Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kill Team 2v2

After we finished the Month End Show and Tell, a majority of the boyz broke off to play some good old Kill Team. YC, Marshall, Mark and myself decided to slug it out. It was a 2v2 with Kill Teams. 

Marshall and myself would form the Red Alliance while YC and Mark would form Team Lime (YC's army is yellow while Mark was playing Greenskins). 4x4 table, we rolled and got the 1st Mission from the book. It was a race to get the objectives. 

Deployed and ready to engage

Mandatory Crotch Shot. Lime deployment

The Blood Angels advance while the brave Guardsmen hang back

A sea of red

The Limes advance under the cover of the buildings

2 objectives were in Lime's zone so we had to push forward, the BA taking the brunt of the firepower

Manny tanked 10 wounds and made all his saves. A true hero

Leaving only Brother Fazio to guard the right flank

That pesky Gretchin eventually shot Manny down

With the Blood Angels down, the Guardsmen now had to advance

Under punishing shots, the Lime Alliance fell

This Gretchin had glorious luck surviving shots after shots. It was only a powerful charge by Sergeant Bruce that killed him

The Red Alliance managed to wipe the table and took the game home. Ouch
Now that Month 1 is over, the true games will begin as players start to escalate and add units to their armies. To make it more interesting, each player can supplement their armies from their existing collections as long as they are able to complete their 250 points pledge at the end of Month 2.This will be an interesting time! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Slowburn Month 1: Show and Tell

1 month has passed and each player who committed to the cause has delivered. There were some exceptional armies on display and I am pleased to present the completed 250 points. We had 2 judges who marked each player based on 3 criteria: Painting, Fluff and Gaming. 

Here are the armies:

The Blood Born (Blood Angels) by Raymond Tan

Alaitoc by Sam Kan

Grey Knights by Austin Leong

Necrons by XY
Daemonkin by Edward Goh

Dark Eldar by Alan Maybury

Skitarii by Zhou You Cai

Imperial Guard by Marshall Sim

Each player was given the opportunity to give their army background to the 2 judges while they asses the player's painting and story telling skills

Orks by Mark Ong

Dark Eldar Pain Coven by Melvin Cheng
It was an excellent turn out. Each of the player received 5 Store Credit for participating and all the while they are working on their armies! This was really Titan's way to help build the community of gamers and all for the betterment of the 40k community.

Excellent work boyz! Month 2 beckons, best I start building and painting!

Here's a short piece I wrote for my Kill Team.

Rayzor's Kill Team. The Blood Born
Having just completed his stint with the Deathwatch, Sergeant Rayzor was thrown right back into the thick of fighting. Having almost no time to repaint his armor, Rayzor reported for duty within the day and immediately rejoined his old squad. There were new faces, recruits recently pulled in from the Scout squads of the 12th Company. Rayzor was to lead a small kill team comprising some veterans, some newer recruits and his specialists.

Agle is the team's Weapon Specialist. He can usually be seen carrying a vast array of Master Crafted weapons, polishing them to a fault. With a sharp eye he has finished his time with the 12th as a Marksman earning his nickname Eagle Eye.

Manny recently recovered from a major defeat at May Weather Court in the Elvee System rejoined his brethren a changed marine. Something within him snapped during the long campaign and what used to be a calm and collected individual is now a rash and feisty marine. He courts the death angel on every engagement and his brothers worry that he will slip into the abyss.

Harsh is the quiet and brooding brother of the squad. Moving silently for an 8 foot tall Marine clad in power armor seem impossible but Harsh treads as light as a feline. A weapon expert, he carries a tarpaulin under his power pack and can often be seen with extra heavy ammunition.

While the Kill Team are the executors of the Emperors Will, the Scouts of Sergeant Orion are the eyes. Relaying important tactical information back to Sergeant Rayzor, they work in tandem to ensure that each surgical strike lops off the threat at the source before it escalates. Concealed in camo cloaks, these Scouts operate silently but deadly.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Blood Angel Colour Guide

As I am painting my Blood Angels, I keep asking myself this question: How do I distinguish each unit from the other while keeping to the Codex guides? So I started searching online and I found an impressive guide.

Extracted this from Bolter and Chainsword: 

I've put this guide together based on the 40k Compilation, Codex:Angels of Death, the BA Codex, and the "How to Paint Space Marines" guide(? GW 1991, 1996, 1998, 2004)

The Codex markings for BA are quoted below:
"The Blood Angel Chapter of Space Marines wear a power armoured suit of vermillion with yellow chest eagle. The Chapter badge is worn on the left shoulder and is black with a black edge trim. The exception is Sergeants who wear reversed colours - ie a black shoulder pad with red badge and trim. The right shoulder pad is also trimmed with black, although trim colours are often missed off or overpainted on campaign.

