Friday, July 15, 2011

Ulrik the Slayer WIP PT1

Took around 2 days for me to strip this model I got from a friend for free. He told me this model was a gift from his 6th grade birthday part. He is now 26 lol...

For this model, I strait up dry brushed everything on. Heres the order.

1. matte black basecoat
2. dry brush on 2-3 layers of shadow grey
3. extreme highlights with spacewolves grey.

bone bits:
1. tausept ocre
2. devlan mud
3. dry brush bleached bone

yellow bits:
1. tausept ocre
2. devlan mud
3. dry brush tausept ocre

1. scorched brown
2. dry brush 3-4 layers of dhaneb stone

Gold bits:
1. dwarf bronze

Of course this is a WIP. theres bit more details to pick out depending on how many hours I wanna spend on this guy. So far its been only 3 hours... I just wanna encourage everyone if there is a will, there is a way. I'll do my best to share with you all how to raise a space wolf strike force in the fastest possible way. Comments are welcome!


  1. until today I still love that model. He was my first special character when I started 40k in 1995. That's how old this model is and it has really stood the test of time! I think you may wanna soften the highlights on the cloak with a wash....

  2. thanks enrgie, I will wash this guy with a few more coats. I want him to have a darker shade of armor but not jet black like most chaplains.

    Yes, space wolves models are really cool. The sad bit is there really aren't enough rune priest and wolf priest models. Do you have the old wolf scouts? I'd love to get my hands on those...

  3. You could use a few washes of the Asurmen Blue wash to create a real strong image of him - blue creating a surreal appearance rather than the black. Also since your highlights are harsh, the washes will help blend it together.

    I dont have the scouts. Unfortunately I was too poor to afford many miniatures but I reckon I have a box of old school terminators somewhere...



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