Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gamers in the Group

Now that I have the players list, there they are:
1. Raymond Tan: High Elves, Orcs and Goblins
2. Defeng: Orcs and Goblins, Dark Elves
3. Daniel: Dwarves, Ogre Kingdoms, Brettonians
4. Samuel: Empire, Vampire Counts
5. Youcai: skaven, Bretonnians
6. Nick: Vampire Counts
7. Mel : Dark Elves, Empire, Undead, Chaos (very messy old edition list)
8. Kenneth : Dark Elves, Beasts of Chaos, Vampire Counts.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guess i should post some stuff too.

Random Cadians lying around. I know it doesnt fit in a fantasy blog but oh well. I took a pic might as well post it!

And my 5yr old dark elves patiently waiting in line to get coloured......

Monday, September 1, 2008



My table lol

WIP storm vermin, left the details and some touching up on the fur. (22 more to go)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Game

Finally, my High Elves broke their record losing streak! Played a fun filled match with Kenneth (3 times Golden Demon winner-just take a look at his army!), full of twists and turns! This was played at Kenny's place (Lurker on the PI forums-all are welcomed to go!) with 2000 points aside. It was HE vs Beastmen.

Highlights of the game were:
  1. Kenneth brought an amazing army. Beautifully painted minis and all well represented! He made my minis look bad in comparison. I am glad it has inspired Youcai to paint his elite units of Skaven. Kennth's army comprised a Chaos Giant, Shaggoth to lead, 3 beast herds (mixture of Bestigors and Ungors), 2 Shamans (1 who rolled the D6 Str 4, no armour save spell), 4 Minatours and 6 Centigors. Again, beautifully painted.
  2. I brought Dragon Mage, Spearmen, Archers, RBT's, Dragon Princes, Shadow Warriors, Lord on horse, Mage, White Lions, Great Eagles
  3. Kenneth started the game by moving full pelt forward and we were in melee by turn 2. My Lord fluffed his attacks against the Chaos Giant but remained in battle for 2 turns. In hindsight, putting White Lions and my Dragon Princes with Banner of Elyrion is very good. The DP were able to eventually kill the Giant owing to him falling down and a few lucky rolls.
  4. White Lions did very well taking out his drunk Centigors in the forest. My bad but Kenneth had forgotten that they were White Lions not Sword Masters. Overran into the herd who were meant to support his Giant.
  5. Dragon Mage's fail charge saw the Tuskgor Chariot run off the table in turn 2. Turning around, he supported my archers in causing a Beast Herd fear and promptly was destroyed when they fled into impassable terrain.
  6. RBT's did a great job by withering the Minatours causing them to panic. Owing to the Dragon Mage behind them and they having to flee away from the object that caused them to panic, they were destroyed!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been hard at work pumping out those Night Goblins for my battle with Joash in Sept!

Here they are in all their glory!

As they belong to the BadMoon Tribe, I've given them accent colours of Yellow. Working on the next two units, spearmen almost done, just completing the archers now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go get it! Battle Reporting Software

Got it from

A good software for battle reports

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My stuff has arrived!

I just got a boatload of things that has arrived yesterday. The list of things are:
1. 20 Night Gobs
2. 20 Black Orcs
3. Orc Boss and mounted Boss
4. Skarsnik and Gobbla
5. Boss on Spider (limited edition)
6. HE Spearmen
7. HE Archers
8. Lion Chariot
9. 9 Fanatics

I have just completed 10 Black Orcs and boy I love the kit! The minis are chunky as orcs should be. Ranking up is hell though as they are huge!! I love the fact that they look like armoured fighters. I will post pics shortly of the completed miniatures and painted units soon. I'll bring them in to post.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Spider Marine, Spider Marine, Does Whatever A Genetically Modified Super Human With Spider Powers Can

No, the picture isn't upside down. My marines are :P
(and neither of them are anywhere near completion paintjob-wise XD)

I found these heavy duty magnet strips in a local hardware shop; RM3.90 for 15cm of strip. Doesn't sound like much, but I only used 4mm of the strip to magnetize my plastic marine, so RM3.90 will magnetize almost 40 plastic figures; only RM 11.70 will magnetize 120 plastic figures which is the size of a standard GW carrying case.....

