Thursday, May 16, 2013

WIP: Border Patrol

Work continues on the Savage Orc Warboss. I have invested quite a lot of time on his skin and I hope the camera captures the work I have done. 

I have gone back in with Knarloc Green to highlight the muscles again. I then start work using Goblin Green in streaks to create the illusion of tightly strung muscles. I used a brush with a really sharp bristle (0 and 1 grades work well, choose sharp bristle) to create almost streaks. 

For all the bones on his body I have gone back in with Dheneb Stone to highlight it back up. I have also used Blood Red for his top knot washed with Baal Red. 

Goblin Green for skin. I will be further highlighting this with a mix of yellow and Goblin Green as a final stage

Waaaaaagh! Better angle to catch the light

You can see the muscles and bone bits


Rebased all the Night Goblins to match the army

Took me about 20 minutes but their bases are all done up now!

More Goblinssesss
500 point game this Saturday. Let's see how this tiny force works.


  1. That warboss is looking fantastic. I'm liking this army. Great work.

    1. Thanks AHunt! Appreciate the vote confidence! Looking forward to putting up more after this weekend of gaming.



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