Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP: Painting the Savage Orc Warboss

So I got around to painting my Savage Orc Warboss and thought I would expand on my tips from my post yesterday

Bear in mind that this miniature will get the full treatment, going up to Level 4 (Hero Level). I have defined this to include full shading, multiple levels of highlights (minimum 3 layers). However, I intend to use it also to show you how you can get an army ready to Level 2 quite quickly and put the miniature to the table fast. 

Here are the quick steps: 

Glue up the model and stick sand to the base. Prime model black

Work in the base coats. Always start bottom up, i.e. dirty work like drybrushing of the base and then skin. I used Knarloc Green for the skin, Scorched Brown for wood/bone/straps and Codex Grey for stone

Pick out bone with a layer of Dheneb Stone but leave some of the Scorched Brown showing near the joints

Wash the entire mini with Devlan Mud to organic parts and Badab Black wash to stone
Leave your miniature to dry. We are effectively at Level 1 now. You can actually start gaming with this miniature. With the base done and the mini looking like it has shading, this is all you need to get a game in. This took me about 15 minutes minus waiting time for paint to dry.

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  1. Nice - always interesting to see people's process. Looking good so far!

    1. Thanks Mordian! I'll be posting more stuff up soon. Do check back!



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