Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dust Warfare Batrep: 400AP Axis vs Allies

400AP aside, I was playing against Fauzi with his truly mobile Allies force. All his units were in jump-packs and he brought 3 heroes to the game. Tough, full of surprises, this was going to be a long night.

Mission: Kill Points
Deployment: Close Engagement (6" in, 12" apart)
Conditions: None

I brought a slightly modified list which included the dreaded Der Schwarm.

Dust Warfare - Force Builder
Faction: Axis ( 400 / 400 )

--- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (249)

Upgrade: Der Schwarm (20)
Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25)

1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26)
2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)
3rd Section: Recon Grenadiers (17)
4th Section: Recon Grenadiers (17)
Support: HPW VI-A "Königsluther" (95)
Support: LPW I-A "Heinrich" (20)
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12)

--- Blutkreuz Platoon (151)

Upgrade: Improved Command (5)
Command Section: Sturmpioniere (25)
1st Section: Axis Zombies (19)
+ Rat Fighters (1)

2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)
+ Replace one StG47 with Panzerschreck (3)

3rd Section: Axis Gorillas (24)
Support: Horten HO-347.III "Fledermaus III" (45)
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12)

Plan was to sit back, bomb the hell out of them and then mop up. Also, I am happy to let you guys know that I managed to paint up most of the units to easily distinguish them!

The deployment forced me to put my Heavy 4 in the middle which could dominate firing lanes and take out his tanks. Fledermaus would advance and take out the light walkers. Infantry to hold back and let his Inf3 come up to me.

My left flank

Sniper roost. Fauzi used that tank to make their life really tough

Right flank. I planned to use the 2nd Platoon to flank and envelop his army. In hindsight I didn't really have to

Kept the Heinrich as far back as I could to suppress his units and allow the Apes to kill in melee

Opening shot managed to pip off some HP from the walker

Targeted that other walker too

Fauzi wasted no time to get to grips with my men. 

Opening salvo had my entire army suppressed. Fauzi then poured a lot of fire into the sniper roost.

The number of suppression counters were impressive. 

After his tank hunters fled, I moved my apes back to the building to help out my HQ

This unit was under heavy fire from me now

Things at Turn 2

On my right flank I advanced my flanking units

The fight in this building continues

Rhino and gang plinking away at my units. The combination of the initial bombardment and jetpack got me on the receiving end. 

Fauzi was clustering his units together to stay out of sniper fire

I kept focussing all unit fire into that unit with Rhino

While the apes kept up the good fight, removing HP from his other hero-can't remember the name

Fled my HQ back to keep away from his 12" Fusion guns

So Fauzi advanced his anti tank squad to take out the Heinrich

Rhino and gang targets my Heavy Flak Grenadiere now, killing 2

The Zombies finally get into the action

Fledermaus and Konigsluter removes the 2 walkers

Battle grenadiers removes the other one

Fauzi advanced his unit of tank hunters into the ruins on my right to threaten the Konighsluter

I backed my Konig up and opened into them

While my right flank deals with his remaining men

Fauzi moves up the stairs to take out the poor snipers

Fauzi jumps them out

And I unleashed everything at the unit in the open, wiping them out to a man

Zombies now moved in to assist

Both sides were losing men fast

By Turn 4 I was really thin on the ground

Most of his units were suppressed and I needed to kill more to win

Finally Fauzi managed to kill my last Zombie who was tough as nails. 

From the back my HQ unit of platoon 2 advances to torch the Frech men! Alas, they survived. 

Threw everything I had at the unit in the open but they survived. 
We tallied our Kill Points and dum dum dum! It is a draw!!! LOL after a long fight it was a draw. Most intense!

Der Schwarm did not hit once in this game. Then again, I did lose my HQ unit in Turn 3 so I can't really judge its potency. Another spin is likely before I make a conclusion. 


  1. Nice report! Thanks for giving us a thorough and engaging review.

    Where did you find those clear red plastic discs you made suppression markers with? They stand out nicely.

    1. Thanks James! Your comments keep me doing this.

      The tokens were from with a width of 19mm and thickness of 2mm. Printed out the tokens on a sticker sheet from FFG's website. Cut them using a round cutter and stick them on the tokens.

      I think your LGS should carry it if not your online retailer should have it as well. Hope this helps!



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