According to the Codex the Marine brothers' personal names are enscribed on the right shoulder pad, although this is not always followed and is more common amongst officers than ordinary troopers.The separate companies are denoted by the colour and number of blood drops on the right shoulder pad, positioned above the name plate where present. The exception to this is the 1st Co., which bears a yellow skull instead. Individual Squads are either distinguished by back banners of varying design or not indicated.

[right shoulder pad marks]

1st Co.: 1 yellow skull. The 1st Co. is the exception to the normal scheme and consists of all the Marines who would otherwise wear Terminator Armour. It is distinguished by the skull motif of its shoulder plate rather than the normal blood drop.
2nd Co.: 1 blue [blood drop]
3rd Co.: 1 white [blood drop]
4th Co.: 2 yellow
5th Co.: 2 blue
6th CO.: 2 white
7th Co.: 3 yellow
8th Co.: 3 blue
9th Co.: 3 white"

There is also a description and illustration of a 2nd Co Death Co marine,
"illustrating a unit which has taken the infamous blood oath of the Blood Angels.These Marines repaint their suits black with red crosses and deaths heads.."
The left shoulder pad is effectively the same as a Sergeant's pad, being black with red trim and a red BA winged blood drop. The right pad is black with red trim and a white skull and crossbones.
I can't see anything to show how this is a 2nd Co. Death Co. marine, or if this is just a fluff description: there's nothing in the listing to say that DC keep any Company or squad markings.

The Compilation also states that honour marks are displayed on the left knee, and Army/campaign markings are painted onto the right leg.

Ok, so that's the state of play as of 1991.

Coming forward to the Codex:Angels of Death, from 1996, and Codex:BA from 1998, we find a few variations. Only to be expected in a non-Codex Chapter, I suppose. As per the Codex, the current right shoulder-pad markings are:

1st Co.: 1 white skull
2nd Co.: 1 yellow [blood drop]
3rd Co.: 1 white [blood drop]
4th Co.: 1 green
5th Co.: 1 black
6th CO.: 2 yellow
7th Co.: 2 white
8th Co.: 2 green
9th Co.: 2 black

Sergeants now have yellow BA symbols on a black ground, rather than red on black. The Company badge is also now on a black ground: the trim isn't listed, but is illustrated as being red. I would imagine that 5th and 9th Co sergeants have a red ground, as black on black wouldn't work.

Individual squad types within a Company are identified by their helmet colour:

gold for Honour Guard
yellow for Veteran Assault
red for Tactical
yellow for Assault
blue for Devastator

There's also now individual squad markings listed, which are displayed on the right knee:

1st Sqd.: 1 white skull on black
2nd Sqd.: 1 white skull on blue
3rd Sqd.: 1 red blood drop on yellow
4th Sqd.: 1 red blood drop on black
5th Sqd.: 1 white cross on black
6th Sqd.: 1 white cross on blue
7th Sqd.: yellow lightning fork on black
8th Sqd.: black lightning fork on yellow
9th Sqd.: yellow wing on black
10th Sq.: black wing on yellow

You'll notice that neither book lists any 10th Company colours, which might imply that appropriate camouflage is used. Codex:BA, however, states "Blood Angels scouts are taken from the most fiery individuals in the Chapter: battle-eager warriors who hunger for close combat", which might lead one to suspect that BA would rather not wear camo, prefering the psychological advantage of hiding in the bushes wearing bright red?
And if anyone can tell me why the "battle-eager warriors who hunger for close combat" aren't in the Assault squads I'll be pleased to know. Maybe there's a jump-pack shortage or something...

The only other points of note for this guide are that the elite squad markings are defined:

Honour Guard have a black skull instead of Company markings on the right shoulder.
Veteran Assault squads have a white skull in place of their normal Company markings.

And now we move on to the 2004 "How to Paint Space Marines", which clarifies some things and muddies others, in typical GW fashion.
As far as colour scheme changes, the black border on the shoulder pad seems to have been dropped altogether, although this has been done before as a "Campaign measure".
But the main change appears to be that the chest eagle is now black, rather then the prescribed Codex yellow. All the Marines shown, HG, Tac, Dev and Assault, are shown bearing a black aquila. There is no explanation for this in the text, which seems odd for such a major change.
Oddly, the known BA successor chapters all retain the yellow aquila: the Angels Encarmine, Sanguine and Vermillion, and the Blood Drinkers. The Flesh Tearers retain their black and red scheme, but I'll let someone with more knowledge of the FT cover them.