Think about it. RM 11.70 (give/take RM3.90 if metal figs need more magnetic power, which they would I think) and some big metal tin (I have many big metal mooncake boxes, although I know they also sell big metal toolboxes) gives me the carrying capacity of a RM150 or so carrying case. Except that, IMO, its superior - theres no foam to scratch my paint jobs, and no limitation to the base size (notice how the dude next to my marine is on a medium base). I could even magnetize my vehicles if I wanted to since no one actually picks up a rhino and looks at what is under it.....

But either way I've always had to transport my tanks seperately, so this is no drawback =P

Well, its superior to the carrying case as long as no one drops my box. I don't think magnets + metal provide that much protection against dropping damage, unless I up the amount of magnet I apply, which would cost more. Still, even if I use 2x more magnets on my miniatures (which I believe would make it very sturdy), we are still talking about below RM25 here.....

Not bad eh!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Irony!

So, after all my bitching about Space Marines "sucking", check this out:

FREAKING OMFG %#&)(%#()*!%&#*^!!!!!!!!!

Its a little long, so let me summarize what the hell GW is thinking of, which, in my knee-jerk analysis, might make Marines the freaking superhumans that can spit acid/survive in vacuum/digest toxins/etc that they are supposed to be!!!

  • Estan (sallie special character) allows any and all Salamanders in the army to replace their Combat Tactics special rule with a Salamanders version; they get Master Crafted Thunder Hammers for free. All Melta/flamer weapons in the army, no matter their source, count as twin linked – also for free.
    The new space marine codex was so written that you can use any special characters in your count-as chapter. So, since I play "my own chapter", kekeke...expect alot of FIYAHHHH to be coming from me! Meltas and flamers count as twin-linked? OMFG BBQ!
  • Storm Shields: now grant a 3+ Invulnerable Save versus shooting and assault.
    Heh, wtf. Terminators just got a lot better.
  • Tactical squads: can have any number of marines from 5 to 10, but can only have special/heavy weapons if you take a full 10 man squad. They can be split into combat squads during deployment. To make up for the "must have 10 for special/heavies" rule flamers, missile launchers, multi-meltas and heavy bolters are now FREE! You only pay points to take the rest of the weapon options.

    HELL YES! Flexi squad sizes! I don't give a damn about the whole "special/heavy weapons requiring 10 men rule", I just like having my flexi squad sizes back!
  • Dreadnought Options: Standard, Venerable, and Ironclad with each being an elite choice.
  • Venerables are back to WS/BS 5.
  • Ironclads have 13/13/10 armour and can take twin DCCW, Hurricane bolter, twin linked heavy flamer, and some others It also has a rule which (possibly a weapon option) called the Seismic Hammer which counts as a thunder hammer and allows difficult terrain tests to be re-roll as the Ironclad batters terrain out of the way.
  • Dreads weapons options: Assault Cannon, Multi Melta, linked Heavy Bolters, linked Heavy Flamers, linked las cannon, linked autocannon, plasma cannon, DCCW, Missile Launcher, and maybe more. The linked autocannon can be purchased for BOTH arms, and possibly some others options as well.

    Dreads should, hopefully, be really dreaded from now on. Mainly we are talking about the Ironclad.
  • Sternguard Veterans: have Deathwatch style ammo. Two can take special/heavies/special CCW including HEAVY FLAMERS. For +5pts each they can also take any combi weapon and still keep the specialist ammo type.
    Vanguard Veterans: are similar but are combat-heavy and can have jump packs as an option. They may be further upgraded to Honour Guard if you take a Company Master.


