Wednesday, May 1, 2013

KR Multicase - More Foam

So after ordering a huge batch of foam for my Tyranids including the wheeled case, our group made an order for another case, this time for Space Marines, specifically the Salamanders. It arrived in quick order so I thought I would put together a quick photo collage of the foam we ordered including how it all fit. 

Daryl even labelled everything for us based on the long list of Marines we supplied him with. You will be able to find your models quickly even while they rest on the cupboard/rack

Enough space for everything including spare slots for another Dread

More Marines

Fits the flyers as well

How it all looks like packed in

Love the soft caress

Tanks with accessories

Again, excellent service, KR Multicase has delivered what they promised. It certainly is worth the money. Good cases at reasonable price with ample room for expansion and modularity. I like the fact that KR was willing to sit down and go through your collection and then build a custom solution unlike a majority of the brands out there. 

If you live in Singapore and would like to put in an order, let me know. We can save on shipping.



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