Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sam's Corner: Wood Elves: Wardancer WIP

It's been two weeks since I touched the ol' paint brush. I'm finishing up work at my current workplace and transitioning to another adventure in life. Been really busy and having not much time at all to finish handover of work to a colleague.

But a recent battle did give some impetus to paint again. I played my Wood Elves again after a long time. We lost the battle, but had a really great time with the Wood Elves. I remembered why I enjoy fielding them. They are really fluffy and the play style is different given that they do not have effective large blocks of infantry that can take a charge.

I did find a metal Wardancer miniature and decided to give it a quick paint job to get the painting juices started :)

I like using Wood Elves to explore the types of green colors I can achieve by mixing and matching of colors on the green spectrum. I find Wood Elves look better with brighter colors.

None of the greens used are exact colors straight from the pot. The colors are all mixed with some other green-ish colors.

A bit of a top down view of the Wardancer. He's wielding two hand weapons. I have not fielded them in a while, so am tempted to give them a go again. I really like their Talismanic tattoos rule. Its so entertaining as part of in game narrative! Imagine a tattoo warding off a cannon ball lol!

Back view, and more tattoos. He's well warded from all sides. I don't think the Elves tattoo faces of their heroes or loved ones. That would be a bit weird haha!

Well, have a great week ahead everyone.

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