mantic Orcs up with sand. I mixed in some rougher gravel into my regular sand. This provided two things - makes my mini heavier (I like the metal feel-I'm old school) and creates thicker texture!

This is what they look like at Stage 2 of the painting process. Going to get into bulk painting them in about 2 weeks from now. Targetting to finish the base coats up.
You can spot some shiny silver gravel. That's the harsher gravel I have added into my sand mixture to provide texture.
The final basing technique will be finished with snow as my Orcs come from the highlands. Booldugz! 

which is the most popular gw fantasy army???

I'm trying to get an idea of whats the most popular fantasy army for warhammer. I've gotten many requests for a fantasy line to be created but I have very limited insight on the fantasy side. I notice the use of movement trays and I've seen some people magnetize their models to their movement trays. Ideally, should the models be stored that way or would it be best for them to have their own individual cells in the foam trays? Please let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

News: Mangler Squigs

More news for you guys. For an Orc and Goblin player like me, I am looking forward to the next release! Mangler squigs! 

I have always loved the squig models and this is no different! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

News: Beastmen Photos

GW is finally making those Beastmen models. Looks like a dual kit to me. Be your own judge

blood angels army carrying case

Its been a while since I've blogged about warhammer 40k. A recent game I played with pure grey knights against Ethrion's marine gt list got me rejuvenated into the hobby after a brief hiatus. I've been working on heavily touching up my blood angels army. I dunno, grey knights were disgustingly point and click which inspired me to play again. The only thing stopping me from experimenting with my blood angels army was the fact that I had nothing to safely transport my storm ravens to the store. With this set up, problems are solved...

Monday, November 21, 2011 now open!!!

New webstore finally up and running! New products are being updated weekly. Head on over to to show your support!!!

We specialize in army carrying cases as well as table-top miniature modeling supplies.

We will soon be carrying resin conversion parts as well.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas in November!!!

Santa Claws + plastic crack = win

*No basketballs were harmed in this picture

$800+ worth of plastics sure are heavy... or maybe its just my puny weak arms lol...

Contents if anyone is curious:

Imperial Guard Valkrie 2
Space Marine Whirlwind 2
Savage Orcs 4
Orc Shaman 1
Ogre Kingdom Battalion 1
Ogre Ironblaster 1
Dwarf Warriors box set 1
GW Lord of the Rings: Dwarf Rangers box-set 1
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors 1
Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights 1
Eternity Stair & Dreadfire Portal 1

Come collect your stuffs!

Friday, November 18, 2011

60 Orcs Horde - Mantic Style

Just completed the Orc models I received from Maelstrom Games. Was planning to do 30 at first then realised that once I have started moving quick on them, I could go on to finish the rest. 

So this is what the first 30 looked like. All ranked up with Full Command. This is regiment is from the Booldugz Tribe!
 Arooooooooh! A full 60 horde completed and ready for war!
 I just had to snap another picture.
In case you are wondering how they look like up close, I have to say they actually impressed me quite a bit. Although thinner than their GW counterparts, these Orcs make great troops to bulk out the mainstay of the Orc horde. Being less cost prohibitive too, you can actually have them fill up your core and then have the GW models play the Big Un's.

My plan is to base them up using sand on their bases. To magnetize them, I will be using sheet magnets as the bases have no holes like the GW models.

I will be using the wash technique on them to finish them fast. The brilliance of cheap models is that I am under no pressure to make them super nice, just tabletop quality. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just got my shipment of stuff from Maelstrom Games. Came in the brown box which was slightly crushed. Boo.

 Dug right in and brought the models out. 30 for each box. All checked!
 Standard sprue looks like this. Multiples of this will create the bulk of my regiment. Hopefully they won't be static.

 This is the extra command sprue.
Finally bases to cap them off.

I will build them over the next weeks and will update you guys! Certainly a cheaper alternative compared to the GW prices today. 


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