Tuesday, July 5, 2011

40k space marine terrain center piece

I saw this and I gotta do it... I've had the fortress of redemption kit for 2 years just chillin. This guys got the right idea of how a proper space marine center piece should look like. Be inspired...

for more, check out this link below:


  1. I think you missed the link but good God that thing is amazing!! You are planning to blog the process right?

  2. I have a lot of terrain materials stacking up in a corner. I plan on doing something similar and I have been conjuring up mental sketches of how the assembly should be. I do feel the example is kinda lacking in detail like steps & ladders between the tiers.
    Yes, I will keep a log of the whole process as much as I can when I begin. A more pressing issue is where to store this model when done. lol

  3. You can send it to Singapore and we will take good care of it for you. Haha!

  4. Saw this many months back in this blog.


    I would attempt it if I have the Fortress of Redemption. Can sort of copy it as the link show the building process.

  5. That is so awesome!! And it looks like its built right into the mountain!

  6. @j-hova, I just assumed that the accessways to the different levels were inside the mountain.



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