Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hong Kong Visit

Just came back from visiting Hong Kong and it was a good trip. Met up with Jay and we went for a few drinks and it was good times!

Back to gaming news, Jay actually passed me some stuff for Warhammer Fantasy. Great sheets. Now I will be trying them out for movement trays shortly and let you guys know.

 Jay moving his units around - bullying a kid.
 Another game in progress.
 Terrain just keeps getting better and better around here....

 Some painted figs in the cupboard!
 NMM-this chap actually won a Golden Demon trophy!
 The latest FW Eldar Titan.


  1. Looking at the NMM picture, this guy deserve a golden demon.

    1 day we will surpassed them in the terrains lol

  2. The hk community is actually very lucky to have our local store and the people that spend their own money and time to build terrain to be kept at the store for communal use.

    I think its important to foster that kinda spirit within the gaming community to make the experience richer for everyone.

    We should do a hkg vs sg terrain build off... of course just for fun...

  3. You wont see that kind of high standard terrains in stores here in sg. Maybe privately gaming groups here do have nice terrains, but never in stores. Even if they have, it wont last half a year.

    Its more of the mentality of locals here, most have the "don't care" / "cant be bothered" attitude... so beautiful terrains wont last and people "cant be bother" to spent time to build beautiful terrains. You wont see beautiful terrains here for common use.



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