Friday, June 21, 2013

Sam's Corner: Green Tea Taufu

Posting on behalf of Sam:

A rare post this, cos its on a weekday! I had some time today after work and decided to finally bite the bullet and use a real Tau unit as a test model. I selected the Crisis Suit lol!

I have been trying to find a color scheme for my Tau army. I think I've finally settled on a rather odd scheme. I wanted something green.

And inspiration came from a rather weird looking figurine toy as well.

Don't ask me what this is as I have absolutely no idea. It looks both disturbingly plant like, yet sad and alien lol! But i really like the different hues of green and some turquoise and yellows.

And well here's the final result of the test model. I did not paint all the details as its a stab in the dark. I'm also trying to use only paints from the new range.

I thought the greens, blues and yellows strangely go well together. I think I'll stick with this and see where it takes me haha!

I enjoyed mixing in the fixed colors of yellow, green and turquoise a bit at random.

I may cut back on the pedicure toe nail job a bit heheh! The paints used are Warpstone Glow, Sotek Green and Yriel Yellow. And Abaddon Black.

I'm still getting to know the model. The back is just the base color slopped on. There are a few layers beneath. I'm may be subconsciously equating thickness of paint equates to a 2+ save.

A bit of a top view. I may go with red lenses for the head. Make it kinda Mantis like. Also reminds me a bit of Salamanders haha!

Well the fluff for his army is generally this. The Tau are on this tribal world. Make it a Kroot tribal world fighting Chaos Space Marines. The Tau are devastated by Chaos but aid comes unlooked for in the small remnant force of Eldar. They manage to stem the dark tide but at high cost. To remember the survivors and courage of the natives, they took on the tribal color scheme.

Anyways its a good excuse to incorporate some new Eldar elements ;)

As its also been real,tempting to try out the new eldar and field my converted farseer on jetbike, I'll be going with a mixed list.

Taudar it is? Maybe!

Hope everyone has had a great week. Push on through the haze ladies and gentlemen.

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