Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is how i do my fur

1. matt black
2. airbrush belly & insides of legs codex grey
3. airbrush top part (darker color of wolf) in adeptus battlegrey * use low pressure to get a highlight effect. he point is not to block out the matte black underneath!
3. airbrush belly & insides of legs in bleached bone * use low pressure for highlight effect.
4. wash the entire model in devlan mud
5. highlight the entire model BY HAND WITH BRUSH with bleach bone. Varying strengths of colors can produce a nice variation for the fur coat tones in a real wolf pack

*low pressure on the airbrush compressor means anywhere from 1-1.5 lbs per psi*

Friday, December 17, 2010

Batrep: 2500 High Elves vs Empire

Another battle report! This game actually took place before the game with Justin but I chose to blog the other game first because it looked better.

Played this game with Roderick Soo of the SGHammer group.

Head on over to:

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Batrep: High Elves vs Vampire Counts

Played a 2500 point game at Games Garage with Justin (no. 1 player seeded player in Singapore). Great game with a great guy. If you get the chance to play with him, you will learn a lot. He is also very nice and teaches you during the game. Top player, top attitude! And beautifully painted army too.

Head on over to for the battle report.

I love the turn counter! Anyone ordering stuff please let me know so I can include it in your order!

Drop comments people! It keeps me doing this!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thousand Sons vs. Space Wolves - Battle Report

After decades of hunting, the Space Wolves finally track down and engage Ahriman of the Thousand Sons. Here on the frozen tundra of some unknown backwater planet the two ancient enemies clash once again. The Wolves looking to finish the job they started ten thousand years ago on Prospero, and the Thousand Sons looking to exact vengeance for the heinous crime committed against them on their homeworld.

See the battle report here:


3x Rubric Marines (9/10/10) w/ Bolt of change
3x Rhinos w/ Extra Armour, (2 w/ havoc launchers 1 w/ 2x bolters)
3x Obliterators
2x Obliterators
2x Obliterators

The obliterators 'counted as' sorcerers because under the 4th edition chaos codex a pure Thousand Sons army has 1 option and barely any true flavour.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This is the basic build of my 5 wolf mounts. In my last post, I’ve said these models although have a cool pose, but they lack the wolf bling to make them more characterful.

The green stuff here is my first time using green stuff. I’m experimenting more with this material and I hope to be able to sculpt plated armor like the original canis model.

WIP Wolf mounts

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Terrain Inspiration!

While we are building our terrain pieces for both 40k and Fantasy, I came across another site which really stirred some creative sense in me.

Take a look at their works!

The amazing thing is their detail. Notice also how each of their buildings are mounted on a board that makes it look like a proper city with board walk? That really is my vision for our cityscape terrain that we are building! Head on over to for more amazing stuff!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Virtual Line of Sight

Now for those who hate the True Line of Sight, here is a system that the European Team Championships are using. I thought it was quite good and minimizes confusion a lot. Let me know if you guys wanna play with this system or just use the BRB rules. 

Virtual Line of Sight

Size chart:
0: Swarms - models of this size never block line of sight or give cover. 
1: Infantry, War Beasts, War Machines 
2: Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry/Cavalry/Beasts, Chariots, Unique without the Large Target rule
3: Monsters, all Large Targets

Line of sight is always checked virtually, drawn "base to base". Models see in their front 1/4 zone. Line of Sight is blocked by models that are equal to or larger than both: the model whose line of sight we are checking and its target. 

Hills are size two for each level (so a 3-step hill is size 6) and block sight / give hard cover just like models of that size. Models standing on hills add the hill size to their own size. Buildings and large rocks always block line of sight completely. Forests do not block line of sight, but soft cover applies to all shots fired through or into (but not out of) forests. Ruins do not block line of sight, but hard cover applies to all shots fired into (but not through/out of) ruins. Units standing behind obstacles gain soft (wood) or hard (stone) cover as per the RB.

Cover from intervening units/terrain
Cover is granted when at least 50% of models in target unit are fully or partially obscurred by other units/terrain from the shooting model. In order for intervening models to grant cover, their size must be at least: one point smaller than both the target unit and the shooting model.

Skirmishers never block LoS, and are seen in accordance with their size on the chart, but provide cover as per the above rules. The gap between skirmishers is treated as part of the unit when determining if skirmishers give cover to something behind them. Skirmishers formed up for combat block Line of Sight like normal units.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Terrain Ideas - GW Style

You guys may have already seen this on the GW website but it was really nice to help inspire our own terrain making day so I am replicating it.

Magnus Hunters WIP

Wow... I have definitely been pushing myself on warhammer overdrive. I've been working on 20 grey hunters which I mixed chaos bits with. 13th co. is cool but I wanted the shoulder pad markings to somehow fit with my existing space wolves color theme.

