Friday, June 29, 2012

Dark Angels Command Squad WIP

Here's a command squad I've been working on for my dark angels. I've tried to do some directional highlighting and given them extra attention than I would normally spend on troop type units. Some of the poses have been inspired heavily from the space marine 3rd person shooter game. I was experimenting with the army painter in the game as the ability to test colors is truly more worthwhile than the game itself. The banner dark angels emblem was first penciled in with a draftsman's mechanical pencil and then painted over. Not truly a freehand as I still lack the confidence. This will be cleaned up later. Anyhow, most of the primary colors have been applied. Details & basing will be followed after. Thanks for viewing!

Quick look & review - rural church from battlefront

You've got to love a great piece of terrain on the tabletop. And no other game needs it as much (ok in exaggerating here) as flames of war.

I ordered this rural church as soon as it was released as I wanted to collect all the new terrain pieces from battlefront this year onwards.

When it arrived my heart broke as I saw that the packaging was destroyed. But upon opening up the miniature I'm glad to say that the styrofoam packaging inside the actual product protected it thoroughly. Unlike the previous rural farm houses, which came in a million pieces.

As you can see in the pics this is a huge building. Complete with space for an observer team and many units to hide within the confines of the walls.

Another great terrain lot from the makers of flames of war. Definitely worth the £19. Preprinted terrain at its best Value : quality ratio hands down.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dark Angels - 40k 6th edition ready

There's a certain complexity of painting tactical marines which I dread. Not that its hard but just very very repetitive and all of them need the same treatment to look uniformed. I finally finished basing the models and painting the gold emblems on the bolters. The larger stones on the base are actually foam board bits. I ran out of stones and realized foam boards broken down make pretty believable concrete bits... Below are a few of my favorite ones. I've tried to make them life-like by tilting the head angles to create a stronger dynamic sense in their poses. Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dark Angels for 6th edition

I've been focusing heavily on my Dark Angels for 6th edition and the upcoming codex. These marines are over 11 years old and some of the first minis I've painted seriously. Since then they've been repainted 4 times as I improve my technique.

Battle Report: Dust Warfare 200AP at PIMP with Fauzi

Dust Night at PI Midpoint and this time I played with Fauzi. Fauzi took 200AP worth of Allies comprising mainly jump troops with TWO heroes. I think they were Rhino and Ozz 117. 

Objectives: Eliminate the Enemy
Deployment: Close engagement
Conditions: None

Abdullah setup the terrain and we rolled off to take table sides. 

Placed my sniper in the gothic building on the left, Laser Grenadiers and Command behind the massive container. 

Deployed my Heavy Infantry further up. Those counted as Hard Cover so even while they were close to my lines, I could depend on them holding the line.

Fauzi deployed both Ozz and Rhino with his squad of Grim Reapers in the middle. His support were the Tank Busters and Blackhawk
Since Fauzi placed his walker alone, I was too tempted. I deployed my Battle Grenadiers in the far flank to try to cap it

And then he just swiveled the canon to take out 2 guys. 

On the far right flank I opened up with my sniper taking one of the Tank Busters out

As the Laser Grenadiers moved up to support my Heavies

Using another Blizkrieg order, they move closer for the kill

Fauzi advances up the middle of the field. He redeploys Rhino into his unit of Tank Busters to soak up some damage

And starts laying down suppression on my Laser Grenadiers. In my turn my manage to take out one of his Grim Reapers

I poured as much fire as possible into his lines but this turn proved to be quite uneventful

Meanwhile these three took a shot at the walker but no luck there...


Fauzi lost his Grim Reapers but he managed to send in his Tank Busters and took out 4 of my Laser Grenadiers. 

