Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hong Kong Ares Campaign Day - Gaming Tables Showcase

A few pictures showcasing the awesome terrain we got in the HK warhammer store. I'm grateful for all the contributors we have in our community. You don't always find a gaming crowd who is willing to put effort in giving back to the community.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Forgeworld Conversion wip 3

My pre-heresy dark angels project has been an on going one. At the moment I have around 55 or so converted models. No 2 models are the same, the conversions are from forgeworld, max-mini, dark angels veterans box set, death co. box set, space wolves box set and grey knights box sets. No 2 models are the same as I like to go overboard on the conversions. The unit break down are as follows:

x3 ten men tactical squads
x2 five men assault squads with magnetized backpacks
x10 veterans
x1 honor guard squad
x1 librarian
x1 chapter master/hero/boss man model (havn't decided)

Will be showing vehicles next!

4000pts apocalypse game - blood angels vs. orks

Sunday afternoon was full of orky madness. I will confess, this is only my 2nd time ever playing orks and boy are they fun to watch and kill. Ben Dal who is a regular at the HK warhammer store was nice enough to write a short narrative of the battle. I tried taking pictures so that enrgie would stop giving me grief but halfway, the battle got too intense and I forgot about it completely. hahahaha Here goes...

"Jason, Ralph and I put the forgeworld terrain to the narrative test today with an impromptu 4000pt Apocalypse game today. The Blood Angels had to defend the gates against the hordes of ravenous Orks which included a Stompa.

There were 3 buildings across the field, one of which contained access codes to open the gate, or the Orks could attempt to blow up the Land Raider thick doors.

Initially the Orks met little resistance, driving towards their objective in glee, but the sky soon darkened as over 40 marines descended from above not only claiming a bloody tally and much of the Orks heavy armour but even damaging the Stompa thanks to the efforts of Dante and his bodyguard.
However the Orks proved to be an overwhelming force and carved a gaping hole from the gates with their power klaws. Seeing the dangers Dante recalled his flying forces and took his injured brothers away through a secret entrance and remarshaled his army within the halls of the stronghold for the final stand.
Sensing victory the Orks rushed towards the doors but found it too narrow for their vehicles; only the Dreds and bikes could squeeze through with the mob close behind.
The blood letting within the halls was fast paced and unforgiving, the opening shot from the Ork dread felling Venerable-brother Asrael almost straight away.
But the Orks had expended their energy outside and were much reduced even before the close quarters fighting. When they charged into the line of waiting Deathwatch, the base was well within the hands of the Blood Angels." -Ben Dalgleish

Road to Badlands - Gobbit Lipsmacka

Had some time to touch up on my Night Goblin Shaman who I dub Gobbit Lipsmacka. Took two pictures as the light source was a little from one direction. 

Gobbit Lipsmacka is twin to Snikit Hamstringer. Both were birth in the dark caves on the slopes of Dragonback mountains. Gobbit often spoke of a loud booming "voice" which just confused little old Snikit. Listening to these voices, Gobbit could "interpret" these signs and often shared it with Snikit. It was these voices that kept them alive through the nefarious caves of Night Goblinhood. Fear was a common emotion and one they both sought to conquer by the only way they knew how - to take over the Olde World.

On one stinky day when the squigs were sporing, Gobbit received a vision while observing the stools of a Giant Cave Squig. It spoke of a brutish Orc simply called Zugribar. He was held by hummies in a camp just beyond the Badlands. Gobbit and Snikit put a plan around rescuing this matador of Orcs. This Orc would give them the victory they so need to take over the Olde World.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where the blood angels at?

My spring cleaning adventures takes me to my first 40k army. The Blood Angels.

Notice all the older edition tanks. Small and lovely!

j-hova's 1700 pts DOA blood angels list

Here's a fun list I made for a recent campaign day. I've had my blood angels army for a year not but I haven't used them much so I'm still figuring out their strengths/play style. Here goes...

Everything will be in reserves, The idea is to drop pod the death co + chaplain. in first with locator beacons to bust vehicles and to tie up/screw up the enemy's plans.

The libby dreadnought will also drop pod with locator beacon and shoot with Blood Lance. Ass squad 1 will have a sanguinary priest attached, Ass squad 2 will have librarian attached. Both these squads will make use of the librarian dreadnought's drop pod locator beacon for safe arrival and surround the dreadnought from incoming charges. Wings of Sanguinious can help the dreadnought keep pace with these ass squads.

The x5 man razorback squad will come in on reserves taking pot shots with TL lascan and provide support where needed. Having a fast vehicle razor back will be key to getting reinforcements rapidly.

Finally, the vanguard veterans will heroic intervene as the final wave of DOA, they're meant to finish things off or they can be used to take down some odd positioned devastator type unit hiding in a corner or something but I usually use it as a mini deathstar. x3 Stormshields for extra protection if shit hits the fan.

Librarian Dreadnought
-Blood Lance
-Wings of Sanguinious
Drop Pod

Assault Squad-10

Assault Squad-10

Death Co.-4
Drop pod

Assault Squad-5
Las-cannon Razorback

Jump Pack
-Unleash Rage
-Shield of Sanguinious

Vanguard Veterans- 7
Power Weapons- 2 + (1 free on srg.)
Jump Packs-7

Sanguinary Priest
Jump Pack

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Storage and WIP

This is a smart take on a Fantasy terrain piece. The guys over at Battle Bunker converted it for their 40k tables. Smart.

This is how I am storing my minis at the moment - IKEA storage. The height works for tall miniatures with raised weapons and banners. I will be using it to transport my bigger creatures too like the Arachnarok which is plastic. You can see that it stores the minis in their movement trays but they need to be magnetised to prevent them from moving about. Metal models really do need a proper foam casing to keep them in place and not destroy each other. I am working together with Jay to create custom foam for Orcs and Goblins.

Popped out the older mob of Orc Boyz and rebased them. Used Dark Flesh for the rims and washed the banner with Badab Black to give it more definition. The more I use the GW washes the more I am convinced this is the way forward. I spent so many hours in the past trying to create gradients using my paints. Using the GW washes, I created shades and highlights in one sweep. Unbelievable.

My focus for this week is to get this Rock Lobber to gaming quality. Base coats are done on most of them. I just have to highlight the crew and then work a little more on the Rock Lobber. Highlight then washed then highlight it again. Will post once it is completed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road to Badlands - The Warlord

The one thing missing from the list I made was a warlord on foot. Before I made my order from my LGS I looked at the GW website but realised that it was all rather "normal". Thought about using my Orc Warlord that Sam made for me by putting him back on foot at first - the picture is rather outdated though as I have painted him to completion.

So I went about digging my "New Miniatures" box in my store room. Guess who I found? It's Grumlok and Gazbag! Only the nastiest and most souped up Orc!

While I do not plan to use him as Grumlok in the campaign, I will be using this miniature to represent my original Orc Warlord Zugribar and his retainer, Snikit. 

Having crossed into the Badlands to run away from his human captors, Zugribar has finally amassed a large enough army to call himself a Warlord. Zugribar plans to use this opportunity to kill as many hummies for revenge! Once he gathers enough Orcs and Goblins flocking to his banner, he he will march out to attack the hummies who took him captive and tortured him. 

I have also opened up a new section called the Road to Badlands and will capture any articles put up by you guys for this campaign. Awesome way to see your army develop with a story! 


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