Thursday, June 20, 2013

Video Batrep: 2500 Orcs & Goblins vs Dark Elves

Tet Hong vs Ray in a 2500 point Blood and Glory battle. Tet Hong brought a 4 Fortitude points army so I asked him to tweak it. He came back with 7 Fortitude points. Maybe I should not have allowed him to tweak his list.


Pics below do not have annotations so do watch the video before you look at the pics!


  1. Why did you tell Defeng about the banners? You are an ORC!

    +1 for friendliness :)

  2. Sorry, question:

    For the multicombat involving golbins, CoK and Cxbmen, weren't your goblins in forest (hence denying them steadfast?)

    1. Majority of the unit was outside the forest so I still retain steadfast

    2. Cool. Learnt something. Thanks!

  3. If I had only 4 points, Pendant Sorc would sacrifice herself just to tie up the Hand of Gorked Savage Big Uns! Call Challenge then use Pendant to minimise CR. She's small enough that only 4 models can hit her. Then it'll be marching Spears and RxB up to charge-block.

    Hydra failed charge on a roll of 3 when I needed 5... And the frigging Hydra won't be blocked by the Dark Riders for the 2nd charge, there was more than enough range (14 inches) for me to wheel and move. And the room was more than enough. It only concerns whether I hit the flank or front of your Goblins.

    Charge summary is :

    1) I declare a charge
    2) You declare your charge reaction, your charge reactions are resolved.
    3) I declare a new charge ad finitum until I decide to stop.
    4) I start moving charging units in any order I like.

    Opponent must resolve his charge reactions before I declare a 2nd charge. (pg 16)

    This is a break from 7th Ed rules. 6th and 7th ed rules was that we declare all our charges first, then opponent declares his charge reactions, then we resolve. Now the player gets to evaluate the options before he declares a 2nd charge.

    My Pegasus Duchess has always wanted to rear charge your Goblins engaged with my Cold One Knights. I needed to blend them down as soon as possible and take away your steadfast. Had the Hydra gone in, I could have Hydraed and thunderstomped the entire Goblins down and then reformed my CoK to face your Savage Orcs.

    Had I really wanted to fudge (as you keep complaining so many frigging times, who was the one who said he can use a dispel scroll when fleeing!), I would have used the Pegasus Duchess to hunt your fleeing Goblin unit. They were just across the forest, remember? Flying + Swiftstride meant that I could easily eat them up and taken that banner first. But I stuck to my original plan of blending the other unit first.

    1. Moral of story bring enough banners. I agree with the steps but you did roll on the hydra first then nominated the general to charge after the hydra failed. I did let it thru but I want us to play it the right way for future reference. It's good practice! Good game though and lots of lessons learnt



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