Sunday, April 29, 2012

First painted Dust Warfare squad: Grim reapers

With the release of Dust Warfare I'm very excited and want to get in on the game/miniatures/world. Had always been a fan of the range but I was not very interested in the Tactics, the board game version.

So with Warfare the entire range of minis are compatible so I went out and bough my first squad of Allied miniatures. The "Grim Reapers".

Dust is based on a World War 2 that never ended. And many miniatures were designed with heavy influence from real WW2 inspiration. However that also meant that the paint scheme tended to be along those lines too. Not that the colors were not nice. However painting so much Flames of War miniatures I wanted to get away from the "boring" greens and browns and browns and greens and greens.... you get the idea. 

Therefore I let my imagination run wild amidst this "weird WW2" with laser beams and walking tanks. I decided on a color scheme. What better color than the color of the 2 main Allies flag? That's right, I went with the scheme of Red, white and blue. Here's how I painted them.

Firstly I re-primed the figures (it came pre-primed in green) a flat black. Then I used the Zenithal method of airbrushing and sprayed Vallejo Air Aluminum.
Then I gave it a wash of Asurmen Blue wash all over the model. 
After the blue wash had dried I went in the details and separate armor plates with Vallejo Model Color Scarlet Red. I then washed it with Devlan Mud and highlighted the edges with Scarlet Red again. With a final highlight of Scarlet Red + a little white.
The White parts were first painted with GW Astronomican Grey. Then with 2 layers of white on it.
Do up the base.....And it's done!

Hope you guys like this "weird" color scheme of red, white and blue!

FoW game Russian tankovy vs German pioneer infantry

Had a good game today of FOW. The Germans brought along lots of pioneers and the Russians used their standard tank company.

I wanted to continue trying out my tankovy to see how I can either overcome and use my tanks effectively ever since the revised "Hens & Chicks" rule that I seriously feel brought the Russian tanks to almost uselessness.

We rolled fighting withdrawal for the mission. The game pretty much centred around the middle of the table where an objective was placed in between the two hills on the road.

After 6 turns of intense fighting for that objective we decided to call it as the Germans had too many infantry teams surrounding the objective with too little firepower from the Russian tanks to be able to take them out before the 8th Turn. When the defenders would win by default if no objectives have been taken by the attacker.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Necrons - 2nd Wave in May 2012

Necrons players rejoice!

Take a look at the pics and weep tears of joy!

Prices below. Various sources.

Necron Triarch Stalker1 minimay 5th$47.00Plastic
Necron Tomb Blades3 minismay 5th$41.25Plastic
Necron Canoptek Wraiths3 minismay 5th$47.00Plastic
Necron Canoptek Spyder1 minimay 5th$33.00Plastic
Nemesor Zahndrekh1 minimay 5th$19.25Finecast
Illuminor Szeras1 minimay 5th$21.50Finecast
Vargard Obyron1 minimay 5th$16.00Finecast
Necron Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack5 partsmay 5th$10.00Finecast
Necron Heavy Destroyer Upgrade Pack3 partsmay 5th$8.25Finecast
Citadel Water Effect1 bottlemay 5th$25.00Hobby
Space Marine Bike Squad Upgrade Pack3 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
Crimson Fists Shoulder Pads10 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
White Scars Bike Squad Upgrade Pack6 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
Crimson Fists Command Squad Upgrade Pack9 partsmay 19th$13.25Finecast
Ultramarines Shoulder Pads10 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
Crimson Fists Tactical Squad Upgrade Pack13 partsmay 19th$14.75Finecast
Crimson Fists Assault Squad Upgrade Pack14 partsmay 19th$14.75Finecast
Iron Hands Tactical Squad Upgrade Pack23 partsmay 19th$18.25Finecast
Sergeant Telion1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Librarian with Staff & Book1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Librarian: Force Sword & Bolt Pistol1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Chaplain: Crozius & Power Fist1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Chaplain: Skull Helmet1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Librarian: Force Axe & Plasma Pistol1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Apothecary: Chainsword1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Legionnaire: Multi Melta1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Legionnaire: Heavy Flamer1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Sergeant: Bolt Pistol & Power Weapon1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Legionnaire: Flamer1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Chapter Master Pedro Kantor1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Marneus Calgar, Lord Macragge1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Chief Librarian Tigurius1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Kor'sarro Khan1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Chaplain Cassius1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Sergeant Chronus2 minismay 19th$19.25Finecast
Forgefather Vulkan Heston1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Space Marine Techmarine1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Space Marine Terminator Chaplain1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Captain Darnath Lysander1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Space Marine Casualties3 minismay 19th$24.00Finecast
Space Marine Masters of the Chapter4 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Space Marine Damned Legionnaires 14 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Space Marine Damned Legionnaires 24 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veterans4 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Legion of the Damned Squad5 minismay 19th$41.25Finecast
Space Marine Veterans MK25 minismay 19th$41.25Finecast
Space Marine Veterans5 minismay 19th$41.25Finecast
Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon1 minimay 19th$56.00Finecas


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