Thursday, June 6, 2013

Basing up the Rock Lobba

In anticipation of my 2500 point game with Defu who is back from New York, I am preparing my army to be fully based and ready for battle. My priority is to get them up and running, sacrificing painting for models on the deck supported by the right movement trays and bases. Warhammer Fantasy is quite a 2D type game unlike 40K which tend to use the vertical plane so getting the bases all done up right is important. 

I have painted up the Rock Lobba so I started work on its base. While the rulebooks do not state what size the warmachine is on, I just took one of the movement trays which housed the Rock Lobba nicely. It had to be able to accommodate the crew's footing as well. 

Using the old movement tray, I took the larger one to be the base for the Rock Lobba

To fill up the internal area, I measured and drew a box on a spare cardboard 

Getting a flush fit is important for me so I went back to this part with the metal ruler and knife to get a smooth plane

The card was not thick enough so I  used 2 layers. This is a spare cut-out so I can show you how it works. Now the entire movement tray is filled with card

I then trace a second piece 

Stack them both together internally and now you have a flushed base for the Rock Lobba

Flushed on all sides

Nice and clean base

Magnetised the bases of the crew. I used rare-earth magnets as my crew are metal and I wanted them to stick to the base

Traced out their footing on the base

Dry fit to ensure that this was correct
Once I cut the holes out, I used PVA glue to put the board into the space and glue it all down

Now for it to dry. Leave something heavy like this tub of sand and PVA glue over it to create a strong sandwich. 
Layer PVA and then add sand to the top

Do not get any PVA into those holes otherwise you will be spending a lot of time cleaning it out

Leave it overnight. Usually I would basecoat the entire model with spray can black but since the model has already been completed, I had to work on it by using a brush and paint instead.

Keep everything nice and smooth
Once the base is ready, bring the crew back

Pop them on the base and viola, they are stuck to the base, nice and secure

Nice and secure


Really like my work on the skin tone
I hope this helps you guys to prepare your armies for 8th Edition. I know basing them up is not mandatory but in a game of square bases, it seems a little weird having skirmishing units surrounding a warmachine like this. Also, it helps protect the nicely painted minis! 

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