Monday, May 20, 2013

Batrep: Border Patrol High Elves and Orcs & Goblins vs Dark Elves and Tomb Kings

It has been a long while since the members of Anything But Ones got together to play a game. Since the launch of the High Elf book I have been dying to get a game in. So to refresh our minds, we decided to have a 500 point Border Patrol between 4. My wife was playing my High Elves and I was controlling the Orcs and Goblins. YouCai was playing Tomb Kings and Defeng was playing the Dark Elves. Simple Pitched Battle. 

Deployment had our centre shored up, YC's Ushabti on my right flank

Orcs and Elves, strange alliance but this is Fantasy!

Put these Wolf Riders on the flank hoping to get his RBT early game

YC and DF moved up in their first turn. We respond in kind. Silver Helms failed their charge

Skeleton unit fail the charge on 4, leaving the Dark Elves to fight the Night Goblins. Fanatic killed a few Spearmen

Silver Helms got into combat this turn but failed to do enough damage. Lost 2 Elves in return

Rolling a 5 for the Break Test Goblins stay in the fight, allowing the Savages to charge

We missed a few photos here but the Savages destroyed the Dark Elves and had to pursue. The Skeletons then charged me in the rear. The High Elves Spearmen then got charged by the Cold One Chariot

YC's Ushabti destroyed the Silver Helms and moved midfield

Archers on the hill sent as many bolts as possible into YC's Skeleton unit with his Liche Priest

DE Chariot broke through the Spearmen and proceeded to charge the Night Goblins in the flank. Savages failed to combat reform and had to slowly grind the skeletons down

After a heavy crumbling roll, the Skeletons opened up a path to allow the Ushabti to charge in. This time my Savages could not pass the Break Test and opted to flee and was destroyed by a lone skeleton. 
Victory to the Dark Elves and Tomb King alliance. Well played. I have to redesign both lists to capitalize on each army's strength rather than to build a super flexi list. At 500 points, I realised that you really have to bring your army's character to the fore. For example, High Elves should have brought a Mage and not a fighty Noble. Back to the drawing board.


  1. Excellent game. Had fun and got me interested in fantasy again after a long hiatus.

  2. Objective achieved! Love the photos too.

  3. Thanks guys. I had a ton of fun too! We can run 2 levels of games, 500 for beginners and 1500 for the more experienced ones. 500 is great too if you plan to build and paint a completely painted force. It just helps focus the mind. Let's keep building and playing guys!



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