Saturday, July 4, 2020

Age of Sigmar: Tale of 4 Gamers

Well, not exactly. Managed to get Sam, YC and Defeng out for an AoS game after a year of not playing this game. Maybe even more. GW still makes the best miniatures out there, terrain and all so we have been painting and preparing for this day for a couple of weeks. Just played the basic scenario and each of us brought 500 points of our painted units. I will let Sam and YC fill in on the story! Here are some pictures from the game.

I paired up with Defeng while YC teamed up with Sam forming two sides. Order vs Destruction! 

Deployment, 12” in

One of best part of the game was Sam’s terrain and mat so we began crafting the story on the go. Fighting in the Realm of Hysh, it was very bright and magical! This gave the Order faction quite an advantage with the tides of magic allowing their casters create havoc to our close combatants.

Those trees sure hit hard! 

YC sends in his ladies to challenge the Brutes and the Warlord, killing the Brutes but in return dying to the last person when the Warlord struck back!

Warlord Zugribarr managed to rack up quite a bit of kills, fueling his attacks and health. He became a truly green Monster at the end. However, with the game ending when Defeng lost his last model, Zugribarr only had time to run away with the sexy female orc mage hiding in the ruins at the centre of the table. 

Ganging up on the lone sorceress, Defeng lost her after 2 rounds of intense combat! 

It was also very interesting to see that numbers can work against you if your models don’t really have staying power as the army slowly routs! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Daario Shows Danaerys Why He is Worthy of Her

Got in a game with Ben today at his place. Brought an army comprising the following:

SELLL ME! Faction: House Targaryen
Commander: Barristan Selmy - Barristan The Bold
Points: 40 (6 Neutral) Combat Units:
• Dothraki Screamers (6)
with Outrider Ko (1)
• Dothraki Screamers (6)
with Outrider Ko (1)
• Unsullied Swordmasters (9)
with Barristan Selmy - Barristan The Bold (0)
• Stormcrow Archers (6)
with Stormcrow Lieutenant (1*) Non-Combat Units:
• Illyrio Mopatis - Magister Of Pentos (3)
• Pyat Pree - Warlock Of Quarth (4)
• Xaro Xhoan Daxos - Merchant Prince of Qarth (4) View this army at

Without giving away too much, I can see why Daenerys eventually turns Daario into her boy toy. I’ll let Ben through Blitz and Peace’s complete the batrep and will link it at a later date!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Return to Blogging

So it’s been a very long time since i last put in a blog post. At the same time, I have taken the opportunity to look into other game systems but I have never put down the paint brush, I am still in love with our hobby but 40k has taken a silent backseat as I explored these other game systems. I managed to set up a YouTube channel and while I do love putting stuff up there, there’s a certain ease of blogging that makes this so accessible. 

So what have I been up to? I have been drawn into a Song of Ice and Fire for the past year, i.e. 2019 and am still very much enamoured by this system. After finishing up a 40k tournament end 2018, Patrick suggested we give this new game a try. I picked up the starter, took the Starks and down the rabbit hole I went. 

My Targaryens goes up against the Lannisters and their Hound

From the alternate activation system which helps prevent alpha strikes, forcing you to prioritise and engage the right parts of the enemy army, the ease of picking up the game and it’s depth if you take the time to peel back the subtleties of the system, this game has massive legs. 

CMON has done a good job and I hope to share some of my recent games as well as projects i have been working on over the next couple of months.

I hope you are all safe and healthy and may this plague pass us without swallowing any of us up. I hope to see all of you on the other side. 


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