Monday, July 4, 2011

space wolves reinforcements: converted terminator wolfguard, wolf scouts, rhino & drop pods PT3

Okay!!!, this weekend's update focuses on my converted wolfguard terminators. This post especially goes out to an exceptional supplier: without further adiue, Mr. Joel Pitt from Anvil Industy who supplied these awesome shoulder pads for my wolf guard terminator conversion project.

All the bodies are done so far. Outstanding bits being the gem stones which are encrusted into the golden bits. I will be aiming to finish the heads to mount onto these models as well as the bases.

As for the Space wolves reinforcements, I managed to pick up 2 more drop pods from our local store, my wolf scouts with sniper rifles kit also arrived this past saturday so you cna be sure there will be a lot on my plate. Come to think of it, what originally was meant to be a small update to my Space Wolves force has turned out to be a decent sized project.

Completed in the past 14 days:
- x2 drop pods
- x5 wolf guard terminators
- x1 rhino

To be completed within the next 14 days: (hopefully)
- x14 wolf scouts
- x2 drop pods

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