Not an expert on the fluff but I assembled and painted these grey hunters as a space wolf company on extended patrol around the edges of the eye of terror. They've picked up chaos buts but have had the time to paint them into space wolves color. I must say this is very experimental for me but I guess they turned out alright. the light source is pretty dramatic... my guys aren't really that dark... I just got studio light beaming at it so my stupid blackberry camera can focus lol...

15 more to go... woohoo

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I came down with a bad case of influenza yesterday and took a day off work. Little did I expect that my package of 5 battle wolf mounts from the mail man. Many players in hk have wondered why I am still buying stuff for space wolves when I already have a brand spanking new blood angels army. The fact of the matter is I love the space marine designs but space wolves will always be the army which is most characterful from builds to fluffs to fielding highly specialized lists to humiliate your foes.
Not to digress too far, here are the battle wolf mounts from; As you can see they are rather bland and lacking in detail. What really caught my emotions to buy them are the variations of the poses. The bits are casted in a different kind of resin. I suspect they might be silicon based as the runners can flex before breaking, also no oily mold release agents in the crevices which can also mean the molds are relatively new or the supplier has thoroughly cleaned out the bits before sending. Not much of any issues with the build. You can see in the mock-up fit the joinages are pretty snug. Not too big of a problem here however I have minimally greenstuffed the joints as I’m paranoid about that kind of stuff if I can help it.
In terms of detail I must say these are no match for GW. I feel the armored bits do not echo GW’s space wolf design language. The armor on the wolves does not seem intricate enough. Nonetheless, these models should provide some sort of a base canvas for me to work with converting. I truly glad to say I am fully back into the hobby!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online

Here's something interesting for most of us! I bet most of us have tried the Warhammer Online or WAR (me included) and was quite disappointed. Looks like there's a 40K version coming out. Head on over to to read the actual preview.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Batrep: High Elves vs Skaven

Ethan is back gaming! Sporting the ratmen, he has lovingly krafted an army of cheese loving monsters! While Ethan is still working on his army, the following game had a few proxied slaves. I played an interesting list which basically had double of everything:

2x Level 1 Mages with High Magic
2x Chariots
2x Spearmen
2x Swordmasters
2x Eagles
1x BSB
While Ethan fielded lots and lots of slaves! So many slaves! So many rats!
Head on over to and go look at the Battle Report.

Leave comments and see you around for more games!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Terrain Day

Thanks to Melvin & Wife, Sam and Ethan for coming down on Sat for our Terrain Day! It was great fun putting together those Lego's terrain! Mel's wife did an amazing job cutting while we concentrated on building those buildings. It was really good fun! The interesting part is just happening! Ethan was so detailed in his tower and you will see his work of art very soon! Each piece was lovingly cleaned and glued. Made me look like a barbarian with my sprue.
Sam stayed back a little and we created a custom piece each! I created a garden piazza while he came up with the church! I really enjoyed detailing the project. They are pictured above - the Church is behind while the Piazza is in front. Need more rubble and battle damage.

There is still work to be done for all of the buildings - namely detailing the bases. I have sprayed the basecoat of black on the Fantasy terrain but am running out of Flat Black so will return to it once I get another can.

The Pringles can has been further detailed while the other buildings still need bases. We'll have to organise another soon! Be ready with your paint brushes guys and I do suggest stocking up on Boltgun Metal, Shining Gold and Devlan Mud cause we will be using them!

Still miles away to achieve something along the lines of this:
I love the detail on the ground and you can see why I want to mount the buildings on a base. By doing that we can etch stone like texture and create a pavement of sorts. I can see our battles looking better and better!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

15 hours of chaos titan

I woke up rather early this morning. Knowing that I still have unfinished business with the titan, I quickly cleaned out the gunk in my airbrush from last night and got to work.

Some really diluted dwarf bronze worked magic as the thin controlled layers of color allowed me to almost highlight the bits the stick out by doing successive layers to finally arrive at the level of sheen I wanted. I know Alex is a happy child this weekend :)

Blood Angels Mech Update

My Blood Angels Army when completed will include the following units:

x3 10 man tactical squads
x3 devastator squads
x2 dakka terminators squads
x2 ass terminator squads
x1 10 man ass squad with jump pack
x1 10 man death co. ass squad with jump pack
x1 10 man death co.
x1 sanguinary guard squad

x1 landraider redeemer
x3 razorback/rhinos
x3 baal predators
x3 predators
x2 vindicators
x2 whirlwinds
x2 drop pods
x1 death co. rhino
x2 dreadnoughts
x1 venerable dreadnought


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