Monday, June 3, 2013

Video Battle Report: Fight Club - Orcs & Goblins vs High Elves

Strange ruleset but here they are:

WFB Fight Club

Rules v1.0 dated 25 May 2013

Fight Club: WFB @ Midpoint begins this Saturday. Bring your armies – your heroes, your regiments, your rare toys, disparate units all. Form desperate alliances. Fight fair. Claim Victory. And remember to have fun.

Fight Club Warhammer uses the Big Red Rulebook [or small red rulebook]. The only difference is that the points don’t matter [as much.] Choose your army in a different manner. Learn to fight bigger opponents. Or defend against smaller opponents. And have fun. All current WFB army books are valid. Mix and match your collection using alliances.

Choosing and Army
  • Army books – all current editions are valid. 
  • Points Values – Every unit has a points value in the army book. This is recorded clearly and your opponent may ask for it after the game. 
  • Size of Game – this is where Fight club makes it fun. No longer are we always seeking a fair fight. You can choose your army according to the following requirements: 
  • Army List 
  • Points: There is no agreed points value. Any differences in army points value will be managed by objectives and special game benefits. 
  • The General – Each army must have a general. [this may be a lord or hero.] 
  • Number of units : You must field the following number of units: 
  • 1 Hero Choice 
  • 1 Core choice 
  • 1 Core / Special / Rare Choice 
  • 1 Any other Unit [from Any army list] 
  • Each regiment selected may include one additional hero choice. This hero may not leave the regiment. 
  • Exceptions: 
  • Duplicate choices – [small red book pp135] These count as 1 of the above choices. 
  • Week 1 & 2 mission – Battle1: Battle line 
  • Mysterious Terrain: Not in effect this battle 
  • Table size: 3’ x 4’ Wide 
  • Deployment zones must be 12” away from table center [essentially 12” x 36” on your side of the table] 
  • Secret deployment 
  • Take a piece of paper, and mark out where each unit is roughly going to be deployed in your deployment zone. Both player then deploy their units as marked out, and make any MINOR final adjustments to their facing and ranks. 
  • First Turn: 
  • Player that has at least 100 points less than his/her opponent takes the first turn. Else, roll off, and winner goes first.. 
  • Game Length: 
  • 4+ turns:
  • At the end of turn 4, roll 1d6+number of turns taken. If the result is more than 8, the game ends. Repeat until more than 8 is rolled at the end of a turn. 
  • Victory Conditions: 
  • Score the victory points as normal. Then divide the score by your army’s starting points. The player with the higher score wins. 
  • Scenario Special Rules: 
  • Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry units gain Ambush. 
  • Player with the smaller army gains 1 re-roll [to hit, to wound, or armour save] for every full 30 points of difference.
  • [72 points difference will give you 2 re-rolls; 59 points will give you 1 re-roll.] 
  • Fights are only scored for games played @ Paradigm Infinitum Midpoint.

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