  • Power of the Machine Spirit now allows each weapon on a Land Raider to fire at a separate target.
    This rule now makes Land Raiders (the original "shitty version" with lascannons) *extremely* good. I've always held to my belief that the only thing stopping LR's from becoming utterly crazy is their inability to split fire, thus making two lascannons and a heavy bolter completely pointless. Now, with the ability to hit three targets with three weapons, LR's are now like Space Wolf Long Fangs on tracks. Insanity!

    And some rumors from B&C:

  • Legion of the Damned are back! And, they have 2 attacks, can shoot rapid fire weapons (erm, their bolters that is) and still assault, and most importantly; THEY HAVE A 3+ INVULNERABLE SAVE!!
    Talk about a lot of 3+ invuls all of a sudden....
    and this really isn't a rumor, I saw a scan of the page from the codex.

  • The Crimson Fists special character and possibly The Marneus Calgar are potentially going to hit with their Powerfists at initiative speed.
    This makes sense I guess, The Marneus has to be able to face The Abaddon and fight on even grounds....because only he is badass enough to use two powerfists; something that has been useless for the past two editions of WH40k =P


Monday, July 21, 2008

Pointless Post =D

So I haven't touched my Dwarves in over a week, but its not like they are gonna rot without me painting them wahahaha

That said, I'm currently working on what I would call as the "Loyalist Abaddon Project". I'm basically gonna make an Abaddon "count-as" for my loyalist Space Marine chapter when I decide to play the Chaos codex. Look forward to it!

I like the Chaos codex 100x more than the current Space Marine codex, and quite possibly the next one as well unless they somehow really revamp the codex big time. Normal Space Marines have the melee combat capable of Imperial Guardsmen, just that they have 4S, 4S, 4I and a 3+ save, at the cost of being like over twice the price of a Guardsman.

What do I mean by this?
Well, quite simple, toss any specialist melee unit at them and they die. Horribly. Hell it doesn't even need to be an Elite; even some troops kill marines as if they were guardsmen.....

Chaos on the other hand gives me a few more options. Mainly I'm looking at Khorne/vanilla Chaos, since it gives me the "psycho melee badassery" that I really liked about the 3rd ed. Blood Angels codex, which also lost its fangs in 4th ed. I love Marines because of how they look, the fact I grew up with my Marines since I was a young kid also means a lot to me; with that said I believe I'll never abandon my Marines for as long as I play 40k, but as far as playstyle goes, I'm all for melee supremacy over "standing and shooting" - if I wanted to play a shooty army I would play IG or Tau (which I do play anyway, because I like their battlesuits =P)

To make matters worse, the upcoming codex will have the dumb "5 or 10 men" squad sizes; I happen to really like the numbers in between 5 and 10 (typically 7 or 8), and having to play in rounded numbers which I feel are either too big or too small just makes it all so...crappy.

I'll reserve my judgement for the new Space Marine codex till its out, but right now I'm admittedly fairly skeptical.

So, why Abaddon, of all people?
Because he is a psycho melee badass.
I'm sure my cousin would recall me talking (and he has probably even seen it on paper) about my chapter having an uber godlike monstrosity as my chapter master many many years ago. I believe I even mentioned to my cousin that I want my chapter master to *be* the Emperor, since I recall him saying that the Imperium would hunt me down for blasphemy if I claimed my Chapter Master was the Emperor. Ah, the joys of how a grade school kid's mind works........

