Friday, July 3, 2015

Batrep Blood Angels vs Tyranids

As this is the third month, we have escalated to 750 points each. Sam and I wanted to test our lists out so brought them to Titan Games for a game. 

I brought a mixed list based on my collection expanded. 

Chaplain with Jump Pack 
Death Company x7 with Jump Pack
Tactical Marines x5 on Razorback with TL Lascannons
Assault Squad x5 with Meltaguns in a Drop Pod. Sergeant comes with Combo Melta and Melta Bombs
Sicaran Battle Tank with Lascannon sponsons

Sam brought a really strange list. The Neural Node Formation. This is his bid to make the crappy things in our Tyranid book work! I really tip my hat off to him for that bravery! 

Sam's list
We got Deadlock, mission 6 from the Maelstrom Mission. We rolled for sides and Sam chose to let me deploy first and forced me to go first. 

I went straight for my objectives and dropped my Pod and Marines onto the objective.

Assault Marines

Kept my tanks behind knowing that his men had no range! 

Sam moved him psykers up

My new Death Company drops in only to be taken out immediately by the Zoanthropes! 

The Nids now move left side

I charged in only to be taken out by the Maleceptor
It was an interesting game. Blood Angels basically won through Objectives. The Zoanthropes were surprisingly hard to kill with their invulnerable saves. Just wished he brought a balanced list so I can practice with mine! 

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