Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Space Wolves Terminator Heads

I used to dread painting models without helmets as I struggled a lot with painting convincing skin tones. I even went as far as to assembling my Dark Angels army with all models in helmets just to steer away from skin tones. NOT ANYMORE!!! The majority of my Space Wolves army does not believe in helmets. When you regularly face the most broken of lists, helmet or no helmet it doesn’t really make a difference… 
Back to the hobby side, I’ve realized painting faces is easier than painting the details onto helmets as you can easily utilize washes/layering/highlights to get reasonable results in a very very short amount of time. The skin tones on the heads shown here took me 20 mins to do. It looks like a lot of steps but considering the area on a mini’s face, its really not that much… Here is the order of colors I used.
1. Black basecoat
2. Tausept ocre – try to get a good even layer sparing only the crevices
3. Dwarf flesh – layered on the raised edges
4. Elf flesh – high lighted by dry brushing
5. Gryphonne Sepia – wash the entire face
6. Elf flesh – high lights again


  1. Very nice! I personally don't like bare heads on SMs...seems like a huge tactical error, but it makes more sense on Space Wolves. I'm going to try this set of steps to vary from the GW version.

  2. I agree. Faces are easier to paint than helmets as there are less hard lines to paint in. There are easy steps in faces too. Washes followed by a thick stroke to the forehead, cheeks and chin and you've picked out most details. I hardly paint the eyes.

    Well done J.



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