So yes, anyway, I've always, and still do, envision my Chapter Master to be rediculously powerful. My constant exposure to anime involving people blowing up cities and shredding armies by just punching and kicking hasn't made my imaginations any less vivid despite my increased (but still kinda low) maturity =P

Abaddon has S8, I6, up to like 11 attacks (if I counted right the last time...4A + 6A from his weapons +1A from charging), ignores saves, rerolls failed to wounds, immune to instant death, blah blah blah; completely and utterly insane and yet completely and utterly fitting to my imagination of what my Chapter Master should be =D

That, and I happen to have a Chaos Terminator Lord kit sitting around. I don't really know what inspired me to buy it in the first place; heck it wasn't even on the shelves, I ORDERED it. I'm thinking its because of the bits (I'm a sucker for nice bits, like two very cool Lightning Claws and a big axe), but I'm not sure. Maybe my subconcious knew I'd make a loyalist Abaddon some day.... O_o

I'm fairly experienced at taking chaos miniatures and making them into loyalists....sometimes people ask me "why don't I just play Chaos". Really the answer is in three parts;
1) If my dad saw a bunch of Daemons sitting on my table I'm pretty sure he will be after my Blood for the Blood God =P
He hates that kind of things. He even thought my Terminators looked like demons. Because I painted their eyes red >_>

2) I like some of the Chaos miniatures, but they are all excessively spikey, which I really don't like. A bit of spikeyness is nice, but having toothpicks poking out all over the place isn't cool, IMO.

3) I'd rather play on the side of humanity rather than submit to some weird sentient super warp being. AkA I like being the good guy. Most of the time. I like my Dark Eldar because they are crazy pirates, not fanatical worshippers of dark gods.

So yeah, thats the end of my post.
Damn, all of that was kinda random....must be the time. 2.25am for the lose...
Till next time!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Completed Unit of Swordmasters

This unit of Swordmasters was finished awhile ago but I only got about taking pics of some of the nicer models from my collection. It’s got a mix between the older and newer models (in the front ranks). With the recent changes in the rules set, now they get 2Atacks and is amazing even if charged!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Just a shout-out to everyone, please tune in to and do drop a vote or two to support this superb podcast. Paced well with solid advise (Dave’s funny too), this is well worth a listen!


In response to Joash's comments:
1. I believe that the Black and Grey bears look good on the photos. I am not too sure how it looks like in RL but they work for me. It sure is cool the amount of bits you will get from a box of minis now. And since I am doing plastics again, it's so easy to transport! I can just dump them into a box or tupperware and they never lose the paint job.

2. Yes, it's a good price to pay for the minis considering how little money we pay to get so many! I've got about 40 bow armed Night Gobs that I won't be using that often. The spear armed ones I am good with. I guess I'll just have to hide my Fanatics within these units to make them usable.

Two pictures of my spider riders which I have been labouring away on these past week. These are part of my challenge to complete a unit a week. Obviously it'll be easier as I go along simply as I learn to streamline the process. I realise it's possible to do 2 cavalry at one go or 3 infantry at one go. 5 is just too many to do simultaneously as I get bored.

Teh Dorfz Are Lazy B*stards

Rather, I am. A lazy but busy person. I know my cousin will probably kill me if I kept on going quiet, but yea, I've been having quite a few things to take care of in real life as of late.

Anyway the picture is just a teaser of what I've been very slowly and lazily working on. Its hard to be inspired to paint sometimes when alot of things are going on in life =P

Anyway, the dude thats almost complete is Grombrindal aka the White Dwarf himself, whereas the dudes around him are what-will-be-his Hammerers. I'm still a little torn about how to do their beards though. If you look at the picture, the guy left of Grombrindal in the picture has a lighter beard; the guy to the right has a black-shaded beard, while the champion right at the end of the picture has a dark grey-shaded beard. I have no idea which looks better.....Black looks best on photos I have to admit, but it looks kinda weird in real life >.<

Not to mention black-shading is rather extreme.

As for my army plans....