And on the left field, the duel continues. I was using Blizkrieg order every turn to move my men further behind his tank and force him to keep his tank out of the game

Used the Burst mode on the Heavy Flak Grenadiers and managed to take do one wound on his Tank Busters. His Blackhawk managed to take out my sniper too

Opened up on the Light Walker who technically should be dead by now! 
Note: while we played the rules by the book last week, it wasn't exactly right. LOS should be drawn by the highest point of the model at the centre of its base. This was somewhere turn 4 that we found this out but we played on

Only one last Tank Buster left and he was causing a lot of chaos. 

Poured all my attacks into his Tank Buster and managed to remove it. Finally managed to kill off his Blackhawk too. 

So the game ended at Turn 5. Fauzi managed to kill off my sniper and my Battle Grenadier and Laser Grenadiers. I managed to kill off his Blackhawk, Grim Reapers and Tank Busters. 3 KP each so it was a draw!

Took a picture of my 200AP list at where it stands. 3 more units to paint. Battle Grenadiers, Sniper and Heinrich

Close up of the units

The Heavy units
Next game will likely be another 200 followed by a 300AP game I hope. I have in mind a few lists but want to actually complete painting this army before I escalate. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore completed Spawning Points & WIP monsters

Picked up the great board game super dungeon explore recently and my what a fun game it is!!!

I also went ahead to make full use of my airbrush to try and paint as much highlights as I possibly could with my limited experience.

The monsters had a large area of skin therefore it was easier to try airbrushing them first.

I also sprayed the highlights for the spawning points with dark grey and light grey. All paints used were Vallejo Air Model series.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Batrep: Dust Warfare 200AP with Abdullah at PIMP

Had our regular Monday Dust night over at PI Midpoint. Since only Abdullah turned up early, I ended up playing our grudge match! 

This time we increased the pointage to 200AP and I used the same army I used with Melvin last week. Kept it simple. 

Objective: Key Position 
Deployment: Force Collision

Pressed the full 24" radius with my sniper taking the high point. Selected objectives were the sniper roost and the crumbled out building on the left of the picture

Abdullah took the other corner and instead of deploying his sniper on top of the tank out them on the ground in front of the container

Took the first Command Phase and pushed my units forward to secure the objective. I planned to flank with my light walker.
I still wasn't convinced that the Heinrich was worth it from my previous game. However, the enemy were mainly Infantry 3 so may have proven less effective. Against Infantry 2, this walker may prove useful.

Abdullah moves up his army during his Command Phase. He had rolled really high for Command too. 

I took some shots from Abdullah but managed to roll my armour saves. 

First shot of the game. I also figured out that we have been playing the cover mechanic wrong so started using the new understanding. If Line of Sight (LOS) can be traced through any area terrain and you can't trace a direct line to the walker's base, then the walker benefit from it's cover. 

Abdullah moves up his entire army. Of particular note was this flank as it had his BBQ squad and Grim Reapers. 
Previous games has led me to believe that BBQ squad is really powerful so I was really cautious about them.

I held the middle ground and started pushing my Infantry 3 units up. 

They stepped out to snipe at the Gunners 

While the rest advance under the cover of trees

I kept pushing up my army while Command tries to heal my missing Spotter from my Sniper unit

I kept my Laser Grenadiers back as a defensive force.

BBQ squad took the bold move up and opened up on my Battle Grenadiers. Surprisingly enough, my men survived! It was payback time.

And in return I poured every gun I had into this unit. He hit the ground and managed to survive. 

Meanwhile the other parts of his army moved up to support his left flank. I was guessing at this point that his objective was the hill on the top of the picture.

Abdullah managed to take out one of my Flak Grenadiers and pulled back his BBQ squad. I kept the pressure on by pushing forward - guessing that the forest was his other Objective.

I moved my Flak Grenadier behind the tank while the other bits of my army advance. Kept my Command at the back to hold my objective

By now the Allies were in full retreat and I pushed in full force

The game was won. I pushed 3 units in to capture the forest.
When Abdullah revealed his objectives, it was as I suspected. The forest and the hill. I managed to hold onto mine and took his so it was 3-2.

Time to look at 300AP very soon! 


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