Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Game

Finally, my High Elves broke their record losing streak! Played a fun filled match with Kenneth (3 times Golden Demon winner-just take a look at his army!), full of twists and turns! This was played at Kenny's place (Lurker on the PI forums-all are welcomed to go!) with 2000 points aside. It was HE vs Beastmen.

Highlights of the game were:
  1. Kenneth brought an amazing army. Beautifully painted minis and all well represented! He made my minis look bad in comparison. I am glad it has inspired Youcai to paint his elite units of Skaven. Kennth's army comprised a Chaos Giant, Shaggoth to lead, 3 beast herds (mixture of Bestigors and Ungors), 2 Shamans (1 who rolled the D6 Str 4, no armour save spell), 4 Minatours and 6 Centigors. Again, beautifully painted.
  2. I brought Dragon Mage, Spearmen, Archers, RBT's, Dragon Princes, Shadow Warriors, Lord on horse, Mage, White Lions, Great Eagles
  3. Kenneth started the game by moving full pelt forward and we were in melee by turn 2. My Lord fluffed his attacks against the Chaos Giant but remained in battle for 2 turns. In hindsight, putting White Lions and my Dragon Princes with Banner of Elyrion is very good. The DP were able to eventually kill the Giant owing to him falling down and a few lucky rolls.
  4. White Lions did very well taking out his drunk Centigors in the forest. My bad but Kenneth had forgotten that they were White Lions not Sword Masters. Overran into the herd who were meant to support his Giant.
  5. Dragon Mage's fail charge saw the Tuskgor Chariot run off the table in turn 2. Turning around, he supported my archers in causing a Beast Herd fear and promptly was destroyed when they fled into impassable terrain.
  6. RBT's did a great job by withering the Minatours causing them to panic. Owing to the Dragon Mage behind them and they having to flee away from the object that caused them to panic, they were destroyed!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been hard at work pumping out those Night Goblins for my battle with Joash in Sept!

Here they are in all their glory!

As they belong to the BadMoon Tribe, I've given them accent colours of Yellow. Working on the next two units, spearmen almost done, just completing the archers now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go get it! Battle Reporting Software

Got it from

A good software for battle reports

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My stuff has arrived!

I just got a boatload of things that has arrived yesterday. The list of things are:
1. 20 Night Gobs
2. 20 Black Orcs
3. Orc Boss and mounted Boss
4. Skarsnik and Gobbla
5. Boss on Spider (limited edition)
6. HE Spearmen
7. HE Archers
8. Lion Chariot
9. 9 Fanatics

I have just completed 10 Black Orcs and boy I love the kit! The minis are chunky as orcs should be. Ranking up is hell though as they are huge!! I love the fact that they look like armoured fighters. I will post pics shortly of the completed miniatures and painted units soon. I'll bring them in to post.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Spider Marine, Spider Marine, Does Whatever A Genetically Modified Super Human With Spider Powers Can

No, the picture isn't upside down. My marines are :P
(and neither of them are anywhere near completion paintjob-wise XD)

I found these heavy duty magnet strips in a local hardware shop; RM3.90 for 15cm of strip. Doesn't sound like much, but I only used 4mm of the strip to magnetize my plastic marine, so RM3.90 will magnetize almost 40 plastic figures; only RM 11.70 will magnetize 120 plastic figures which is the size of a standard GW carrying case.....

Think about it. RM 11.70 (give/take RM3.90 if metal figs need more magnetic power, which they would I think) and some big metal tin (I have many big metal mooncake boxes, although I know they also sell big metal toolboxes) gives me the carrying capacity of a RM150 or so carrying case. Except that, IMO, its superior - theres no foam to scratch my paint jobs, and no limitation to the base size (notice how the dude next to my marine is on a medium base). I could even magnetize my vehicles if I wanted to since no one actually picks up a rhino and looks at what is under it.....

But either way I've always had to transport my tanks seperately, so this is no drawback =P

Well, its superior to the carrying case as long as no one drops my box. I don't think magnets + metal provide that much protection against dropping damage, unless I up the amount of magnet I apply, which would cost more. Still, even if I use 2x more magnets on my miniatures (which I believe would make it very sturdy), we are still talking about below RM25 here.....

Not bad eh!


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