Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dust Warfare Tournament - Game 3

This is the 3rd and final game for the tournament held at PI Fusion. This time my opponent was Tim and he brought * drum roll please* ALLIES! 3rd Allies army for the day. Ah well, I was kinda surprised. We rolled off on the Battle Builder and the following was our result:

Mission: Critical Position
Deployment: Advancing Lines
Conditions: None

Now some of you have read the previous post where I think this mission is really skewed to two things:
  1. Large unit count
  2. Terrain deployment
Once you factor these two in, I was at an advantage since I had 11 units while Tim only had 9. However vehicles didn't count, only infantry units did; which we only found out in Turn 2. In light of that we corrected the tally and kept on going.

I wanted to fool Tim into guessing where my objective was. I put most of my rapid response in the middle of the table and my static units on the left except for a unit of Snipers. My Ludwig, Gorillas and Heavy Flak were sitting on the right (2 units out of sight). Meanwhile Tim did a heavy right flank and I guessed it was the ruins in grey. 

This is where my plan swung a little. I initially wanted to grab his objective early by contesting it but realised that the amount of opposition would be ridiculous.

So I pulled all my units back onto my own objective while keeping the apes and Heavy Flak Grenadiers in the flank supported by the two vehicles. 

Cluster up boys!

While Tim did likewise

Then I realised that it's quite pointless so went the safer route by sending them all running back to my objective!

I sent my apes up to scare his walker a little and bought some time for my Ludwig to get out of range. Also worth noting the first 2 turns was full of Smoke which made it impossible for my Sniper to hit anything

This went on turn after turn. I had some advantage here as smoke does not prevent my Ludwig from shooting his tanks

So I took one point off from his tank

Meanwhile I hunkered down to weather the Long Tom fire

This was the end of Turn 5.
Probably the most boring out of the 3 games I played at the tournament but this was no fault of Tim my opponent. Both of us knew that in order to win, you had to play cagey. At the end of the game, I led by 1 Critical Point! Now that is lucky!

So at the end I managed to secure the win for the day! Got a $20 prize for a good day of fun! I strongly encourage everyone to come and give it a try. 2 hour cap per game make it more manageable for a full day, allowing you to get in many games!

A big round of applause for the organizer Lim Jyue and my gracious opponents. Looking forward to playing you guys again. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dust Warfare Tournament - Game 2

In the second round of the tournament, I was teed up with Fauzi who brought a very mobile infantry 3 list comprising Tank Hunters x2, Action Jackson, Sniper and a few other periphery units. Read on! 

Mission: Key Position
Deployment: Close Engagement
Conditions: None

Went for a rather heavy left flank while Fauzi spread his army a little wider as he has maneuverability 

Fauzi moves some of his army up to threaten my Ludwig and Heinrich

I chose to deploy everything tightly wrapped around the ruins and flanked by my walkers. I had selected my terrain pieces and I knew Fauzi would come at me so I kept my fast unit ready to react but otherwise will slowly pick his units using my snipers and walkers

Fauzi is quite an aggressive player so pushed most of his units up front. I wasn't too sure splitting his army into 2 was a good idea but he should know his army the best

I sent my Gorillas up front to try to kill off some of his Tank Hunters. They fluffed everything. 

Zombies went up on the left hand side and also managed to fluff everything. Wow.

I like those Suppression tokens Fauzi used. Close up of some of the ape action

Just another shot of the action taking place

Here I just planned to take out his units by pouring in as much fire as possible into each of his units hoping to break them (suppression>models=auto flee)

Fauzi decided to just pour fire into my apes but they held. Remarkable.

Taking cover in the ruins, the HQ squad managed to take out a Tank Hunter squad. Wow! 

While this unit of Battle Grenadiers held their ground and just opened up round after round into that unit across the field. 

Fauzi planned to use his walker to suppress and take out my units but being behind hard cover meant that most of the hits just bounced off the cover. Phew~! 

In return the Ludwig did it's thing and managed to take out his walker in one salvo. The freed up my Battle Grenadiers to move mid field after they removed the last Tank Hunter squad (out of the picture)

In the middle I kept using my solid core to pelt at his Infantry 3 units. I managed to remove another Tank Hunter squad but lost my apes

Knowing the game was in Turn 3, I send my Blutzkruez HQ unit to capture my objective on the left while still holding my centre objective

Switching gears, the Battle Grenadiers advanced into the forest to try to wrestle the objective off Fauzi. I was pretty sure it was the crumbled down tower in his table edge. 

While moving up, they kept putting pressure on Fauzi's last man who was fleeing

With his depleted army, I pushed forward as fast as I could to contest his objectives

Go go Germans! 

With only 2 men left on the table, I poured all the shots I had into the guy on the tower.

And all the while I advanced my army into his table half

He managed to take out my Ludwig in his last turn but with my entire army at his doorstep, I took out his remaining units. Revealing the objectives, I actually managed to capture 2 of his which were the forest on the left above and the ruins next to my walker. So that was 4-0. 
This game gave me the win that I needed to contest for the title of Champion for the tournament. Knowing I was in the game again, I was pumped for the 3rd Game.

Stay tuned! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Singapore Dust Tourney - 22nd Sept 2012 - Game 1

I had a fantastic weekend playing 3 amazing games with the guys over at PI Fusion. A big shout-out goes to Jyue for organizing this event. 

The key difference being the Battle Builder which has Critical Positions and the conditions had Radio Support. 

This is the battle report for the first of the three games I had on the day itself. I may have forgotten some bits of information so excuse me if I miss out on some elements. 

Game 1 - Ray vs Abdullah
Objective: Eliminate the Enemy
Deployment: Force Collision
Conditions: Radar Support

Deployment. KP game so it's kill as much as you can. 

Sent my CC units to the right of my field. Wi the metal crates and ruins, they should be relatively safe

Meanwhile Abdullah moved advanced enmasse

I moved up my units to threaten him. Snipers went to work but didn't manage to do any harm. 

While Abdullah moves his army up, he stays just beyond my Heinrich range of 30" (black dice)

Made a mistake here. Moved my Heavy Flak Grenadiers up the middle but forgot to check LOS from his Rattler. 

While simultaneously moving my assault units up.  

Bit by bit the army moves up trying to take out Abdullah's unit. So far both of us have taken very little in terms of losses

And the jostling continues. Still it is only Turn 2

After one round of shooting, I lost 2 of the Heavy Flak Grenadiers. Long Tom made sure my first unit of Snipers lost it's Spotter. I tried to heal but no luck. He also took a point of damage off my Ludwig

Abdullah advanced with majority of his army hiding in the forest and behind cover

I bit the bullet and braved the fire by advancing my Gorillas into his midst. In return I lost two of the apes to shooting. 

I expected the Gorilla to at least kill one guy but alas no luck. This ape is toast.

Committing further troops into battle, I shifted my HQ unit from Blutzkruez into the middle of the board to hopefully wipe out the unit of 3 Tank Hunters which were threatening my tanks

I lost the ape to a round of shooting but I had already committed my army to assaulting to kept the pressure up. In hindsight, probably would have been best if I kept them behind and just forced Abdullah to move up to meet me since I had the greater range. Lesson learnt.

Rhino and buddies moved up behind the forest and took out 2 of the 6. 

I had lost a 4 of my units including my Ludwig. It was Turn 4 and we kinda ran out of time due to a 2 hour time limit so we had to call it. Abdullah took 4 points and I only managed to steal one. Ouch.
A massive lost to me in my first game and I was obviously distraught. Abdullah had basically played his army well and took advantage of the fact that I was advancing to him. I learnt from this. Watch out for Game 2


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