Sunday, July 10, 2011

space wolves reinforcements: converted terminator wolfguard, wolf scouts, rhino & drop pods PT5

Wolf Scouts Complete!!! This is my new table-top standard, 5 wolf scouts took me less than 6 hours to complete from build to finish. I still got 15 more wolf scouts to do so revising my speed painting technique was imperative to tackle this project.
Hope you guys like them!


  1. I think its a very good tabletop standard. Really neat and the face is nicely painted too! I like the basing cos it looks really natural, like rocky tundra :)

    Good job man!

  2. 6 hours is an amazing feat. How did you do the painting different?

  3. Hey guys,

    I was actually cutting more corners on this batch. For the faces, i did tausept ocre, dwarf flesh, gryphonne sepia and then elf flesh high lights. Should I do yellow gun casings like the rest of my army?

  4. I would. SM armies tend to be a little blockish so any additional colours will help breakup the monotony.



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