Friday, June 11, 2010

Tutorial: Creating an Army Profile

I am keen for each of the contributors to "place" their army on Anything But Ones hence this tutorial.

Just upload a photo, include a short description of things such as your idea, motivation and maybe some "history" of the unit/tank/creature's performance. Once the post is put on the blog, I will create a permanent link on our blog so that it remains there for you and others to enjoy.

As you complete more models and add to your collection, snap a photo, return to the permanent link and edit the post by including the pictures of the new models. Also include the necessary description etc. It will take a long period - slowly but surely like the photo above.

For example:
My Gants are actually on the blog now. I will snap a few photos of my Warriors this weekend and will include a new entry but still within the same entry so it is all neat and in one place.

Now get snapping and post!

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