Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mangler Squig - From Start to Finish

Got two of these running amok in my armies. Too flexible not to include for 80 points each. Here are some of the pictures of the work in progress and how I eventually finished it up. 

In total it was quite tough putting it together and there were many bubbles in my version which was frustrating. The model comes with a number of extra riders and attachments which can be attached if you are so inclined. I stuck on most of mine but as I started playing with it (as most of us do between painting a model), these nubbinz just snapped and fell out so I have decided to keep them off. 

Stacked them on. You'll see a crazed fanatic on the lower model

Another few clinging on for dear life

I based it up, sprayed it black and worked on the base. Once that was done, I went over the model with Scab Red followed by a wash of Devlan Mud

I then blocked in all the black areas. In hindsight I should have finished the drybrush of the Manglers first before blocking in those black colours. 

Drybrushed the flesh of the Manglers in Blood Angels Red and Blood Red. I had also added Boltgun Metal to all metal parts and chains

Started detailing work on the Night Goblins

Another angle

Final highlights on the Night Goblins teeth and skin

The completed product with all highlights in. Detailed the mushrooms as well

Really like how the model turned out

One last spin!
So that's one of the two Mangler Squigs I bought. I am going to work on other miniatures before working on the other one. My target is to complete another 20 models before starting work on the other Mangler.

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