Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Knight Titan Version 2


I'm moving houses and sadly I must admit I have too many models and toys and some must find new owners who can show them the same loving tender care as I have.

The pictures below are actually taken from posts I did on this blog a few years back. Some of the models you see here are in the listing but mainly the pictures are to show the standard these models are in. You are not just looking at some random dude's army. There was thought and heart put into building this army if you look through my Blood Angels posts on this blog.

So if you're new to 40k, a collector, competitive gamer here is your chance to own a beautifully painted Blood Angels Army.

Stay tuned for more armies up for sale...http://www.ebay.com/itm/121631093926?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Latest Imperial Knight pics are here!

7th Edition Eldar vs Flesh Tearers Batrep - New Eldar Book

I had booked this game in with Sam quite awhile back and was not expecting the new Eldar book to hit the shelves. This was about 3 weeks back, before rumours came about. Now that Eldar has a new book over the weekend, I had to break out my collection to see how the new formations would work. 

I built an army based on my existing collection and yet, I found that I was missing several models forcing me to borrow a few models for this game. 

The Eldar comprised the following:

Guardian Battlehost:

  • Farseer on jetbike
  • Defender Guardians x10 with Scatter Laser platform 
  • Defender Guardians x10 with Scatter Laser platform 
  • Defender Guardians x10 with Scatter Laser platform 
  • Vyper with Brightlance
  • Vaul Support Battery with D Cannons x3
  • Warlock Conclave: 1 Warlock on Jetbike
  • War Walkers with Scatter Lasers x3
Aspect Host (+1 Ballistic Skill)
  • Dire Avengers x10 in Wave Serpent with Scatter Lasers 
  • Warp Spiders x8
  • Warp Spiders x8
Wraithknight with Wraithcannons
Striking Scorpions x7 with Exarch and Twin Chainsabres in Wave Serpent with Scatter Lasers

The list above was designed to test the new Craftworld Warhost detachment rule. All models in the detachment would benefit from the guaranteed 6" Run move during Battle Focus and Runs. It was also designed to take all comers because I had no idea what Sam would be bringing (he has a massive collection of armies). I also wanted to try out the changes to the Wraithknight and of course, D Cannons. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Apocalypse: Shield of Baal Exterminatus

After 7 weeks of hard campaigning and both sides have their rewards for their factions, it was time for the finale. I would also like to thank Titan Games for being excellent hosts, being supportive by dedicating a place for us to play and giving us participation prizes. 

Shout-out goes out to all the players who participated and continued in the drive to secure the Baal System. 

This time it would be something different. Rather than just using the apocalypse ruleset and win conditions, we would be using the 8th scenario from the Shield of Baal Exterminatus. These were the forces that partook in the grand battle of Tartoros: Fallen Hope.

Tyranids brought a total of 9,000 points of gribllies including a BioTitan (Alien Queen)

The Alliance of Imperials and Necrons used their 600 extra points to purchase massive structures and Imperial Knights
Based on the scenario, the Tyranids had to deploy first and the Imperials would go first. The mission was simple, secure the objective sitting in the middle of the Tyranid table.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tyranids WIP: Xenomorph Carnifex

I'll be playing the Tyranids in the upcoming Apocalypse battle with the gaming group. I assembled and primed lots of Nids. The aim is to at least basecoat the models for some colors hehe! But I did take a break and experimented with something I wanted to add on to the army for a long time.
So the above pic is a close up of a Xenomorph Alien toy I bought a couple years ago. I really liked the unique transparent skull head of the model. So I decided to kinda replicate it on my Nids. There was no unique monster or Tyranid skulls, and there sure wasn't any transparent plastic carapace that I could get or make on my own. I decided to paint the internal skull onto the head carapace instead.

I painted the skull design first. The colors for the skull was done with a basecoat freehand of Baneblade Brown. I then added Ushabti Bone to the mix. The final highlight was Ushabti Bone with white. I then outlined the gaps with a thinned down mix of Scorched Brown mix with black. Then 2 coats of Devlan Mud wash with concentration more to the sides for the effect of the skull fading into the dark flesh.
For that semi-opaque and translucent effect of the carapace, I added a coat of Gloss Varnish onto the initial paintjob to make it smooth (pic above).
I then added some Ulthuan Grey (very watered down) mixed into the Gloss Varnish.
 I let it dry before applying another similar coat.
My focus here is mainly the head of the creature, but the rest of the mini is just basecoated Warlord Purple.
Top down view of the beast's skull. I plan to do this for the entire army, right down to the small gribblies. It's a bit of work but I think it really makes the model stand out more.