It also gives a breakdown of the complete Chapter organization, which is in line with the 2nd edition Angels of Death codex.

1st Company: Command squad, 10 Terminator or 10 Vet Assault squads

Battle Companies (2nd thru 5th) : Command squad, 6 Tactical, 2 Assault, 2 Devastator squads

Reserve Companies (6th thru 9th):
6th: Command squad, 10 Tactical
7th: Command squad, 10 Tactical
8th: Command squad, 10 Assault
9th: Command squad, 10 Devastator

10th Scout Company: Command squad, Scout squads

Note, as far as Chapter organization, Blood Angels are identical to Codex Chapters except that their 1st Company includes Veteran Assault squads in addition to Veteran squads and Terminator squads.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Space Marine Sprue Leaks - ABO Exclusive

Kinda glad I held out from getting the old Assault Squad. Although I expect prices to go up, these new Space Marines are certainly much nicer. Enjoy the pics boyz!

Ultramarines getting their own upgrade sprue

New Assault Marines on elevated bases

Dark Angels get their own upgrade sprue too

I wonder if all major Chapters will get an upgrade sprue akin to the ones above. It would sell like HOTCAKES

Slowburn League: Show and Tell (proxy)

I know that Kim Jong Ray the Not So Great dislikes proxying, so I thought I'd proxouty a show and tell fluff piece in place of the Show & Tell, just to stick it to him :) Matches my army choice of the Clowns with an Evil Sense of Humour.

Month 1 Army List (250 pts)

1 x Troupe Master
2 x Skyweaver Jet bikes
5 x Players

The Beginnings of the Masque of the Third Act

The players of the Frozen Stars formed a ring around the arena of the  Black Library, their soft whispering a deafening indictment of their brothers and sisters on trial before them. In turn, their council of leaders looked down at the 10 souls that stood before a flickering golden fire from their seats. The 10 members of the Troupe were on trial for one thing, an unthinkable crime for the rest of the Masque. They stood accused of keeping their links to their old life, their emotions, their families, their loves. It was an onerous oath to make, being a Harlequin, and it had never sat well with the 10 on trial.

"Do you admit your guilt, Master of the Troupe?" asked the Shadowseer that led the council.

"Yes, seer, I'm guilty. Guilty, is that what you want to hear? You accused us of breaking our vows, of betraying our oaths. You claim we bring death and destruction to our race and our cause. And because of what? Emotion? Our love for our families? You think that emotion weakens us, that the only true emotion is the mirth of The Great Jest, but in your unfeeling ways you have forgotten those whom you fight for. You forget that anger, love, change, and fear are what bind us to them, and that we need to be bound to them for us to fulfill our purpose. I wish I was the monster you think I am, for leading my Troupe into darkness, but all I have done is opened their eyes to the power that can be drawn from passion."

The Troupe Master's impassioned speech had truly silenced the hall, with only the crackle of the fire filling the void. 

"We have heard enough," intoned another Shadowseer, "it is time to pass sentence."

"Master of the Troupe of the Dark, who plays the role of the Weeping Willow, you have been accused of betraying your sacred oaths to the Harlequins, and thus Cegorach. You have been found guilty of the charges laid against you. The sentence is banishment from this Masque. You will always be a Harlequin, as will your followers, but you will never again be considered one of us. The webway will send you away immediately. Do you have any last words, Weeping Willow?"

"That will no longer be the character I play, Shadowseer. My name is ..."

The wind from the depths of the webway that banished the 10 Harlequins drowned out the Troupe Master's final response.

A Library of Darkness...

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Titan is Born

Important msg ##xx-Terra:to all Inperiumxx##

Tonight. All eyes will be focused on Terra. In the subsector of Jurongnis. Datasmiths all over the Imperium will be going into overdrive as important information is building up in the forge factories on Terra.

Never before have the forgesmiths taken on such an immense project. Which are normally exclusive to forge worlds. But the logistical chain had been overcome and conquered. With ever advancing dark technologies the forge smiths on terra has broken the molds of Titanica construction.

The Galaxy shall behold the birth of Reaver Titan -SangNilaUltra:the lionheart. Enemies of the Imperium beware. As forge factories all over the Galaxy rush to analyze data sent out from Jurongnis. And we will witness a surge in Titan constitution on an unprecedented rate in the millions of forge factories in the imperium. The age of the Titans shall reign. The arms race have begun!

All hail the Omnissiah!!!!

Important msg ##xx-Terra:endxx##

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Termagants, termagants, TERMAGANTS!