Right now what I have would be a single Warrior box which will be my 16 hammerers, a Rune Priest and Grombrindal (aka Thane no.1, where the BfSP Thane will be Thane no.2). I'm already getting 2 BfSP boxes with my cousin, so that means I'd probably grab a battalion for an extra bunch of warriors to make into my longbeards (I'd probably want 20 men, which is bigger than the normal box of 16 models; the battalion on the other hand gives 24 men which is more than enough) and I really want that organ gun. Doing the math I'm gonna spend just a bit for the Thunderer/Quareller figures which I don't really need, but I figured some day I might just kick myself for not having a squad of Quarellers, so I might as well get them. Plus the extras will make good squad fillers to replace the Standard Bearer and Champion Thunderer in the BfSP Thunderer squad which I probably don't plan to use; basically just for WYSIWYG reasons.

Then I'd probably get an Anvil of Doom, because its so cool :P

Projected expenditure? One Anvil, on Battalion and whatever I owe my cousin for the BfSP; basically, the price of a single BfSP box. RM650 or so I guess - hefty, but when you've been playing miniatures for as long as the both of us, its almost like RM650 is "cheap" for a full 2000 point army, although we will all miss the days multipiece plastic regiments/squads were RM88 per box (40 sing) ten years ago :(

So thats all from me for now, happy gaming/painting/studying/working XD

Friday, July 4, 2008

High Elf Basing

Bloody fantastic!!!! Look at the basing this guy did for this one:

WIP: Spearmen

Here's another shot of them in the next layer.

On top of that, I have found a nice picture of a Giant scheme I intend to use for the OAG. Especially like the tattoos on this giant.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WIP: Spearmen

Just another step in the process. Thought I would let you know about it.

Compared to the other spearmen, these boys have been receiving the 2 layers of paint instead of one. I just can't let them be done in the 1 layer solution. Unless they are really tiny, they will get at least 2 layers.

My WM minis have been getting 3 layers minimum so didn't think my first love should get anything less.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Painting Some Old Units

Started painting my existing Elven Spearmen I didn't complete previously. I want to slowly phase out the old Spearmen.

Here's a look!

Sunday Game - Back Into Warhammer Fantasy

Had the following game on 29th June 2008:

1. Sam + Ray (Empire + High Elves)

2. Daniel + Tet Hong (Dwarf + Dark Elves)

It was our proverbial return to Fantasy. The whole group of us used to play at my place but have since gone off to do our own things but have decided to return! Daniel and I fielded 2K while Sam and Tet Hong did 1K each. With the dwarves, I find that Dan likes to play a very static army. With two big blocks of infantry hanging back, it was kind of boring. However, Tet Hong was constantly harassing our flanks and that made the game more interesting. I doubt I could ever do a Dwarf army.

Tet Hong was easily dealt with, having wiped him out early in the game. His trick of drawing a charge failed when he flee the Dark Riders into impassable terrain (he didn’t check and in the new ed, you lose the unit if they flee through impassable or enemy units).

Now the key challenge was facing a crossbow, organ gun and 2 Bolt Throwers in an open field devoid of terrain. Firstly, we had a very narrow corridor on our right flank, forcing us to field our infantry on the middle. The problem with multiplayer games is that you tend to just deploy without really thinking of the repercussions. Lesson learnt, I will want some control over deployment of the terrain. This is just so that the terrain is well scattered and not open fields of death like our game (very boring and unfair to my side). Ideally 6 terrain pieces, nothing more than 12” wide with each getting 1 terrain piece each. That will give both sides ample room for controlling the terrain and nerfing armies that depend entirely on open terrain to function.

With force composition, I found the 5 models wide shocking. Now my Silver Helms will have to work in a unit of 9 at least to get the additional rank bonus. I fielded 8…WTF! Also, Spearmen will have to come in a unit of 15 minimum or 20 if I wanted to benefit from having the rank bonus of +2. Striking first, this should help. Sword Masters with two attacks each are superb even receiving the charge. It’s almost similar to me charging! The problem with the rule is that it allows me to play quite defensively. I am going to write a defensive list to take advantage of this rule. More Lothern Sea Guard and RBT’s, Mages and rings!


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