Well, its back to basecoating the rest of the Nids :)

Its been really hot where I live of late. Stay cool and classy everyone! And have a great week ahead.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gaming Stores Around Asia: Hong Kong Fun Atelier

I am currently in Hong Kong and I thought I would quickly share some awesome pictures with you guys. I used to live here for 2 years and Fun Atelier (FA to the locals) was THE hangout spot for gamers. Back then I was into Fantasy more than 40k as the terrain at FA was lacking but now, 40k has really grown. 

FA moved from Queen Elizabeth Building to this other place opposite of Southorn Park. 

Look for this building. It's on Level 2

Converted Stormraven-looks like parts from Chapterhouse

Tons of bikes, cheese! 

Just above, the store Tyranid army

There was an amazing Batman miniature showcase too

Looks very good! 

I love this Wraithlord

Took two angles of it. Amazing balls

Massive rack

They have 32mm bases in stock! 

Demo area with terrain Jason made. 

Player's area on the right hand side with loads of terrain next to the windows
Unfortunately most of the guys are working so aren't playing today. Would have been nice to run into either Caz or Alex. Still, this place is a great place to hang out if you are living in Hong Kong. Do go check it out! 

Tyranids vs Grey Knights, Week 7 of the Shield of Baal Exterminatus

Got two games in with Stephen who plays Grey Knights. He is about to leave Singapore for good so I thought I would get some games in with him. This would be the game for the last week of the Shield of Baal Campaign. 2,000 points aside, let's rumble! 

I brought mostly beta strike units and the army was designed to hit hard in the 2nd turn. 

Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers 
Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers 
Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers 
Hive Guard x3 in Tyrannocyte
Carnifex with TL Brainleech Devourers in Tyrannocyte
Exocrine in Tyrannocyte

Stephen brought an Alpha strike list
Librarian L3 in Terminator Armour and Storm Bolter [Warlord]
Paladins x4 with Apothecary 
Terminators x5 with 1 Psilencer in Land Raider Redeemer
Kaldor Draigo
Knight Errant

So the game started with Tyranids deploying first then followed by Tyranids. Imperials will get to choose who goes first and Stephen decided to start. 

I only deployed the Micetic Spore and 3 Lictors
I was under the impression that the Lictors could take the punishment the Grey Knights will met out. Oooooh how wrong I was.

With the Warlord Trait that prevented the unit from scaterring, Draigo and friends wiped out the Nids out and won the game
In total it took me more time to set up than to play! So we decided to replay this mission in a double or nothing bet.

This time I chose to deploy all my Mawlocs as well (apologies for the proxies)

Stephen took first turn and shunted the Dreadknights forward

This time the GK did not manage to wipe me from the table

Thus allowing me to play! 


While I lost most of my army, I still had quite a bit in reserve

Turn 2 and all my units arrive

Managed to whittle Draigo's unit down but didn't manage to take him down

Flyrants really went to work but the rest of the army not so effective

Draigo and gang charges into the Mawloc and killed it

While the other Mawloc died to the Dreadknight

The Imperial Knight took out the Exocrine

And the other Dreadknight takes apart the Carnifex
My army was falling apart fast with the high number of Force weapons running around. I am getting this feeling that Monstrous Creatures do not work against these Grey Knights
Stephen manages to clear my backfield

I committed everything I had at Draigo and friends

There was little I could do to change the outcome

And Stephen sends his Warlord off the battlefield to net him 3VP 

While the rest of his army holds mine back

The Flyrants were really causing problems for the Grey Knights but they took apart the rest of my army
Bit by bit I lost more units

More Tyranids fell

Leaving me only with the Flyrants

Flyrants finally managed to down the Imperial Knight but it was too late
Stephen scored 1 VP for each unit in my table edge at the end of the game. He had 3 units and the 3VPs from the escaped Warlord. I had only managed to bring his Imperial Knight, Draigo and another unit of Terminators down for 3VPs.

The game was over and Stephen managed to score the win. He scored 8 Campaign Points for the Imperials.

I have learnt quite a bit from this game. Most importantly is that Monstrous Creatures do not work against Grey Knights. Always opt to bring some light creatures because they help tie the Terminators and Dreadknights up. With combined fire, the Imperial Knight can be killed.

Onwards and upwards! We will be preparing ourselves for the coming apoc this 26th April! Look for the next post! 


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