This post is slightly delayed but I have sunk quite a bit of time into these little critters so that I can bring the Tervigon Broodnode in our Apocalypse game. Unfortunately for me though, I was the only player on the table so all the Imperium guns were tracked on me, taking the Broodnode out so I never really got to use these Gants. Nonetheless, I thought I would share them with you guys.

Cheapest way to grow the swarm
I used the battle boxes above for the Gants armed with the Fleshborers for 2 reasons: ease of build and lower cost. Also, I didn't really need the bits. I have ample from the others.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood Angels vs Genestealers

To further test my 500 points, I got in a game with Sam(wise Gamgee) and he brought 500 points worth of Genestealers. They are all converted to look like xenomorphs from Alien the movie! This would shape to be a very cinematic game.

Since my Drop Pod was not complete, I fielded Squad Rayzor with Librarian Epislon and Squad Orion. Heavy Support came in the form of the Sicaran named Blood of the Fallen. 

"Movement detected in the ruins to the east and west perimeter. Scout Squad Orion is in place and we have the corridor." Sergeant Rayzor chimed in on his vox unit. 

He had already split his own unit to have Brother Laze take the upper floors of the ruins to cover any larger creatures that may sprout from the grounds although intel has suggested none in the vicinity. 

Librarian Epislon raised his gauntlet and the unit stopped moving. Something was moving up ahead. Scout Sergeant Orion was asking his unit to increase the scans. All of a sudden, the ruins on the left came crashing down as two large broods of purple skinned xenomorphs burst through ground and vaulted over the windows. Over on the right flank, the Blood of the Fallen reported in sighting of multiple xenos moving across the ruins. 

Increase those scans.

Xenos spotted

"We are under attack, I repeat, under attack!"

"The xenos have pulled back into the relative safety of the trenches. What governs them?"

"Through Bolter fire we shall cleanse!"

"Another brood approaches us from the east Brother"

Engage! Engage! 

They will not have fallen in vain! 

Engage and destroy

Our genes! 

Have been stolen! 
It was a fun game. It ended with Sam securing most of his objectives and winning the game. Such a fluffy army should win!

I am finding this army harder and harder to use. I don't have enough guns or men to take out hordes or hold objectives. Hopefully the addition of a Drop Pod will give me some options to take the fight to the enemy. That also means that I had to drop the Scouts. Ah well. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Batrep: Blood Angels vs Astra Militarum - 2 Games

As part of the Slowburn League at Titan, I could not wait till the 2nd month to begin playing 500 point level games. Kill Teams are fun but I wanted to go into game proper to learn my army as well. I got Marshall to agree to play and we set up our armies. 

Brother Epilos' Blood Angels Advance Force
Brother Epilos: Librarian Level 1, Storm Bolter, Force Staff
Squad Rayzor: 10 Tactical Marines with Sergeant Rayzor (Combo Grav), Lascannon and Grav Gun
Squad Orion: 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks
Blood of Angels: Sicaran Battle Tank with Lascannon sponsons

Marshall brought Pask and his men:

Pask: Punisher Tank with Heavy Bolters x3
Veteran Guardsmen: Heavy Autocannon with 10 Guardsmen 
Veteran Guardsmen: Heavy Autocannon with 10 Guardsmen 


Spread it out mid field

Marshall scores First Blood and 1 other objective

I managed to score one
Unfortunately I could not kill Pask and between my inability to roll armour saves and bad deployment, I was too far behind by Turn 3 to catch up. I decided to call it and asked for a rematch.

This time we got the Cloak and Daggers Mission. We both played the same army lists.

With a narrower front and more space between us, this would be a different game from the previous one

Since the Tactical was out of LOS and needed to capture Objective 5, I moved them up and netted myself 2 VPs

I moved Epilos and Rayzor's squad up to threaten Pask
Epilos had the Blood Lance which was only 12" range so I had to move him up. On hindsight, I should have just kept him behind.

Managed to score another VP

Unfortunately I didn't count on the Pask being such a beast. Took out Rayzor and men for First Blood

The Blood of Angels was not having anymore of the upstarts and took two HP off Pask

IG scores one VP

But in return I scored 1

Pask and his force reverses into the ruins to score Hold the Line and move Pask out of LOS from my Sicaran

Battle field at the end of the 4th Turn

Luck was with me allowing me to score another VP

And in response Marshall scores another 2VP

Finally managed to take Pask out for Slay and another VP

Marshall managed to get this card and sealed the game

Game end
It was a closer game this one with the score being 12 to 14 VP. Lessons learnt from this game are to use my longer range to plink away at his hardest unit, AKA Pask. Then move in for the kill.

I tweaked the list a little and now my force has a Drop Pod which I ordered at the store. Hopefully it'll arrive soon allowing me to bring my Melta Marines into the picture.


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