Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shooty Space Wolves

Most people associate space wolves with headstrong full frontal assaults. However, with the long fang's ability to split fire long fangs are a huge asset when it comes to swinging the tides of battle.

The only draw back is without the option of being able to take more than 5 long fangs for ablative wounds, they are more vulnerable than your standard marine devastator squad load-out. To counter this, some like to field an extra wolfguard in terminator armor with ass cannon and missile rack.

4 long fangs with missile launchers + wolfguard with missile rack allows 6 or 7 shots of missiles... I can't remember if the missile rack shoots 2 rounds or counts as twin linked, but nonetheless this is a whole lot of dakka.

In case that wasn't enough, Rune priest can also support Long Fangs with their living lightning abilities. D6 hits at S7 AP5 with unlimited range hitting on a 2 up with chooser of the slain... btw, space wolves can field up to 4 rune priests.


  1. You can take six LF (with five ML, if you wish) and Cyclon ML is Heavy 2 weapon.

  2. I was gonna ask where it says you can take 5 guys with heavy guns... been misreading the rules all along... it does say 1-5 long fangs & 1 squad leader. it also says "each long fang apart from the squad leader MUST replace his bolt pistol with one of the following (list of heavy weapons)"

    So does that mean He can also opt to swap for a heavy weapon? cuz it says "apart from leader MUST" do I have a case? I'm interested in what people think.

  3. You interested to make this your army Blog? I can permalink it for you

  4. The leader can't take a HW.

  5. You're right, leader can't take a heavy weapon but the wolf guard embedded to that squad can be taken in terminator armor + cyclone missile launcher.



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